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  1. ParanoiA, I have to disagree with you on this point. To state that one legal system should be allowed to use a particular punishment because you approve of it, while another should not because you don't approve of it is blatant hypocrisy. Let's put it in a different situation to clarify the hypocrisy. If I were to say that "One person can have ice-cream because they live in a particular area", while at the same time saying that "Another person cannot have ice-cream because they live in a different area" would be hypocritical. Why should the location a person lives determine w
  2. DragonDancer


    I cannot say whether or not it is ethical not to tell someone that they are adopted, I can only state my thoughts on the topic and maybe by the end of the discussion/debate, I will have found a definitive answer. I do however believe that it is better for the adopted child to find out from the adoptive parents before the child can find out from somewhere or someone else. Even obtaining a copy of your birth certificate runs the risk of finding out that you are adopted. To get a birth certificate (at least in Australia) you need to have certain birth details, such as either the names of th
  3. DJBruce, I would like to clarify, as I feel that I may have been misunderstood. The argument you that you refer to was simply my defence of the word murder in my very first post in this thread. My point in that post was that I equate capital punishment with murder and as such, I stated I was not intending to go into the ethics of individual legal systems at that point in time, despite the fact that one cannot properly argue the ethics of a punishment used by a legal system without arguing the ethics of the legal system. The two are inseparable. If a punishment is deemed uneth
  4. All governments claim that they are working in the interests of their country as a whole, that they care about the well being of their citizens, who would you suggest decide which governments are telling the truth? It becomes subjective to the point of view of the observer as to which type of government is the best type of government, whether it be a democracy, a benevolent dictatorship, a regime, or absolute monarchy, to name a few styles of government. As such all types of governments are relevant to a discussion on the ethics of a government killing it's own citizens. Not just a favoured
  5. In the old Soviet Republic, millions were lawfully and legally killed(executed) by the state, for various "crimes". In Afghanistan, hundreds of women were executed for the "crime" of being out in public without a male guardian. These and other governments have since been labelled mass murderers. By your own definition these governments were not committing murder. They were legally and lawfully killing (executing) their citizens for their crimes. If you agree that these mentioned governments were mass murderers you must admit that a government or, "the state" can commit murder. Logically y
  6. I refuse to acknowledge that any man is even close to being my equal. Ok, all jokes aside, I believe that the problem of inequality between the sexes has gone from one extreme to the other since the rise of Femanziism. Feminism started out with the suffragettes (the original feminists) who simply wanted the right for women to vote, to have a say in how our governments are selected. This in itself is a good thing. As citizens, we should take responsibility for our leaders, by electing those we feel will do the best job of governing us. From there, the goal of feminism became equal r
  7. To answer the ethics of the death penalty we need to ask ourselves just one question. Can murder ever be considered ethical? To agree with the death penalty is to answer yes to this question. (To agree with war also answers yes to this question, but we are discussing the death penalty, not war, so I will save that debate for another time.) Now before anyone gets offended by that statement please understand that I am only talking with respect to capital punishment and no other form of murder. In my own humble opinion, If a person agrees with the death penalty they are saying tha
  8. Hi all, I'm DragonDancer, I do not object to DD if you wish to shorten my name. I am currently 37yrs old and have been married to JohnB since December 1998, but please don't hold that against me I have been reading over John's shoulder since he joined SFN and been tempted to join many times, so today I finally joined up. I thought it was about time there was someone who could tell him he's wrong, just "Because I am the Wife and he is the husband, which makes him automatically wrong" But seriously, I, like John, am a thinker. I have never attended a university, for two reason
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