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  1. I'm new here, but far from new in science, theory, and forums. With this opening sentence, I wanted to thank the OP for sharing that list. It is very useful for Me in my work on the ultimate theory. Peace, Ik@TheTheoretician
  2. Heh. Neologisms were a necessity when developing the ultimate theory. Consider science as a veritable Tower of Babel. I created a new lexicon to unify all the different rubric and languages. It could be no other way. Peace, Ik@TheTheoretician
  3. The core of the Earth is a macroelectron as deduced from theory. This explains all of its geophysical properties quite elegantly. Peace, Ik@TheTheoretician
  4. The singularity of a black hole is occupied by a theoretical entity called a denergon - a dark energy particle that is the Universal core. Peace, Ik
  5. @TheTheoreticianI have a new theory. It is an incommensurable, irreducible, catholic, unfalsifiable, empirically validated, testable, complete and consistent theory of everything. I have been working on it for ~5 years. Peace, Ik
  6. This is not theoretically possible without inverting all the chiralities of physical particles and amino acids and sugars and nucleotides all the way from the Origin of the Universe to the emergence of the first cell. Peace, Ik
  7. Hi, I'm new here but been doing science for ~20 years. I have been working on the ultimate theory and have been able to place dark matter within visible energy. This explains where this missing mass of the Universe is found - within the photons themselves - and also communication faster than the speed of light. Oh, and BTW, this forum wouldn't let me use my nickname, so I reclaim it when I sign out. Peace, Ik
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