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  1. I think that any person capable of cold blooded murder is insane.
  2. Would you be opposed to greatly increasing the mental health system of this country? As far as I know, sane people do not commit mass murder.
  3. There was a conscious decision to move capital out of this country. Everything that has happened since has worked to that effect. The government has been complicit from beginning to end. How many factories did Mitt Romney buy and shutter and move to China? Not out of need, but out of greed and that is just one man eliminating hundreds of thousands/ millions of jobs. To stop it would have required the desire to stop it, rather than encourage it. Since GovCo allows it's legislators to not just own stocks but trade inside as well, legally, unlike all other humans, how could they be expected to refrain from passing laws favorable to companies they own? Have you ever heard of the revolving door between Government and industry?
  4. No. Our politicians sold us out. Purposely No, I clearly said Nixon opened trade with China.
  5. I didn't say China enginéred the changes.
  6. Horse feathers! The US Golden age was BEFORE Nixon opened the door to China Trade. We were fine economically until Chinese crap flooded the market and obliterated American manufacturing. Before China, only one parent had to work to raise a family, afford a house and a new Chevy and was only a high school graduate at that. We "need" cheap Chinese goods because minimum wage service jobs don't pay like manufacturing did.
  7. So Das Energy...have you built a working model?
  8. Umm, the guy in post 8 above. Along with about 4730 google responses http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4ACAW_en___US399&q=methane+causes+planes+to+crash+bermuda+triangle
  9. The theory is that methane bursts from the surface of the ocean, and being lighter than air, floats into the atmosphere. A plane flying through a cloud of methane stalls due to lack of oxygen, needed for combustion in the propulsion system.
  10. I am not understanding the problem here. Are you using the bag as a form? Or is the distortion of the bag distorting your form? The vacum/bag asembly should do little more than allow full atmospheric pressure to come to bear against your lamination, essentialy giving the densest cast possible combined with as little air inclusion as possible. Am I misunderstanding your process? http://www.westsystem.com/ss/use-guides/ Scroll down this page, to a downloadable vacum bag guide. If you have further questions, contact the manufacturer directly. They are very helpful.
  11. I suggest you research wood gasification. Using readily available existing technology, you can run a diesel engine from wood gas. You can in fact buy a gassifier matched in output to the size of your existing diesel. Your diesel engine may need slight modification, but much simpler than the process you have described so far. As an aside, the vast majority of electricity created world wide is generated by steam turbines, however, they must be run by licensed engineers. A wood gasification plant can be run by mechanics rather than engineers. Further, a gasification plant requires much less capital.
  12. Thankyou for your interest Sir. E-mail sent.
  13. I too am interested in your external heat engine. Have you made any progress?

    Neal Van Milligen


  14. Exactly. Thats why it wouldn't be an issue. Sulfation increases as voltage declines. Any action which icreases voltage reduces sulfation
  15. I would asume that they are not deep-cycle, or it wouldn't be a big issue.
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