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  1. Yes jimmy you do have a point to start going green, instuting healthcare in the poorer nations, and get people to feed themselves,and I agree. It however will probably give also the opposite reaction. When the people can take care of themselves and have proper care, they live longer. For example, in China they regulate how many children you can have, but as a resort, the population has aged tremendously, the boy-girl ratio is off-scale, and on top of that their population is still sky-rocketing. IMO I think we need to focuse on finding more space and land, inventing a way to lift off the poorer countries off of their knees, and preserving the enviroment and animals.
  2. As you know, the Earth is growing at a steadyfast rate. The more vaccines and cures we discover means that the death rate of the world is declining.Eventually the problem will be that the birth rate of the world by a wide margin outweigh the death rate. My question is: Do you think we'll have enough societies,homes,job,food to support such a big population? How do you think we should solve it? (and I don't mean killing or limiting births) Also, what about the enviroment? Do you think we can handle trying to preserve the enviroment and preserving society?
  3. Yes thank you DJ . This discovery is going to make going to the doctor a whole lot cooler! Of course, you could also use this as a way to easily administer bioweaponry into your enemy O_o. I doubt that would happen! (unless....)
  4. Well to me projections and statistics wouldn't work for these types of situations. You would have observe and taking in discoveries and events to ultimately determine which one's going to be the most needed. I mean if the U.S. announced it was going to the moon: Aerospace. If the U.S. experiences over 50 natural disasters: Civil. So, to me you have to do the "wait and see" type of thing to see what's going to be needed most in the future. For right now, I would agree with DJbruce that you'll get a run for your money with Biomedical and Civil.
  5. In the Science World recently, scientists have discovered microneedls. Needles that are so small when put up against the skin it feels like sandpaper. This revolutionalizes the medicine industry and could began to be mailed out to people as early as in 5 years.
  6. Hi I'm smartacle and I'm new! I love Science and hope of becoming an engineer one day I'm so excited that I get to meet and get to know you!
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