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  1. What I love and people Like Michael Chrichton have pointed out, is the fact that before this great global warming fad, we all acknoledged that Climate cannot be predicted we cannot predict whether patterns, yet some people are asking us to invest millions upon millions on weather patterns 100 years from now? Does it make sense, I think not.
  2. Um they never impregnated a frog if you actually watch the movie. The used some african frog to fill in the genetic gaps, thus thats why the dinosaur was able to change sex in order to breed due to the use of the frog genes.
  3. Who would want to see a docile Velociraptor lol.
  4. Not saying I agree with this, but since I am young and want to educate myself, in detail how would one going about doing what you are suggesting. And spare no details plz.
  5. Oh I didnt mean to offend you tho, I was just pointing it out to the mods, that he deleted mine, which were on the same level, but he didn't get rid of the rest even tho it was claimed he cleared the thread. I understand your post, Infact I totally agree with it. I just think there is lack of freedom of speach if we speak out against how imoral this is and get silenced. It was in no means a personal attack gutz, infact I think your and snoopay700's post should be left there. .....seriously
  6. I know this question sounds lame, but theoretically speaking, is it possible for dinosaurs to be created using the process in the movie.
  7. Yeah ur right in that aspect but the whole idea of this is wierd. But Cap'N is right, so lets ignore the trolling part of this thread. Scientifically I think there is nothing to gain from this whole thing. Splicing oru genes with animals acomplishes what exactly? Scientists are so concerned with whether they can do these things, they tend to not stop and think what would happend when they do do it.
  8. There is nothing to discuss that is the issue. What is the legal thing tho? And u still haven't answered about the gutz comment calling them basterds.
  9. Yes but there it was a legit question not pushing beastiality, and the person who posted it had experience on the forum, as well as good intentions. Your thread was legit.
  10. Thank you. What was the legal thing tho im just curious, tho Im glad u cleared it. And what about gutz, he calls them : As well as Snoopay700 saying he should burn in hell if the guy goes through with this. I mean if ur going to get rid of mine u have to get rid of the rest.
  11. I also strongly agree there should be a general experiment board, as it is not fair to the rest.
  12. AutomagSam


    Yes that and we have to look at improving such things as our immune system. We can help to reduce issues that our future generations will have, if we can improve the genes. By studying the genetic code, one can grasp basicly the blue prints to create stonger, better built people. AND create dinosaurs on an island...........
  13. It is a good one, I had been considering it for a while in my plans.
  14. Yeah thanks for ur input and all, but I know the limit of our guns, as the RT can cycle up to 34bps, and my mag 19, tho odviously no one can shoot that fast, but anyways we both have battery loaders, we are just designing to be inovative here not cause we need to lol . So its not a question of what our gun can handle. Oh and do you use pbnation or Automags.org, if so what is ur handle?
  15. ...then I realised that I was still in 1964 and there were no aliens,I was wasted talking to my cats and....
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