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  1. psi20

    dumb question

    can someone clear this up for me? is the answer positive or negative? is it 1.3195 or is it -1.3195?
  2. psi20

    dumb question

    Yeah I get the imaginary number part and I see how I did jumped to conclusions too quickly. But I don't get the part about the positive and negative thing I showed up there.
  3. psi20

    dumb question

    Thanks for clearing up about the imaginary number part, but I still don't get the part about the negative and positive. (-4)^(2/10) = tenthroot(-4)^(2)=tenthroot16 (-4)^(2/10) = (-4)^(1/5) = fifthroot(-4)
  4. psi20

    dumb question

    I don't get this. Do you take the root first? Or take the power first? (-4)^(2/10). Do you take the tenthroot first? If so, you would run into imaginary numbers right? But if you square it first, then you don't have imaginary numbers? Do you always simplify the fraction? So do you turn it into (-4)^(1/5)? Each yields a different answer. One's imaginary, one's positive, one's negative.
  5. Yeah I like the idea. Give me a chemistry set and a bigger telescope.
  6. I'm not a big fan of geology, but I'm looking at a map that shows tectonic plates and which direction they move. I was wondering whether or not the direction of the plates will change or has changed in the past. Secondly, I was wondering if a plate could be swallowed. I think I'm referring to an ocean trench. How does that work? Does one plate go over another plate? What if that plate is entirely engulfed?
  7. I read a science fiction book by Arthur Clarke--I think it's The Space Odyssey or something-- about Jupiter's core becoming diamond.
  8. 0^0 is undefined because say that x is not equal to 0 0^0 = 0^(x) * 0^(-x) = 0^(x)/0^(x) 0^(x)=0 anything divided by 0 is undefined
  9. play therapy called The search for self talks about Dibs, whos a genius but is withdrawn
  10. yeah it makes sense. thanks
  11. like -0.4 (-0.4)^(-0.4) = 1/((-0.4)^(0.4)) = 1/((-0.4)^(2/5)) = 1/(fifthroot(.16)) = 1.4427 did i do that right? how bout -0.5 (-0.5)^(-0.5) = 1/(-0.5)^(0.5)= 1/((-0.5)^(1/2)=1/squareroot(-0.5) then this is imaginary. how do you graph that? or do you not graph it?
  12. when i put -0.2 into my calculator and try it, it works. but no other non integer negative number works. that's odd
  13. How do you graph y = x^x? What I mean is, when x = 0, y is undefined. How do you graph that? Then something weird happens when you try x= -0.3 and -0.4 and -0.5. Don't go too technical on me for the explanation. I'm just curious as to how you graph it.
  14. Can you give me the formula to calculate the cubic root? When I tried to make the formula, I had x = cuberoot( something with x etc etc) so it wasn't really a formula.
  15. Well if force = mass x acceleration, then mass = force/acceleration. Wait. Now I'm confused. If you accelerate to the speed of light, your acceleration increases. If your acceleration increases, your mass should decrease. Unless, of course, the force needed to accelerate you to that speed is so great. If the force increases, then the mass increases.
  16. Hmm, this reminds me of the time I tried to make a formula to solve ax^3 + bx^2 + cx^1 + dx^0 = 0 in terms of x. It's impossible. You have to use laplace transformations or something like that.
  17. when x=0 and y=0, it doesn't work. all points for x=y except when x and y = 0 work. does that mean that it's a line y=x and y can't be 0?
  18. I think I found it. I think it's (tan(360/n) n)/2 where n is the number of sides.
  19. I forgot the formula on how to convert regular polygons into circles. What I mean by this is by plugging the length of an apothem or a side into a formula, and you yield 3.14159... The formula has to have the number of sides too. It shows how if the number of sides increase, the polygon becomes a circle. I believe the formula includes sine if you plug in the side and includes cosine and tangent if you plug in the apothem.
  20. I'm wondering buckminsterfullerene could be made synthetically like diamonds. If so how. Diamonds are made by high pressure and heat. There's another way of making diamonds that involves gassing it, I think. How can buckminsterfullerene be made?
  21. psi20


    I imagine what happened is that people from the past-- i mean before the Big Bang as we know it happened-- in another universe realized that they were going to freeze so they collapsed the universe into a singularity. Then a new universe began. It's just a little story I made up for fun.
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