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  1. If flowers were sprayed with pesticide, then they certainly would not have bees pollinating them because the honey would be contaminated with pesticide, would kill the bees, and would not be safe to consume
  2. Hello everybody, i've viewed variuos bags of fertilizer and i wanted to know if amonical nitrogen is ammonium nitrate. if anybody knows what i'm talking about i would like to know what this is. thanks
  3. baking soda and powdered citric acid!!!!!both react together when wet
  4. I tried doing that experiment the other day and nothing happened. i know that the iodine is pure but i'm not so sure w/ the Al powder.
  5. HELLO, try estes rocket ignitors
  6. mine would have to be one of the alkali metals because of their reactivity=]
  7. I thought sulfur helped the oxidiser activate as a secondary oxidiser
  8. I guess i either misread the website or it was totally wrong to begin with. KClO4 needs an oxidizer and a chlorine donor right?
  9. Don't you have to electrolyze NaNO3 and KNO4 ?
  10. are their any toxic or dangerous bi- products i should know about?
  11. could it be used as a secondary oxidizer?
  12. what would work as an inert anode?
  13. I was wondering if you could make KClO4 by electrolization just like KClO3. if anybody knows how please write back thanks
  14. what mix ratio would that be?
  15. as i mentioned in another thread i would recommend the dampening of black powder and compacting into sticks to form solid rocket fuel .the KNO3 dissolves into the pores of the carbon thus resulting in a stronger mixture. on the good side the mixture can not ignite because it is damp making it a lot safer
  16. would it be possible to dissolve a large quantity of salt into water and then electrolyze it?
  17. the nitrous that dentists use is in dilute form and in controlled amounts. plus to inhale it by yourself without the knowledge of where it came from or how strong it is is just crazy without considering the long-term effects that may take place
  18. No idea what you could compound that is non-toxic and has no dire effects to the human body
  19. If you need pyro mixtures i got a zillion of them
  20. If you want to have a little pyro fun then (if you have any) add 40% potassium perchlorate and you will create flash powder (if it is Al powder)
  21. How about a mixture of powder citric acid and baking soda underneath a slow dissolving layer? the mixture would create CO2 and the water would mix the acid and the base setting off the reaction that takes place
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