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  1. Just another few random questions I wanna throw out there at you all, and they are: What music do you listen to currently? Does it change often? Did you used to enjoy something else, A LOT but it change, and why? Is there any music you haven't listened to because you think it wouldn't be for you? I'm currently enjoying some Hayley Westenra and similar artists along side a lot of remixed music by a YouTube producer. It's soft almost trance like and helps me keep calm when I got lots of papers to get done haha My music doesn't change often, but I do have a huge list or different music I like, I tend to listen to everything and enjoy it in one way or another. I use to listen to some rock bands when I was younger, but haven't for a fare few years as they're songs were all the same and rather depressing and I haven't got time for it, music is for picking me up and keeping me up What about you guys?
  2. Do NOT fear Izzy is here!

  3. Hello, I just want to point out that a question like this can be broken down, into a couple and you can yield some fantastic answers from books and the internet, that have some good examples and great definitions. You should bare in mind that there are a lot of ways to explain a wave and it's behavior, and this is simply because there are many different waves kinds to consider. Group velocity = velocity that the wave packet moves through the medium in question. Phase velocity = velocity that a single market node or anti-node moves through the medium in question. Signal velocity = velocity at which information carried by the carrier wave propagates through medium. This is usually equal to the group velocity, if the medium is linear for example. When asking if there is a difference between group velocity and signal velocity, it's some what like asking what the difference is between a single banana and a group of them! There is a difference, that's why they have a different name, it's just hard to see or explain unless you can visually show it to the person with animated illustrations, hopefully my description of them will help you see the difference. Either way, hope this helped.
  4. That's a good reply thanks Any form of learning is better with a good cup of coffee in my opnion
  5. Well I am sure they'll have a different answer too D: Then what do you do! haha
  6. Hey, I did look further into this as I was talking to my faculty boss today and had a few minutes to ask this, and it is something that I think the faculty have to concider... I thought it was D myself. I went and asked the faculty manager of the department her view on it and she gave a really good description of what and why they thought D as well, but, I forgot all the things she said. I think they used the word "personal" because they wanted you to see it, and use that or bare it in mind, maybe you could elaborate on your answer, and say "in once instance I think.... however if you looks at it from another point of view I think......" I could be wrong, again only my idea and another persons idea.
  7. Hi all I am looking for some examples online of any area of medicine that uses a data base (informatics) with some figures and proof that they use it, my search turns up either nothing useful or I get explained to me how Informatics is used in medicine, which I already know *sighs* Does any one know where I can some of these examples or actual data bases of the internet? they can be from any companies what so ever too. It can be on any topic related to medicine. I just need some samples for a teaching booklet :/ Thanks for any help any one can offer! Izzy
  8. I think it is because we have our personal opinions and we take in things differently Be interesting to see if we have much more variations on this though
  9. I have a similar issue, I feel when I am reading something and not communicate more directcly about it, I know I take it in, but if I was to....be asked to say it out half an hour later I would be stumped. If I was to talk about it for half an hour and asked a week later, I would think "Oh, I was talking about this" and more recite my own words any my own understanding and tend to get it spot on. Being forced to work though something, wouldn't do it for me I would explode under pressure! However I know for some the force is something that drives them and I guess that would be yourself Where you say you remember the formular, but the professor prefers to use, is that because you feel this one fits you and your working mind better? Perhaps your professor would prefer yours over his as long as it gets the right answer, the rest is childs play how you get there! Great reply, thank you I like your approach it reminds me of myself. I thought I was alone with my way of learning when I teach it, as most people I assumed ( and I shouldn't have...I've learned that now) would say: "I learn better by being shown what to do first/I learn better via, listening or watching" Thanks for the reply
  10. Hey I would have said for the question 15 something else, I don't say you're right I am wrong or vice versa. This is my opnion. 1: there is nothing wrong with, all companys do it and it is only calculations, so again this in my opinion wouldn't be registered. 2: is saying it will state details in a "personal" adress book, who's book is this? It could be someone who works here, but knows the people, so they have their adress, the use of "personal" needs to be explained further, who's is this "personal" book? From where I see it this wouldn't have to be as it isn't going to be shared and I think wouldn't have to be registered. 3: However I feel would have to be registered. Because it is personal details that are being used for company pay roll purposes. So as you see my answer to yours, would be... different to yours, whether that is right or not is something else, I am trying to shed the light you wanted, without giving a direct asnwer, as we're not suppose to in this forum, we can only assist. This is my view and what I remember from studying the data protection act, and my own thoughts on the matter. I hope this helps though.
  11. Well, I guess if it works for you then that's great, I will walk away from a practical issue (tests or anything I come across) until I understand it better and know I won't make any or as many mistakes (which used to happen often in chemistry as I'd power dive in to it!)
  12. I was just wondering this as I tend to learn more when I teach something to someone, I can be vocal and I prefer that way of learning and when you directly talk with another individual you're constantly learning new stuff as they input to you some new ideas and questions which interest you and push your mind further to learn more. I find I can recall more information this way then what I would be able to if I was answering a question paper. I never learn well from reading from a book, or the internet I never remember what I read. If I was to have a conversation about it, I'd be fine! So, I believe I learn more when I teach something. How about you?
  13. I'm glad I could have assited you in any way I managed too haha. You might like to look in to some of the equations used in science, they're alays good to know and can be fun challenges at times too. Have a good day!
  14. "The End Of Mr Y" ~ Science fantasy about going to different plains of existance, I've read it what...9 times now. I adore it.
  15. You seem to have taken to this well and understood it pretty well too, so I am sure in the end you will understand EVERYTHING John had to say, you'll have to excuse some of us...we get...carried away when we see something that we enjoy come up. But, I have faith in you and I am sure you've not far to go at all! Hope you do well and pass what you need to pass!
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