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  1. The moon is moving away from the earth. It was once a part of the earth is my guess? Otherwise it would be moving toward the earth. So even the earth has given birth in a way. Also I was looking at the sizes of all this and realized maybe a planet being born from the sun wouldn't necessarily destroy the earth. It would depend on where the energy was expelled.
  2. Is the galaxy like a dna strand? Moving in a spiral along a path forward, much like time, we hit the same points of that cycle, just further along the spiral?
  3. Hey am I messing up? I just joined? I went to Astronomy rather than speculation. But the conversation has been pretty awesome. This is a great place to discuss ideas.

  4. And why this disc theory, why not a sphere, maybe thats the invisible matter? We can't imagine it, the dark matter completes the sphere, we just see the disc, like a sliver of light moving through a prism or a crystal ball. The sun is rotating around the center of the milky way spiral.....on a disc? Nah its all spheres, atoms, planets, suns, stars, moons, me, you, we're all a series of little balls. Molecules, ions, water droplets in zero gravity People thought E. N. Parker was absurd when he suggested that the suns corona did have enough thermal energy to escape its own gravity in 1958. He was right. WAY right. You mean to tell me the scientific community really thinks that a Giant coronal mass ejection can't occur. Wow. What a shame, even our brightest minds can't think outside of a box. Of course. Listen.... the sun could split in two, it could explode, it could spit out a solar wind, it could spit out a ball of molten lava, it could collapse in on itself, it could fly away, it could do anything. two giant fingers could appear in the sky and pick up the sun and throw it down a sink in an alternate universe. We could be an experiment in a petri dish, thats why its flat, this could all be an illusion, a dream. The possibilities are endless. The sun can spit out a ball of plasma, and that plasma can then form a sphere and the sheer mass of it could keep it from flying to the heliopause and thus it begins orbiting. Solar winds, do they travel at the speed of light, cause plasma wouldn't, perhaps solar wind isnt a gas as much as its a light. Maybe satellites orbiting around the earth would begin to show signs of turning spherical, eroding in a spherical fashion, just as the planets apparently did.....
  5. What if the earth is an atom and we are just fleas, a surface nuisance? The scientific community. I mean I've never seen one myself, so I'm going on faith here.
  6. Are atoms round for the same reason?

  7. If it was slowed by the pull of the sun on its outward trajectory, couldn't it just fall into an outward orbit? Has this ever happend? Has plasma shot out of the sun and past us and out of our solar system before? No. That never happened. Only gas. Solar flares. When the sun spits a fireball, then we can talk about where its gonna go. Why wouldn't it orbit? Thanks for thinking about this with me. Are atoms round for the same reason?
  8. Well that helps. Is it the constant rotation that's made all the planets perfectly round? Like stones in an ocean? It seems like we'd have some planets that weren't round if that was the case. I still say ploomp- the sun gives birth to a planet again soon. The formation of the planets as described to me, happening in one large event that created the whole thing is obviously wrong. That could not have happened. Randomness happens. All perfectly round balls rotating around the sun on the same plane does not happen. I still see no reason why the sun can't shoot out a ball of molten plasma in a huge event and then just as every other planet in our solar system it begins rotating away from the sun, burned and molded by gravity into a perfect circle. I would think we could mistake this event for a supernova in far off solar systems. Not recognizing the growth of the sun, not giving it the potential it deserves, the life it deserves, life breeds life. The sun is birthing. I believe the earth was once a barren wasteland, much like mercury, then becomes volcanicly active like Venus, then expanded like earth, then died like Mars did when Mercury was born, then explodes and expands like Jupiter, then begins to shrink and freeze like Saturn, with outer rings that were once the planets true size, and continues shrinking and freezing as it rotates away from the sun and becomes an ice giant, little actual mass because it has all exploded, all just frozen gas around a chunk of what remains of the mass.
  9. This is awesome. Thank you. I've seen picture of a plane that the earth and all the planets sit on and rotate on? That's why they're all in line maybe. What I'm also saying is that the sun has weather that we don't completely understand yet. What if instead of a solar storm shooting out in gas form, a liquid molton ball of lava/plasma was shot out. Huge event. But as it moved away from the sun it cooled and spun into a perfect ball. You could test it with a slow vortex in an anti gravity chamber and then ploomp, shoot lava balls into it and see how they react. Do they spin and form perfect balls rotating into the vortex over time? The sun produces different materials all the time, it is the birthplace of all planets and life. All our planets are traced back to the sun. I'm saying multiple bangs rather than one big bang created this galaxy. Think of the sun as an entity, an organism that is actually having a phenomenom happen to it that creates these planets. The sun is alive. The planets are its children. The solar system is a timeline of a planets life. and i meant revolving around the sun up in the 2nd post, not the earth. Because why else would all the planets be perfectly round? Some explosion that makes perfectly round balls? Nope. Think about water and how it acts in zero gravity, it turns into a ball. Thats how the liquid of the sun reacts when it breaks through the magnetic barrier of the sun in a huge solar storm. once it hits space it takes on a droplet form. It cools, crusts, hardens, and moisture and pressure build inside as the crust grows and the inner molten lava shrinks in size.
  10. All I am saying is it seems to me that the Sun shoots out a molten ball of mass, that mass then cools in space and becomes a planet slowly rotating away from the earth. I think I'm right. Of course they are all different, each meteor that hits a planet brings different elements to it. Plus the sun might not spit out all the same materials all the time. Just the sun pooping out a planet, all different, like kids of a mother:) Oh and I have no idea of the timeline of things, I guessed on the 60 billion, sorry, I'm not a scientist. This all makes sense to me, a big bang does not make sense to me. I'm a genius, I figured it out. Can't find any relative posts anywhere about this. The earth was once as small as mercury, it has expanded and grown, spinning until it is destroyed by the birth of a new planet by the sun. That event will kill us, Earth will then begin to look like MArs.
  11. I am not a scientist, but I have a theory about a couple of different things when it comes to the origin of our universe. My ideas seems to be fairly original, yet simple. I believe that the Sun gave birth to all of the planets, one by one. That the sun spits out a large ball of plasma every 80 billion years or so resulting in a new planet. Each planet is an offspring of the sun on an outward journey away from it. A ball of molten plasma exploding out into space, spinning and slowly cooling until the outer crust forms. Basically the planets are a timeline of what happens to a ball of plasma shot out of the sun. Ball of plasma-cools-crusts over, spins from its source, expands and breaks apart, sweating oceans, exploding into a gas and then freezing as it reached the depths of space. Mercury is a baby and Pluto is an old man. 1. Mercury the newest planet, closest to the sun. Mercury has cooled on the outside but remains molten within, a planet to be. Gases and moisture trap within the cooling rock as it hurtles through frozen space at breakneck speed. 2. Venus which soon will be in the sweet spot rotation that Earth is in. Once there it will begin to expand and oceans will form as the Earth once expanded or spun apart from a sheer rock surface to what it is now. Venus is the next earth. 3. Earth is expanding, spinning and twisting apart to reveal the oceans, when the next planet is born, we will all die, perhaps this is what the Mayans knew of? 2012 or sometime soon a new planet will be born. Will it be born out of the sun? Yes. Will that event destroy all mankind? Yes, I'm afraid so. What may loook like a star will be born out of the sun, cooling into a new planet 4. Mars- Once had life much like Earth but was disintegrated when Mercury was born, soon to be a gas giant once it explodes in 6 billion years 5. Jupiter- Hard to believe, but Jupiter was once the size of earth, still a heat source remains within, but mostly this gas giant consists of gas 6. Saturn- Much like Jupiter, just shrinking and freezing as it moves away from the sun 7. Neptune- Allt he gas condenses and freezes and we have these two ice giants 8. uranus
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