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  1. Yeah but you're still technically in a house as well.
  2. If you're in a box in a house are you in a house or a box??
  3. C+ is a good one. Java is the most simple I think.
  4. Would an inbred be a genetic mutation
  5. This is just a diagram of what we know what is included in an atom. With protons and neutron in the middle and electrons on the outside, we don't know if an atom actually looks like this as it's so small.
  6. I didn't pass out and I drank that much on my own accord I realize now it was pretty stupid.
  7. I'm 16 about 5"10 and I weigh 8.5 stone (last time I checked I think I'm more thank that now). I had 3 bottles of bulmers cider and 4 rum shots and I was totally out of it. Does this make me a lightweight or is that normal??
  8. What football team do you guys support. By football I mean soccer for our American friends. I support Watford.
  9. Cosmetics- Wrong Medicine- Right
  10. I think the odour thing is just gingerist.
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