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  1. Anyone can suffocate from inhaling water and it is dangerous around significant voltage/current in homes containing clumsy folk we should ban it
  2. Its not really going faster. Well I suppose that parts obvious hahahe . Think of light hitting a lense, after all it is convex. Light is focused to a point on the surface of the mirror at all times. As an object moves closer the angle of the light opens engaging more surface and altering the refleting angles. Also as the object is always magnifed according to its distance. Think lets say it always doubled the mag factor. So we start at 10 meters which appears as size "1" but magnified to "2". Thats an increase of 1. Now 9 meters, size "2" magnifed is "4". Thats an increase of 2. It seems as if the increase of size over time increased by two and will continue that way eg. Size "4" x2 = magnified "8" and increase of 4 in 1 meter. Size "8" x2 = magnifed "16" an increase of 8 in 1 meter. :> .
  3. Cool if I ever find my house in space and being fired upon by grounded missiles, I will be able to defend it. Thanks.
  4. How about two part epoxy resins. Leave it in two parts in separate but adjoining packages. It will mix and harden on the tools as he works. A few fiber materials mixed in may be fun too. Roofing felt adhesive instead of plain tar.
  5. Is that the whole sign. It seems theres some info missing. 1.5 :S
  6. Thanks, happy xmas to everyone. Good luck for the coming years folks.
  7. Filter and use old vegetable oil. The power will be free then, besides any maintenance costs.
  8. Erm do we get festive yet, and have you made a diagnosis from my xray yet.
  9. Nice work. Reminds me of my first solar system screen saver. Was before I got online and less pixels in paint 95 though
  10. Thats cool. I wonder why they didn't have a picture of some one reading with white light. Make nice emergency lighting/escape route thingys.
  11. Low but full screen I lose a lot. Sfn won't format its size in relation to a normal post.
  12. Can you just run a current through it?.
  13. Sorry I wasn't so clear. I actually meant that the forum sets the standard width for the post area. Huge images make the post area extend.
  14. Look into extremeophiles on earth now. Theres plenty to go at and its quite entertaining too.
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