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  1. I think the signs of "divine" or extraterrestrial visits to the earth in at least ancient times seems close to obvious. Check out the ancient aliens tv series 2010 on youtube. Some of the facts presented are amazing.
  2. Musical meditations over interesting pointless matters a few years ago After a long session I came up with an idea that if something was present before the big bang, this could be the dark matter. Therefore it would be of a different origin, and above the gravity laws of the universe. Dark matter could be like a canvas where the universe is the painting. Theory 1 Dark matter= Picture yourself a gigantic sphere of air with gravitational force from the equator of the perimeter all around. Big bang = Imagine a small firecracker set of inside this gigantic sphere. Accelerating universe=There was not any big bang in the sense of a detonation. The gravitational force from the outer perimeters of the sphere is the real cause of the expansion. Don´t really like the first one. Seems to lack some sort of purpose. This one is better: Theory 2 Darkmatter= Imagine the water in a huge calm lake. The known universe = Imagine an explosive divice set off inside the huge lake. There is no accelerating explosion in the lake. As the water is influenced by winds and other factors, what we observe here is merely a movement of "the water"(dark matter). Nowdays I rarely have time for this kind of thinking, but maybe it can trig the imagination of others. Cordially J.Forsman
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