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  1. jess

    Creating Life

    It wasn't actually and the human ear is cartilage. also they can clone but didn't last long the sheep died.
  2. jess

    Creating Life

    I didn't say it was a working ear I'm just saying they can make stuff grow off living things which is a start next they will make harts and origins which will save a lot of people and if they can do that then they should be able to make custom living organisms.
  3. It said the grass grows continuously there for there is always going to be grass
  4. http://zuserver2.star.ucl.ac.uk/~idh/apod/image/0503/marscliffs_express.jpg scientists believe that the only way those cliff's could have formed was by water and are still looking for water as it might be a planet we might be able to inhabit.
  5. jess

    cool website

    there u go mate
  6. Well There was a big earth quack which would of made the volcano's erupt from the plates moving which would of preserved the bones and made fossils killing most dinosaurs mainly the bigger ones also the climate changed because Australia was ice land once. whales had legs once and that's were all the weird relatives come in and if every thing died out then how did life come back to earth. Mars was probably another life planet that suffered the same stuff we are. mars shows traces of water by the cliffs and rocks.
  7. jess


    ok ok you've proven me wrong lol
  8. jess

    weird animal relatives

    WHAT REALLY!!!!!! that's so weird thanks mate
  9. jess

    weird animal relatives

    I guess I never really thought of it that way thanks mate
  10. A lot of people are arguing about weather we use 10% or 90% of our brain How much of the average human brain do we use? Dose most people have a different percentage use? What could that extra percentage be used for? and what would It be like if we all used 100% of our brain?
  11. jess


    lol thanx mate nice dp
  12. jess


    It's just my opinion I believe that stars are alive fire, spirets and extraterrestrial and not just to believe in what you can see
  13. jess


    mate I'm 15 and a lot of stuff can not be explained We still don't know fully how the human body works what I mean is no 1 is able to take a live star to there lab. they might be able to see what happens on the out side but not on the in.
  14. jess


    No one really knows weather they are alive or not the only evidence that scientists can gather are dead or chips off a star but I believe that they are alive and also there made out of particles of hydrogen so yes it dose need water Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged But you can not refuel a star and a car is man made trees don't breed ether
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