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  1. Well, We are spinning away from the sun, not into it. When an orbit intersects close enough with the sun, it builds mass off of the sun until it pops off, that's where I'm at now. Why? Eventually something has to intersect with the sun, why not a white dwarf. Do we understand the core of our planet? No. Perhaps we are a white dwarf with a plasma coating. Maybe all planets have a white dwarf in the middle of them? I really think the video pretty much explains it. That without the supernova.
  2. It IS crucial to be able to change one's mind. Mine changes all the time. As evidenced by this thread. Yours does not. As evidenced by this thread. It's easy to stand in the corner with the cops and blame all the robbers, but it's never that black and white.
  3. The explanation I've read on the creation of the solar system is very vague: The Solar System formed from the gravitational collapse of a giant molecular cloud 4.568 billion years ago.[102] This initial cloud was likely several light-years across and probably birthed several stars.[103] As the region that would become the Solar System, known as the pre-solar nebula,[104] collapsed, conservation of angular momentum made it rotate faster. The centre, where most of the mass collected, became increasingly hotter than the surrounding disc.[103] As the contracting nebula rotated, it began to flatten into a spinning protoplanetary disc with a diameter of roughly 200 AU[103] and a hot, dense protostar at the centre.[105][106] At this point in its evolution, the Sun is believed to have been a T Tauri star. Studies of T Tauri stars show that they are often accompanied by discs of pre-planetary matter with masses of 0.001–0.1 solar masses, with the vast majority of the mass of the nebula in the star itself.[107] The planets formed by accretion from this disk. Are they saying that we are kind of like a twister spinning off a tornado, our little twister of a solar system was born still rotating from the initial power of the tornado? I can picture that. [/url] Check this out. Maybe Pyramids were built as protective bulidings to keep some humans alive through some sort of solar explosion? Aliens could have built them and given ancient culture these doomsday dates in hopes that people would hide inside the pyramids. I mean, why not? Apparently the pyramids were impossible to build. Apparently Mayans understanding of the solar system almost seems impossible without some sort of outside source. Why else would thy have built the pyramids?
  4. Could the planets be a timeline? Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars all are comprised of similar elements and cores. Tiny, hot Mercury, little ball of iron, slowly turning to ash or dirt on Venus, spewing out its fire, condensing and expanding like Earth, until it burns out and dies like Mars Then an asteroid belt. Remnants of an planet breaking apart, perhaps Mars will break apart as it dies, or blow up? Then the asteroid belt begins rolling together and forming a gas giant as elements collide, and eventually rotate to look like Jupiter, as gases fade, rings remain like on Saturn, shrinking, freezing as they reach the cold confines of space. Shrinking, freezing becoming denser Neptune, Uranus, Pluto......still and rotating out like a top until they fall off the plane as Pluto is doing? Rotating like around a drain, on a plane, like a propellor moving through the wind, all connected somehow? But what would cause all these changes with all these planets? Lemurs idea: 2) If the sun ejected planet-sized balls of matter like this once in while, perhaps it would result in a gravity shift in the solar system that would allow the existing planets to re-orient their orbits at further distances. The process could go something like this: sun stretches causing its gravity field to warp and shift the orbits of the planets at which point the stretched out part breaks away from the rest of the sun and the two gravity wells re-spherize at a distance from each other with the new planetoid redistributing the solar gravitation it brought with it in splitting off.
  5. Wow. Someone's got home court advantage. Really ref? A foul? Gotta call em at both ends buddy. Doesn't matter how "high brow" the insult is, ya gotta call em at both ends ref. Again. Once the intersecting object builds up enough mass from the plasma attaching to it and rolling, snowballing, it eventually builds up enough mass to orbit away from the sun rather than back into it. A rarity yes, but on a large time line, planets are a rarity. That is why it's possible. That is all I'm saying. I disagree with the theories of planet formation. I am open to change, my original idea was that the sun shot out a ball of plasma and then once that hit space, like water it would turn into a sphere, which is kind of what you guys are saying about it's own gravity pulling in on itself. I changed that theory in part because it seemed more likely that an intersecting body could do exactly what this one above in the video is doing. Snowballing and then exploding in the video, I say snowballing and then detaching, a supernova on a smaller scale. Again, I am just saying it's possible. Tell me why that isn't possible. No one has done that yet. I loved this idea as well, not my own, but at least the guy was trying to think outside the box. Understand that we can't possibly begin to contemplate all of the things that can happen in the sun. We don't even know all the things the Earth can do. Somewhere between solar flares and supernovas, lies my answer. What happens between the GRANDIOSE supernova and the tiny solar flares?
  6. Spyman- The planet formation is still a mystery. The big bang theory describes the creation of the universe, which in turn describes the creation of our solar system, but you are right I was confusing the two. The theory is that all the planets formed at once, but we have no proof of that. I'm trying to say they didn't, I'm not going to abandon that theory just yet. I also believe in my planet timeline. I believe the planets are all in line because of the speed at which we are spinning, like blades on a fan, or that drum thing in Karate Kid part 2. A top spinning. And spyman, you're being condescending, you're contribution really adds nothing to this thread. Captain Panic was right, you took my words out of context purposely to try to make me look foolish. We don't need that here. You don't want speculations messing up your perfect little idea of how things work? Then don't click on speculations. Galileo was one of the greatest scientists of all time, I am a guy in a rock band with an idea, I know the difference. Implying that I think I'm Galileo is kind of childish too. I was merely giving my example of how science is based in questioning "known" things. Spyman, let me ask you this....... Is it possible I'm right? Is it possible that the sun(in some way) could give birth to a planet that then begins orbiting around it? Say no, I dare you.............. More things are possible than you could ever imagine. I believe in the possibilty that I have a good idea.
  7. Yeah no credited sources, just conspiracy crap, but the effects of larger doses of fluoride is not a conspiracy.
  8. Cool. So if the sun orbits the Milky Way center @ 485,000 miles an hour and we orbit the sun @ about 67,000 miles an hour and the moon orbits earth at about 2,288 miles an hour hen how fast does are the orbitals of an atom? Wouldn't it all be relative to size?
  9. Watch the video. Idea is something intersects with enough mass or something shoots off with enough mass to begin a rolling sort of snowballing fire effect until it breaks off. This obviously would be the end of us, but a planet would be born from the sun, a less dramtic supernova. I just want to say, I don't really know man this posting is so random and not like me. I have no background in any of this, it all just came to me. Keep that in mind.
  10. Some publications say its the sheer mass pulling in on itself, others say its due to the orbit and spin? And also can the Milky Way be compared to a hurricane? What is in the eye? We are one of many solar systems and other debris flying around at what speed? Do we know that?
  11. Thanks guys for thinking of possibilites. And thanks for the links as well. I'm still not totally good on quoting everyone as you can tell from my previous posts. So I'm kinda mass responding here to the past few posts. I appreciate your patiencein listening to what I'm trying to get across. I'm not saying anything is possible...I mean I don't really think all the images from space have been doctored and we could be a triangle shaped planet. I believe that scientists are fueled by their own thirst for knowledge and that is why I find so much comfort and faith within the realms of it. I feel that their hearts are in the right place, trying to find answers, and that smile on the face of a man or woman who has just discovered something for the first time, when they know they have the proof to back it up.......it's amazing! Just to have anyone take me seriously on here at all kinda gives me that feeling. I started to share a few of my thoughts with some of my friends and I've been surprised at how large their eyes have gotten, on 3 occasions now I've had them come back at me the next day with their own thoughts and theories and questions. For guys playing poker at a bar, that's pretty awesome. Lately I've been thinking of the big bang theory a little more and the planet formations, I can see why an explosion could leave behind a straight line of debris. With the video recreations of this, it makes sense to me why everyone would think that, but I still say we're spinning fast like a top and that's why we are in line. Perhaps connected to the sun by a force we cannot see. There is a wobble? right? why?
  12. Exactly. It may be small, but it's huge ya know! Conducting heat through such a long distance isn't going to happen, as stated above. Is Mercurys core known to be iron? or just directly below the surface? If not, What is the core of Mercury made of? And is it cold inside as suggested or could that be wrong now too?
  13. I'm telling you, it's all related, from the smallest thing we know to the biggest thing we know.
  14. We come in contact with water everyday, Fluoride is supposed to keep your teeth from rotting away, but I've also heard of it's negative effects, creating docile humans. Most people cite Hitler as using larger doses in concentration camps to keep people from revolting. Is there any truth to this?
  15. I think so far every comment that has been thrown my way has altered my thought on this a little bit. Every comment but yours. Good contribution. If you could pull your head out of your black hole and read the whole 3 pages, I think you'd find that my opinion has changed quite a bit. For a person who has no experience whatsoever in the realm of science, I think I'm trying my best here to describe what I'm envisioning. What basis do you have to argue? Do you really think we understand the universe? Look at the history of science, science is based in questioning, so why wouldn't I question what is said to be true? Galileo did that and thankfully the Catholic Church locked him up for the last 10 years of his life. What a good bunch of people though, they apologized in 1995 and finally admitted they were wrong about everything revovling around the earth. I think there are many questions left to ask and many answers left to correct. One of the biggest "answers" I have a problem with is the Big Bang Theory. I just can't picture these beautiful spherical objects all being formed from one explosion. I think the planets are a timeline. We are nothing special, our particular brand of life is nothing impressive to the Sun. Fire is life to the sun. Rock is life to the sun. Gas is life to the sun. We are so self centered that we can't see the sun as a living being. The planets are it's children. We were once a little ball like Mercury, then as our inner magma/plasma leaked out, we became Venus. Then the outer plates began seperating revealing vast amounts of condensation that had gathered under the plates in the form of oceans. We are on our way to becoming Mars. Maybe Mars had a greenhouse gas problem too? Maybe we aren't causing it all ourselves? Maybe it's a natural process. Then Mars orbits farther away from the sun andundergoes a process that turns it into a gas giant like Jupiter. Saturn was once as big as Jupiter and as it shrunk down form the gases freezing and escaping, it left rings showing how big the planet once was. Then freezing more and shrinking, becoming more and more dense until it reaches the edge of the top and begins to wobble off like Pluto is. Meanwhile the Sun is in it's own orbit, an orbit so large we can't see it or understand it very easily.
  16. Ok. So spitting out a planet and having it fall into an orbit seems unlikely, if not impossible. I still believe it could happen based on how little we know of things like that occuring. As I stated earlier, when the thought was first suggested of solar flares and coronal mass ejections in 1951, the science community lashed out at it, calling it "impossible". Not only was it possible, it happens all the time. This one big bang theory does not make sense at all, it's about as easy to love as the 2 party system. I believe we are all on the same plane with the other planets because our solar system is swirling around a larger solar system. The motion and momentum of hurtling through space have pushed us into one spinning plane, like a top. Pluto is falling out of spin like the edge of a top while the closer planets stay in this straight line of sorts like the top of a top. Imagine our solar system as a dna strand spiraling through a hurricane of other solar systems all swirling towards a black hole in the eye of the hurricane. We spiral through it all planets in line. Also I think if a body with enough gravitational pull such as the white dwarf pictured in the video above came in contact with the sun, it would pull the plasma from the sun, spinning it and covering its surface, then as the planet grew slowly from the plasma, it would gain enough mass to orbit away from the sun rather than into it.
  17. I guess I keep thinking of the magnetic fields that keeps the sun from exploding out, wouldn't the suns magnetic field be different than the earths? COuldn't that impact and slow down the "cannonball". I mean something that holds true on earth does not necessarily hold true to the sun. Also has there ever been a large ejection out of the sun? Or one that's been recorded? 2011 was the largest solar flare in 4 years but I have a hard time finding a distinction between a flare and what could have been a huge eruption in the past.
  18. Here's my question. If we know that the sun can shoot a coronal mass ejection that contains mass out into space AND we know that a sun can explode shooting all its material into space, why are we saying something in between can't happen? I would think that would prove that it could happen. At one end of the spectrum a solar flare, at the other end a supernova. Here's a video. So something like this happens rolling along the sun but instead of causing a supernova it splits off and forms a planet? Why isn't that possible? Does the break cause the supernova? Maybe the center of our planet is a white dwarf with a sun material icing?
  19. Cool. I picture it like a pattern that keeps repeating with slight variations each time, the things orbiting atoms, the moon orbiting the earth, the earth orbiting the sun and the sun orbiting something else thats orbiting something else, an endless swirl of sorts.
  20. Hey and again, this is so awesome, I can't talk to my friend s about this, they just stare at me and wonder what's wrong with me. My girlfriend keeps yelling at me to shut up about the sun. So, I'm just trying my best to learn, please don't ban me. I like this and I'm serious, I want to figure it out. I want to start studying now. Take my free time away from my job and try to solve some mysteries. You're right. How can that happen? What would hold a ball of plasma in the suns orbit? and not pull it back in? any guesses? Is it even possible? What would happen to a ball of plasma if it broke the magnetic field of the sun? Or if it moved magnetically around the sun as a rolling ball of fire until it just got so big that it rolled off the sun? It just rolls and rolls and rolls until it gets big enough to break off, I don't know. It just seems to me that with how small we are compared to the sun, it's possible for it to occur
  21. Looks like a sphere, I mean not perfect but basically a sphere shape, but that's not a 3-d representation so I'm just guessing. I just think if little things like atoms are spherical and large things like planets are spherical, and the universe is infinite. Then maybe we are all connected and all one. That the sun is a giant atom, and the earth is just the dust of an atom, and we live on that dust, and then infinitely, if we could just imagine that the process is slowed down to the speed we are experiencing it at. Things orbitting around atoms with life on them if we only had better microscopes. I've seen pictures of atoms with orbital rings around them, from the smallest to the largest we are all connected. Planet to atom, atom to sun. Is this already known? I mean it has to be that a planet is related to an atom in a sense that they both are round and have orbitals? Our universe could be the atomic structure of a larger thing that we can't see cause we are too small, just as it doesn't know of us cause we are too small, just as we don't know of the things that live in the orbits of atoms cause they are too small.
  22. Ejecting a ball of plasma. It's not science fiction. I'm not a scientist. I have an idea. I think it's correct. Sorry you don't subscribe. I don't subscribe to your belief. It's easier to be you than me. Way to go Mr. Right. Wat to not question things. Way to side with all of science. I'm taking a chance here, throwing out a very plausible idea, that you are shooting down immediately, based on your years of experience. Even as a musician I know an outsiders ear in the studio can hear things I never could in my own songs. Sometimes you're just too close to the project to see it. Thanks man. I'm just excited about my idea. I'm sorry. I think it could be true. So far nothing really has sold me on it not being true. Again thank you. I'm going to try my best to get into this, it's so sudden in me, one minute I'm touring with my band and the next I want to be an astronomer......I'll slow down. Sorry
  23. So the spherical diagrams we grew up with are just representations? ok. Thanks.
  24. Guys.....really. Suggesting that I spell things wrong and don't listen is ridiculous. I think my spelling and my questions and statements are just fine. Question it. Wonder. I've got nothing invested. Some people pray so long they can't help but believe. Even if it's obvious to them there isn't a god. It would destroy their pride to admit that the praying was a waste of time. So you find people mirred in beliefs they don't really believe. Are all the planets the same age? No. Explain your theories. I'lll answer your questions Q: So why are the planets made of different % of stuff than the sun? A: The sun is constantly producing different elements, it's one of the amazing things about the sun, every planet would be different depending on the composition of the plasma ball at the particular time it was born. Q:How would the mass get out against gravity? A: A coronal mass ejection of liquid rather than gas. Q:How do you consolidate this with the evidence we have for planet formation disks observed around other planets? A: The disks are formed by multiple bangs, activity revolving around the sun. A disk can be formed like a tree, year after year in rings, not all at once. Q:Why are all of the planets, pretty much, orbiting in one plane? A: We are riding dark matter? haha maybe.....either way that's not very relative to my theory. Why do they rotate on a plane with your theory? Explosions occur in a flat line plane then according to you. That seems even stranger than my theory. Q:Why are the orbits we observe not changing by the required amount for this to happen? A: Actually they are. We are all rotating away from the sun at a slow spin, too slow for either you and I to be here when Venus has dinosaurs in a million years. Q: Also, have you been here before? If not, your idea has. A: I have not been here before, but this is awesome. I'm so excited, thank you for arguing with me and helping me grow my theory! My idea is nowhere. I hope to find some like minded individuals and prove this all to be true. Thanks for your skepticism. It builds my case.
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