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  1. I was contemplating saying that myself. All that is bound by physical laws. Regardless, it's pretty cool.
  2. Ok then it mostly just me who feel this way. Do you think it's slightly morbid? I certainly thought there would be more people with the same view...It's not like I have a crappy life either.. I am weird?
  3. Well it's not like I am going to off myself at 65. That's just as long as I am willing to want to stay alive. After a while it's just going to be abundantly clear I am just organic being...I am just living for the sake of living and I never ever want that to be case. I need a reason to live beyond "I am scared to die". Though I plan to do a lot of things and experience alot during these next 40 years or so... If I got till 90...what can I do...it would be stupid to just end it....I am just saying I hope I don't reach that age. I don't see myself doing anything that worth waiting even longer.
  4. I don't want to live a day past 65. I want to see my kids do well to a point I know they can function for themselves but beyond that...put me in a grave. Why is everyone so hung up about being alive.... It's fun and all....I don't see the appeal. I am 25 that's 40 years from now, that's like 10 off double my lifetime...It's been a long 25 years. Is this just me or are others out there that share the same sentiment?
  5. I've been frustrated over this notion for a long time....forget all the other aspects we know about homosexual. This need to procreate? WHY?!? there are like what 7 billion of us and like 70% (or at least a majority) of these people average to lower intelligence who are consuming natural resources. Passing genes on only matter if you bring something beneficial. Stupidity is a far worst problem than homosexual's not reproducing. I love gay people for this...They don't bring stupid people into this world. I hug every gay and lesbian I can.
  6. GutZ

    Space in place.

    I get it. that makes a lot more sense. Thanks. So does that mean you can't predict anything about an object (speed and energy) without a specified frame of reference?
  7. GutZ

    Space in place.

    Could you expand a little on that part..I am still confused over frames of reference. Is it just a point to which you measure from?
  8. I am rhyming to make my case! Ok i'll stop that. I was under the impression before that space inherently grid or point like. I am starting to get from what I read here that this is not true. Is because space has no specific point of reference? Like is space just...space where things happen? Lets say you had nothing but space...could you pick a specific point and that point have any relevance to another point? How is that possible if matter can interact with it? Is interact a bad word to describe the relationship? I get that there are mathematical models of space, are they more representations of how space behaves rather than an exact description of space? What seperate space from no space? lol what exactly do we know about?
  9. S theory, guess what the S stands for. ORIFIEL when are you going to start taking this site a little more seriously?
  10. Very true, but when you start out you're not like: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein_field_equations#Mathematical_form Oh I get it!
  11. GutZ

    Brane theory

    I am actually reading that book called "the god particle" Leon is funniest physicist I have ever read. The God particle is higgs. I am no expert so don't take what I say as truth but, basically from what i grasp is that there is a particle and a field which give matter mass. Why is a photon massless while other things have mass? for things to makes sense there has to be something like the proposed higgs. It's a pretty good book actually it goes into all the details...a bit more that most books I have read on it....which kinda left me confused with all the generalizations and simplifications and quick jumps from one idea to another..."the god particle" does a decent job of getting into it without really getting into it.
  12. I think the issue a lot of these people that come here is that they see or read about ideas of the likes of newton and Einstein the earlier pioneers of physics and such as to how they formulated their ideas. Like with Newton and that damn apple story, Einsteins though experiments with light and how he came to derive his theories. What they don't understand is those idea were based on the foundation of reality. So much was unknown at that time that they had to ponder certain ideas from imagination and forcing their minds to think differently. Can anyone conceptualize Einsteins way of thinking in a universe that was understood to be absolute? The most important aspect of those times to me was the breaking of common sense, accepting that what they perceived to be obvious was not, and from that point on science has really picked up on the rigor of things being repeatable . Until we see the repeatability most things are subject to ANY possibility of being true. Even though the introduction to science to a laymen such as myself is usually done in a way that makes it easier to grasp I think sometimes the total idea of what science is gets lost in process if you are not careful. This is why I made that thread in the suggestions sub forum, because as a lot of you experts have a hard time to see....repeating the same thing over and over again isn't going to change a person to see the truth, they have to develop what you developed, and that came with desire to see the truth for what is....no body can start learning without knowing how to learn. I can tell you a there is an invisible cat in the corner a billion times over, but unless I can give you a method to see it, there is no reason for you change your thought that there is nothing there.
  13. Are you trying to say that there were "a-toms" at the beginning of the big bang? Wouldn't that specific atom need a lot of energy to describe all the potential energy the universe has? You still would need to explain how that atom got the way it did. I though atoms formed after the universe started to cool down and allow atoms to form...are you say one of those atoms would explode and create a new universe within a universe? How does an atom cause space to expand? You are going to have to give alot more detail in this. Being creative and imaginative is great, but if you are looking for answers in reality you are going to have to make you ideas match them. I can makes a brilliantly imaginative theory, it doesn't help anyone if it does not mimic reality. You don't believe me? Watch...I have a theory that people can fly....what you have to do is spin really fast in both direction and then jump. Go head try it out.
  14. If someone hasn't said this...but clearly you guys...are the best.
  15. She could be lying then. She told me it was not true...she seemed shock when I told her that...maybe she's scared I might be interested in more than just acquiring knowledge for knowings sake. It was at a bar and she was the waitress. edit:: Oh I said Chloride not Chlorate.... Thanks dude! Can anyone give me the reaction that is going on... like you know with the arrows showing the process...Its been so long since I took chemistry. I think I write it down on the back of the bill or something next time to be smart ass
  16. Does anyone know the metallic alloys or ceramic compounds (orwhatever) used for builting spaceships these day? I mean more theoretical one that they tested for all things better in regards to spaceships?
  17. I need your chemistry brain with this one here. There is a person who I came in contact who is studying biology who claims she can make explosive out of a gummi bear (or gave indication to some with sugar) and some mystery substance she is not willing to give up and says I could never figure it out and that the mystery chemical is something you can only acquire from say...a lab. That's the wrong thing to say to me because I HAVE to know. My first thought was potassium chloride (ive seen experiments on the net, seems like a basic intro to a class) but that doesn't seem to like a chemical compound that is hard to acquire. She really placed emphasis on the inability to aquire it through normal means. She also mentioned fire crackers....As a metal casting tech...I can tell you the a lot of those components are metals such as magnesium, and other thats give of a glow in different colours. My chemistry knowledge is very limited. Almost embarrassing so I need your guys help.
  18. GutZ

    Damn 'puters

    Don't feel dirty, it brings you entertainment! In this life all you have is your happiness. Enjoy! I started into computer young as well c64...there was one game I always wanted to play smooothly but never had a PC strong enough to play it at a decent FPS. Finally 3 months ago I upgrade my PC and those 10 years of waiting....I apparently lost interest in the game. On the pius side I learnt how to PC together from scratch.... I am disconcerned that your first choice to do when you gather it was to get C+++ when you could you download *wink, wink* but too each his or her own I guess.
  19. I can't believe you guys are discussion this and that i am replying to it....
  20. So that's why a skydiver who is parrellel to the ground (i.e. | |O) has more drag than when he/she is perpendicular to the ground ( --- |O) and less speed..correct?
  21. Delete this please I totally should of read Ophiolite post again.... *wears dounce hat* It all makese sense now. The velocity of a large meteor will have it's kinetic energy from like an explosion in space right like a super nova that blast debris around? and since there is no air resistance it just keeps going till it hits something? whatever that I can find out on my own. Thanks everyone!
  22. That's not going to change anything. You are talking to a wall....don't take my word for it...let's see how it plays out. *cough* like i stated in my thread....*cough* *chokes on his own saliva and dies* *watches with bowl of popcorn O_O*
  23. I like the new look, change and innovation is dear to my heart! People are so reliant on what they know....I tell these people to leap into the pool! and then I ask them why they listen to me.
  24. Here is a good lesson for me to learn I guess...ok so... Is acceleration constant with gravity? and how does atompshere and gasous elements play in the role of slowing objects down. Would an object be traveling faster if it were say 10,000 km above the earth surface vs soemthing that is falling from 100km from the surface? I know two objects regardless of mass (from a low point) dropped will fall at the same rate because of gravity... but does the speed of say a small meterite say the size of a pebble that doesn't disengrate due to the friction if air and such have the samw speed as hail of the same size?
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