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  1. Lol! i just realised something from posts i published in PhysOrg quantum mechanics. Lol i actually posted a teory that defined time at our momen to the rate of time seen in telescopes of the big bank, too cut a long story short the universe was much mose smaller/condensed and expanding, the graviton fux would have been much higher and we wound now are see i a secont what could have been changes lasting millions of terestrial liftimes if we were there. Where is my POINT everywhere in the world and universe! gravity bends light. I ask you? Is it probable? that gravity can NOT!!! ONLY!!! bend light but affect its speed??? I ask every thinker(not sceptik septic stinkers lol!) but everyone! There where sugestions! that light is slowing down? Contemplate that with gravitational flux desipating in an expanting universe and time our time traveling ever faster than the still vissible remnants of the center of the big bank, perhaps light is much faster now(as time is) than in the primeval ages! I love the ever expanding and enlightening wonders of the world and and universe being progressivley unraped to the delight of MAN!KIND! like a delicious lady god i love fast women! dont wee all all MIGHT dampen the flames passionat enlighenment to a good night!
  2. Hi there y?T2 095 ?(g)©all. I can see i'm in the line of fire and to tell you the truth i can't rightly remember the valencies of sulpate, because im 46y old and the lat time i was tuned in godly to radicals was 1973 when i was 12 y old, oh yes and another yes a considered amount of chemistry words and structural depictions have been renamed and reaDRAW more acurratly. Like i say in all this confusion in the `Penguin Dictionary Of Science!!! I cant rightly remember C'gal your liberty valencíes of galcium, oops! Íts been renamed as oxidation numbers curtesy of the 2004 edition compared to the early 70,s edition i learned when I was 12y. Your saying there is no 2! in plain chalk(teacherstalk) Gall we really need (two)to) plain talk! lol!: 04 331 911 05 International roming!homing!lol!`home in pitch' im a tele of ten yers expertease and capbable of a coherent of 300 wpm, Beware! Enter if YOUR in contention!!! Are you feeling LUCKY GAL???
  3. Ofcourse a nuclear bomb would work in a vacuum, regardless if the device was bassed on fussion, fission or matter/antimater anihilation. However if the device exploded nowhere near anything to be destroyed then the blast would be differant to an terestrial exposion on earth, Because it would consist of only the mass of the fussible material vaporising at millions of degrees and there would be a shock wave but only in the form an equivalant of a very powerfull solar wind. Whereas on earth we vaporise in addition the atmosphere and that works like gasses in a bullet cartrige being heated up in addition to the mass of the devise! With antimatter on the otherhand and its extreamly hard to produce in even microscopic amounts and containment in superconductors is also a MegaTera problem. But let's say a counrty on one side of the earth didnt like another one on the other side of the earth. If the got a 11 tonnes of antimater properly contained safely and launched it into outerspace too impact with our Sun! Then the minor anihilation would go of like a humangus flashcube and completely frizzle their enema. (Remembering that all the energie estimated that shines in one second from our Sun is (11 tonnes converted E=MC^2) and that would give 22 tonnes worth on one side) Now on a somewhhat more serious note, I recall watching i think it was fox news from NY on melbournes Foxtel cable TV. I think they mentioned that someones tracking the spACE-Or-bit of a large ASteroid somthing like 400 miles across that is on a colission course with Earth in something like 2035 whatever. If someone knows anymore information about all that then fill us in. However how would you propose to destroy that 400 mile diameter asteroid with any convential nuclear missle anyone's got. Its simply to big and it may become like fragments of buckshot but because of the asteroid gravitational mass it may start to converge to a 2000mile diameter blob or it may not fractur at all! i don't know, I think we should practice blowing up smaller asteroids nowhere near earth to figure out some mechanisim of self defence from such a collision!
  4. I have come across KCl (Potassium chloride) in jars at the supermarket labled a salt substitute ingredient for cooking.
  5. I thought calcium sulphate, was plain chalk Ca2SO4 I think your refering to Lime. Perhap you could use by products from steelworks Blast furnaces to make caustic soda that way.
  6. I have a recipe thats a soultech special [Chris Rivers alias chrisrivos from PhysOrg] I mean you guys were talking about free cookies so i thought i would give you my favorite `body and brain' building recipe! Loads of protien akin to a protein shake! Lightly fry 3 eggs with a cup of chopped onins and put them in a large bowl. Then open a large can 425gm of tuna, decant the springwater down the drain and add the tuna meat to the bowl. Then add about 150-200 grams of shreded tasty cheese to the bouwl and 500 gram can of quality whole peeled Italian tomatoes. Then toss the mixture thourghly untill the tuna and fried eggs and other ingrediens are of an even chunky texture. It has loads of protien. I eat it when bodybuilding. I supose you add some of your own ingredients too give it a cosmopolitan flavor like letuce, greek fete pieces, olives(but not too badly stuffed lol) enjoy!
  7. Lol! guy's, WOULDYOu dare sudgest that crime does pay! that there isnothing that can stop smart porkheaded crim (spotted DORk), that there proceeds and lifstyle justifies every risk to screw the system? lol guys, the cops, fbi and cia perhaps should encrypt an IQ evaluation on yor International ID smart cards! lol! aswell as perhaps an Catching the Eye Que of the opposite sex Stud Rating!
  8. Insane_alien please click on this link and tel me what you think about guauntum entangled CD's DVD's and quantum entangled messaging! http://colossalstorage.net/home_entangled.htm
  9. Insane_alien! would quntum entangled encryption assist in soulving some of the associated problems with wireless electronic funds transfer international ID card? Insane_alien you sould like a fellow that would dare say to Microsofts Bill Gates Give up! the the Pirates are always getting a head of you!
  10. It's seems the replies i have recieved from my maiden post in this Science forum reguarding what I belive would be a fantastic piece of technology that would revolutionise the way business transactions shall be made in the future are a colective YAWN, what does it take to impress you people? Think of the money voting priciple you type up something brilliant an your reders instantly can transfre some cash to your International ID smard card in your mobile like Electronic wireless funds transfe that could amount to millions of dollars from tens of thousands of people within a few hours.!
  11. Unsure what jindarlee is but if its the aus ginderbin the stuff has extream probs at dusk and dawn. If we have a problem of plane angles reflecting away radar waves well theres more than one way to skin a stealth. know lets think about this. the plane must have a specific temparture that is diferant to the souonding atmospher. it must be refecting some sunlight from the sun in the direction of the radar system so i supose your right light can be used to detect stelth. The sonic wave wilst only at the speed of sound would cause ripples and turbulance in the atmosphe that may be detected by some wavelength of radar just as clouds, rain anelectrical stors can be detected. Pls continue, i shall when i think of something.
  12. I promise from know on to stay sober when typing , proof read and correct typig mistakes. I edit my posts tomorow morning excuss the unsightly boo boo's.
  13. Pehaps a misplased post! So,eones quot `I haer and i forget, I see and i remember!'Phylosophy: snail slow with Coclear shell Ì hear'BEE SEE i sew and remeber eons WASp owh god!saw pawsswap, the logic of human languague ma be vital to creatues in the future, but i woundnt want to confuse you, prolly don't realize or a bee sigion sock of grasp as tp what im on about ha? enjoy peoples! chris rivers!
  14. Radar is a figure of speach that can be used for ages but there are all mame of detecton modes: eg electomagnetic resonasce!, quantum entanglegled cripto;ogy brings to mind all sorts of twating schemes. Futurther more why intefer with the entagleed forms of two particles? just guage the quantun grvitronic prsence to sort out what is what where is what and analogialy a stelth is a siting fluffy duck blabbering quak quak quak in response to its imediate demise for advanceted tech, quack quack to the designers who thing its imortal but its goose will be cooked imenantly, I do not BELIEVE that the stealth is un gottable, and its only a time fram od ten years when it becomes visible on futristic radar like a plane hager being aproched by an F-18 on a CFS-3 combat flight simulator computer game! chris Rivos (Chris Rivers)
  15. From it's beginings pre the big bank when there was relevantic things possible not to rimember and space within the infantile universe was minor and time was irrelevant to our fast paced techno-evolutionar sphere of collective entangled and economically cannabolistic agenda! Like king's of the jungle eco-finacial feding frenzie! the economic prosperity will be marvled and praize in thousands of years to come as brilliance in the form of archetecture, science, monument law, aAND technological achevment in such a thousand long ago bygone era. Fantasti. What can you see of the future my colegues? whatever i a sure ma make heaps of posts with respect to that! ( when i say heeps i don't mean from `piles' lol!) On anothere fporum phsorg i progressivly made a dill of myself with 84 posts there, However i repent ond pledge nit to make an alcho dill of something good. Coming back to the subject i tend to suspect that whilst quantum entanglement may be an imediat predicamen on the invisible supposedly undivisible level, i think/believ that there are an infinit nuber of sub atomic levels as there may be cosmotic leves around our universe. I belive that whilst fairitale scriptures a for people of infentile IQ and to the philisophical delight of stary eyed children, a coscious design, be it initial or a trans time quantum super computer that can make a parable of the fairytales writen in cave for the sake of children and unashamed fools thinking worshing another individual smarter, (in terms of creative writing bullshit artistry!) I trans time sum atomic comuter system, even if in Monetary/Deed/dead recording mode can exist trans time from alph to omega - Im not neccesarily sugesting that somthing as almighty a our religious breatheren perceve god to be , however live on eary may be for a Million y to Come and a computer of such trans time power wise envisioned in the mineds of youe holy skill. Im not erribly religious, Easter and christas services are enough and i realy enjoy those two sermons evon though i cant se the 2000 year old principal retoric in modernt principals a life, however in confession the preist im sure would be a HeadMaster in unleashing me straight!lol yours faitfully chris Rivers 04 331 911 05 love phone calls and working one the phone i have no fear to respond with 300wpm articulation, enter at own risk! love you all people Pye!
  16. I should have proof read what i typed and done a spell check, but only an un riped of dill not yet in the jar of pickle coulnd figure out what i really ment to say, pls excuse the spelling!
  17. are we able to clone stem cels wit the corect geanes switched of and irrelevant oran cell geans switched of to producess serum of taylormade neurons in liquid to be injected into the vain where these cells would as well known congregate in damaged areas of the brain to improve cognitive skills of normall humans? I have consumed enough beverages to fill a small swimming pool but my iq is still hovering at 135 on a puzzle test purelely fromb brut stength testosterone driven visual spatial spead, but i would love all the neurons i was born with that didnt sucumb to alcohol. Furthermor how is cloning of stemsell to be SECIFIC organcels to be injected into the body to heal desease ridden organs, eg: livers sells made from modified stem ceel to cure cerosis of the liver and lung type/ heart type modified stemcells to counter the degenerative efects of radio therapy and chemotherapy to give 100% unfortunate individualls a 100% chance of surviving the terminal illnesses. A Penny for your thoughts. ANd biogenetic stem cell scientists pls please me with your optimistic time frame predictions that are a realistic projection of time possibilities and a true reflection of the techology, understanding, wisdom, belief, and potential hope in THIS Area! Chris Rivers!
  18. I unfortunatly don't know enough abot the techology that gives stealth bombers their cloack of invisibility but i'm sur its gust a radar frequnsy predicament. Im sure there are radar radiowave frequencies that can be exploted by even rival gov mon hussling to render the currently invisibile stelth a big white siting duck on the advanced radars puchesed buy enemy countries, don't dispare, a few men lost and the stealth aircraft manufacturers will higher stroke the prices upon the US goverment for mor research development and consequentially safer stelth aircraft for the USA gove, why should they build the ultimate??? money makes the world go around! cough up some mre billions and and you wont have to worrie about a light freekwentsee radar detection unit!
  19. I am sure that everyone would love to have a celphone with a palm computer in it, voice recognition, 7 mexapiel camera, videophone with facial recognition to insure against theft, voice acuated recorder, touch screan email and text messaging, multi purpose blue tooth remote contol for every home apliance aswell as car alarms, as well as GPS satilight navigation that displays your presice position in the world with maps and even tells you what the name of the resaurant yours standing infront of in your langauge and even whats on the menu! Yum!! This would all be fantasic technology, however i would like to propose a cellphone global ID CARD: a smart card as valid as your drivers licence however it would have your infra facial recognition details that would also be stored on the card and your cellphone with card inserted would confirm your identity by looking at you thro the videophones camers(the computer software would) This card would be kept in your cellphone and would be your International ID card!!. I your boss decides to pay you an insentive he can easily power up the card with funds from his savings into His internationa ID smart card and with a touch of a buton transfer the funds to the smartcard in your cellphone, And shoud you be in a shop somere where they haven quite got that tech yet you could easily take it out of your moble and swipe in like you normal savings card at the shopping centre with the checkout girls etc! These types of transactions could be done trillions of times a day across the globe and vastly impove the boyancy and economic prosperity of business around the world!: You could pay a roving milkman or lemonade salesman instanly, you could pay the parking meter from Desk instantly without having to was valuably work time logging in and out of your computer workstation you might all be generous enough to tranfer 20 dollars each to the Internation ID smart card in my cellphone in apreciation of this technological sudgestion!
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