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  1. Okay, I know there is a thread "NO, you can't make sodium" pinned on this forum, but I had this idea and I just think it might work. So here's what we do: Make the highest concentration possible of [latex]NaCl[/latex] in [latex]H_2O[/latex]. Then we add petroleum, as much as we used water in the first mixture. Petroleum is insoluble in water, it's boiling point is 150 °C and it should only be used to preserve the [latex]Na[/latex] from reacting once separated from [latex]NaCl[/latex]. Then we start heating the mixture while electrolysis takes place. Must be careful not to exceed 150 °C as petroleum will evaporate. So as [latex]Cl2[/latex] is formed and goes away, [latex]Na[/latex] will react with water all the way to a point where there is not enough water to react - when enough water is evaporated, there should remain some [latex]Na[/latex] after each reaction with water. [latex]NaOH[/latex] is at the same time electrolised and after all water is evaporated, [latex]Na[/latex] should remain protected in petroleum. Just wanted to hear if this is possible.
  2. Thanks guys for you replies, but I think I found what best suits me
  3. The state must be secular if that's what you mean.
  4. Here's a little video from Serbian TV talk show: [this guy is a special reporter of Politika for Libya] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0B1RXrPblM
  5. One of the most useful websites: http://www.wolframalpha.com/
  6. LOL why do you complicate this, much faster way to solution: 0=2-(x+1) x+1=2 x=1
  7. My question was aimed to the religions and their representation of God. I don't negate that there could be a Creator.
  8. After all the English were those in charge and UK or Britain was used merely to satisfy the non-English people and make 'em feel equal.
  9. The rewards and prize for good workers should serve only for education and improvements - by good workers I mean those who willingly do their best. Those who do not wish to contribute should look at them as examples of what they should be. I am perhaps a bit radical, but frankly I don't see any other way to achieve a better life for all of us. Communism was the first system to exist and it worked well though people had no idea what they had and did nothing to keep it.
  10. This is perhaps the best answer to the AI's report.
  11. The dictatorial of the proletariat is there to make 'em a bit more perfect - educate kids from the earliest days, give lots of money to good workers etc. and punishing those who want to gain advantage/exploit others.
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