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  1. The distortion is from the excess resin which increases the pressure inside the mold against the atmospheric pressure. However, the result was better but not perfect as I got places with cracks. I think this can be only because of the resin flow control. Any suggestions for making a line infusion work around on the curvature of a cylinder??
  2. Hello CaptainPanic I got good infusion today and less deformation of the bag.This is mainly due to excess resin pushing against the vacuum bag. However, I can see uniform distribution of resin on the sample where I have the following lay-up --- fabrics, perforated peel ply, spiral tube in the omega flow line and the breather. From the internet and scientific literature, this was the best lay-up to use without having a resin distribution medium. Also, after 12 hrs of infusion, the color on the outside of the breather did not change. I think I should get better impregnation in the system. Also, could you tell me if this is the usual lay-up or not. I am assuming here the resin flows through the perforations of the peel ply into the fabrics and wet them. Is that correect or not??
  3. Thanks CaptainPanic. I am using a vacuum bag which my colleagues are using in the autoclave. I think it should be fine at 130 degrees celsius. Regarding the resin dissolving in the plastic, I can make careful observation 2moro. I think it could be a possibility as the resin gets trapped in the corners of the pleats. This could be the problem???I can tell u 2moro. Secondly and most importantly my question is ----- Is the deformation of the bag normal after vacuum infusion or not????Should this happen or not as all over the internet no one tells what happens after the infusion to the bag.Theoretically it seems possible. I would appreciate if you could tell me from your experience if this happens or not.
  4. I m trying to make parts with Vacuum Infusion process. I make a vacuum bag and check for leaks by leaving it untouched for 2 hrs minimum. After 2 hrs if I am not able to pull against the bag, I consider ther to be no leak. Only then do I proceed to the resin infusion. However, after infusion the bag changes shape. I understand it could be exothermic reaction and etc. But the data sheet of the resin says there is a rise to 130 degrees celsius in 5 hrs approimately. Now if I keep the pump on to achieve the compressive forces of compaction to keep the bag in shape, I lose resin and increase the chance of resin boiling. Could some one tell if there is another solution to this problem???
  5. Thanks Charon. The professor said I was the last one left and only needed a formal approval from the CEO of the company. So I think the best I can do is pray and hope now. Thanks a lot.
  6. Dear All, I am a slightly anxious person and can never withstand a certain diversion in interview processes.My dilemma is as following: 2 months ago I applied for a PhD (for a research project in an university with industrial collaboration and confidentiality) in Belgium ad after the tough process of PhD proposal, selection and interview with my professor I was selected by him last Sunday. But he mentioned a 'BUT' in the selection mentioning he needs the approval of my candidature from the company's CEO. This clause was not mentioned in the interview selection process initially. However I understand this legality as it is a confidential project of the company. However, since the mention of 'BUT' by the professor I have not heard from him and am getting anxious. Also, when I asked him if I could carry on with the formalities to get my visa, he asked me to wait. I am getting nervous as if whether the company's CEO can reject my candidature. Usually I have heard from the professor whenever he has promised to deliver the news at the exact time but somehow he did not meet his schedule this time. Hence I am extremely nervous. Could someone tell me what are the chances of being refused by the company after such an arduous and hard work in getting selected by the professor? Any help would be appreciated. With regards
  7. Hi All, Thanks for the help. I am in a state of confusion now. My professor from belgium told me he wants to recruit me but needs the approval of the company CEO because the project is in cloze collaboration for confidential project with the company and the grant is from them. Thisis my first priority of the PhD jobs. However, as luck has it I had an interview with a company in Hamburg yesterday over the telephone and they r really interested in me and are willing to top the offer. The problem is I only want the Belgian PhD but it is not confirmed yet and hence the offer from hamburg could come through. They will be paying my flight to Hamburg to sign the contract. I do not want to do that as I would take the Belgian job anyday. It is really confusing me whether I should refuse Hamburg without the Belgian offer or not. I do not want to impose on the hospiality of a company if I am not going to work there. And yes, I did already tell the company about my offer from belgium and they asked me to keep me updated from the front which is why I believe they are interested in me. Any help or advice would be appreciated!!! Thanks in advance
  8. @Ecoli It happened in Europe. Secondly yes I should be working in the department with the research team of the professor but I was only interviewed by the Professor (and his one student) and no one else on both occasions. Everything was strange in the interview to be honest and I have been trying to find one thing or something that makes sense and help me soothe my fears and feel better. Thanks
  9. Hi swansont I was interviewed by professors. They were looking forward to take students for PhD projects in their research teams. So basically u mean if they say they may have opportunities in the future, that means they are not lying and serious about their offer at that point in time. As a Postdoc could you give me a slight idea if it was a good interview on my part to get compliments from the professors or not. I understand it is a bit difficult but can appreciate the help. Thanks for the reply. I am really nervous here waiting for the Madrid heat of May to come when I here back from the professor. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged@Administrator, The thing is I am angry with myself about mentioning other interviews and doing a perfect interview only to blow it up in the end.
  10. Hi All, I am new to the forum who is looking for a PhD in engineering. I recently had 2 interviews last week. They were chats about the job and a question or two about my previous work. I was pretty confident at both interviews as I had worked in that field for my research and thesis. They were pretty friendly and complemented me on my presentation at one interview and my work in the other (as it was a telephonic interview). One of the interviews even said I put a lot of thought in the position. Finally, both interviewers said, it is difficult to find the right candidates and if you do not get this position would you consider another position which should open up in 2-3 months once we get the funding from the government. I replied positively for both as they are in the similar field of research as for the position I applied initially. My source of worry is whether the new positions opening up was a trick question or a polite structured manner of saying no to me for the position I applied initially. This has never happened to my colleagues or myself that I was told of a different position to consider than the initial one I applied. Secondly I also told them that I was looking for PhD in other schools also. Their reply to this was ´We shall keep in touch and surely meet if we work in the same field´? I am perplexed with this thought ---- ÍF WE WORK IN IN THE SAME FIELD?´Is this saying that we shall not be working together. I am extremely nervous as these the are areas of research I wanted to do since my teenage years. I would really appreciate this help as I am unable to sleep and livid with myself for blowing up the interviews with chances to do what I dreamt for the last 10 years. With regards
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