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  1. I would strongly NOT recommend this. It just breeds a lot of negativity and leeks out over to other areas of the site. We are currently working on getting rid of our own hall of shame by hiding that particular subforum, but still allow for google searches that will be redirected to the main site. On topic... I simply don't get enough email (read, hardly any) from this site to contribute anything funny...but if I ever do at least I will have a place to post them, if I thought that it would be productive. But most likely I wouldn't. Emails are kind of private. But it will be interesting to read what is sent to the junk mail of the staff official contact email on this site. I am dying to read what the spammers have sent!
  2. I found it amazing... The component that makes up DNA has been changed? I find that startling, especially since the science behind it presents it on a molecular and metabolic level.
  3. This thread reminds me of the word "foliage". When I was in the fourth grade, in Florida, we read the book, "Where The Red Fern Grows". That was my first encounter of the word. To my young fourth grade mind it read, "fol-EYE-ij". I was corrected in class, because I was reading out loud and the correct pronunciation was "FOIL-ij". To this day I still pronounce it "FOIL-ij" instead of "fol-EE-ij". I speculate that whoever taught my teacher had dyslexia. This person had such authority that everyone around me pronounced it the same way until I moved to NC and met one of my best friends, who had a Master's in English Lit and at the age of 29, told me otherwise. I will pronounce it correctly around people that I am trying to impress, but around the house I still say "FOIL-ij" which greatly grates on my Canadian husband's nerves. This little anecdote reminds me of the "Lisp King Ferdinand" and how the Castilian dialect was formed. Only different.
  4. This has gotta be a POE. Please, tell me this is a POE. But in case it is not...will you please provide the evidence that this is the case? In other words, please cite your sources as to how you have come to this erroneous conclusion.
  5. I could be wrong, but I am going to take a stab that you live in Texas. The Tea Party Movement was highly successful in the spreading of disinformation to the general public, that went against the general public's own personal interest.
  6. I don't want to offend people...but I found this very, very funny.
  7. I assume you will be able to cite your source.
  8. ooooo....I posted a pic!

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      A Tripolation

      Now I know who's bullying me! :P

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      Don't be silly. I was only doing the normal run of the mill stalking you. xx

  9. Why do I feel that I just got patted on the head and told to go bake something? Please stop projecting, I'm not frustrated in the least...as for stupid seeming arguments, I'll leave that to you, nowhere have I raised the issue of "stupid", my focus has been on "baseless" arguments and disinformation being the root cause of a large misinformed demographic of the electorate. Actually, my response wasn't a mere reaction, it was an analogy and an accurate one. Sorry no, I am pointing out specific (there are so many more, but let's address these first shall we?) and well substantiated instances of those with a specific political agenda disseminating disinformation...basically lies, in order to engender fear-mongering. Your "conservatives are stupid" claim is a straw man, I have not made that argument. What is being discussed is the actual lies and prevarications by individual...not their intelligence, personality or any other ad hominem, stop playing the victim by proxy. If you can debunk or refute those who are exposing this propagation of lies, please do so, but again, remember that digging deeper for some means due diligence, so by trying to refute claims of fear-mongering by giving further examples of it, you will likely be called on committing the fallacy of ignoratio elenchi. No, the "why" is the crux of the thread, disinformation, the fact that the bill was stayed due to being the legal equivalent of banning the ten commandments should do more than give pause...it's so blatantly obvious a violation of the first amendment. As for having any merit at all when the motivation for the bill is ignored, it's as much of a waste of time as a ban on cholesterol in boxes of crackers that never had any to begin with. :lol: Having to wonder what the judge is thinking is only necessary if one completely ignores the first amendment. Yet, if you refuse the "brand" of religion, you will be ably to find many and myriad cries from the right-wing disinformation machine concerning the "removal of (Christian™) God from America. Do you not see the blatant hypocrisy...and if you really need cited examples of this? http://lmgtfy.com/?q=removing+god+from+America Do note the lack of any cites from Islamic sources. Not at all, you conflated your example with the explicit declarative that it hadn't been addressed by Maddow...but had you done due diligence you would have seen that it has. Still, if you wish to remove the issue of a straw man argument, you are still left with several other non sequitur descriptions that can be applied in regards to your "general subject" example of the Sharia law "threat", - ignoratio elenchi, you've tried to refute the claim of fear mongering with an example of fear-mongering. Okay, I'll bite, can you cite a single example of Sharia law superseding the constitutional law of ANY western nation, state or city. I won't hold my breath. Please, you have to find something other than straw man arguments, it's getting tiresome. Catholics have the right to live their lives by canon laws, rituals and practices (if this doesn't contravene the laws of the country/state), Jews are allowed to live their lives by halacha laws, rituals and practices (if this doesn't contravene the laws of the country/state). The first amendment of the constitution makes it clear that the state can't interfere with people's religious and vice versa, provided those practices don't violate the law. Where is the hew and cry protesting Halacha law, or Canon law? There isn't, nobody is kicking the fear-monger machine for these. Don't just dig deeper, think deeper. If they're going to ban one, they are going to have to ban them all. What's happened locally here concerning the flying of a Christian flag at a VFW cemetery, as it was a public/government place it was taken down after the threat of a first amendment lawsuit by the ACLU, Many Christians protested so the city council decided to compromise in allowing the rotation of all religious flags recognized by the US armed forces (including flags of Islam, Wicca and the Church of Satin). This made them even more upset. The agenda here should be obvious in regards to inclusion/exclusion and the first amendment. http://www2.journalnow.com/news/2010/nov/10/limit-flags-group-says-ar-525190/#comments You say "downplay", I say "due diligence". As for ridicule, see reductio ad absurdum. Wrong, Chomsky's purview in this example isn't political analysis, it's his internationally recognized scholarly expertise in the science of linguistics (he's the most cited expert in the world in this regard) and cognitive science, you neglected to play the ad hominem card against Edward S. Herman though, why? Is it because he isn't on some right-wing knee-jerk list? As for the liberal media myth, how can you possibly argue that a corporate, for-profit media sector can be trusted to report fairly on other corporations, such as companies who advertise in that same media? This is all great fodder for another thread because there does exist a wealth of scholarly and academic resources (no...not just cites from the news sources themselves), that can be brought to the table that exists outside the realm of the monosyllabic chants of the more ill informed partisan pundits. This is about deliberate dissemination of disinformation, lies and a consensus of deliberate prevarication...you have yet to give any examples of this from so-called "liberal news" outlets. PBS and NPR...they are not corporate sources of news, or even Free Speech Radio or Democracy Now. They may be seen in the light of having a bias, BUT...can you give any examples of propaganda, disinformation and fear-mongering that even compare fractionally; to the bovine excreta spewing forth from corporate owned right wing purveyors of fear? You want to make this about personalities, when the issue is decidedly information vs disinformation. Period.
  10. As this forum is a science forum, it should be pretty clear to all (well, most at least), that faith...or trust is no replacement for due diligence. Let's not confuse "digging deeper" with employing a straw man though. But let's address this straw man argument anywho: I'm reminded of cholesterol, when the dangers of cholesterol reared its ugly head decades ago, it became almost a catch-phrase on most packaged foods in supermarkets, "100% cholesterol free!!!" The thing is...those foods never had any cholesterol in them in the first place. They should pass a law against Canon law and Halakha law while they're at it! (Don't worry, there's no need ...just like with Sharia) Please think about this...a little deeper, it should be clear why. (hint: it is a violation of the first amendment) Wow! that's some pretty deep digging...pretty high piling too, "in other words". Let's dig a little deeper, and see what this is really about. It is actually an utter waste of time and resources brought about by fear-mongering, bigotry and disinformation. The basis of this entire fiasco was about a ruling in New Jersey that was purportedly made by a judge based on Sharia. No such ruling ever took place, as it is far easier to prove that it did, then it didn't, I'll leave it up to you to cite case-law (not, like ...worldnetdaily, y'know?) proving that this New Jersey Sharia example actually happened. Based on, what again? Aside from fear-mongering of course. Ahhh, the tu quoque fallacy, okay, have at it. Let's see a list of unsubstantiated disinformation being trotted out by the (so-called) liberal press? I would suggest that your suggestion, is merely a suggestion borne of confirmation bias. Maddow addressed a specific disinformation though, no need to attempt refutation via non-sequitur (plus, 'round these parts, you'll likely get called on it.) Ahhh, the liberal media myth... suggested viewing Nice ad hominem Buuuuut.... If you actually dig a little deeper, you will see that Maddow in no way misrepresented Angle. Have a listen: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/plum-line/SharronAngle0929.mp3 At around the 43 minute mark, the following exchange: QUESTIONER: I keep hearing about Muslims wanting to take over the United States. And I want to know your thoughts about that. They are building mosques all over the place. They want to build one near [ground zero]. And they seem to be getting their way. On a TV program just last night I saw that they are taking over a city in Michigan. And the residents, they want them out. They want them out. I wanted your thoughts. ANGLE: We're talking about a militant terrorist situation, which I believe isn't a widespread thing. But it is enough that we need to address, and we have been addressing it. My thoughts are these. First of all, Dearborn, Michigan, and Frankford, Texas are on American soil, and under Constitutional law. Not Sharia law. And I don't know how that happened in the United States. It seems to me there is something fundamentally wrong with allowing a foreign system of law to even take hold in any municipality or government situation in our United States. Some more cited and sourced confirmation (of the disinformation and the hoax(es) it was based on). http://foolocracy.com/2010/10/sharron-angle-sharia-law-in-dearborn-michigan-and-some-town-in-texas-that-doesnt-exist/
  11. Obstructive jaundice is a condition caused by gallstones filling the bile ducts, if I am not mistaken. This causes a build-up of bilirubin in the blood, which causes the yellow pigmentation of the skin, which is a sign. When the term "jaundice" is used, it typically refers to the sign, rather than the condition.
  12. At least I can recognize irony when I am guilty of it... :lol:
  13. The irony of this statement struck me as particularly funny... :lol: While many countries do not believe in the death penalty, I do for certain occasions... War criminals. And confirmed serial killers. Like this one. A violent response to violence? Yes. But I believe it should be used very sparingly... IMO.
  14. Will only use this knowledge sparingly if not at all. But knowledge is a good thing. Didn't work...I don't see Cartman.
  15. How do you do a bubble? Is there a Bubble 101 class that I can attend?
  16. I know that it is a long watch, but well worth it. I thought that this video brought up an interesting point...where is the accountability of the spreading of misinformation for the rightwing media? Where does the debunking of misinformation happen when the information center is self-contained? I would like to hear you all's thoughts on this, since many of us are in a field where peer review is required.
  17. Chin up, Moontanman! xxx :)

  18. And I agree with the spirit of the part that is bolded...but surely with as many staff as involved (mods and admins), a PM would be helpful to explain to the reporter as to why that is not a rule violation? Everyone wins...the reporter has a clearer understanding of the rules and the mod has done their duty as far as explaining the interpretation of the rules and their enforcement on the site. Having said that... I think that this site's moderating is pretty stellar compared to the moderating on other sites of special interest groups. Comparing this site to Rat Skept, is like comparing apples to balloons...there are some good threads (Rat Skept)...but there are also posts that violate the ethos of the site, as far as I am concern. Not to mention the rules. Rational skepticism does not equate with irrational derision. And that is what I have found there. What I have encountered with rule violation is that people either think that they are above the rules or they don't understand the interpretation and enforcement of them. A moderator should find the time to help them out, IMO. Speaking of which...I know we have at least one RatSkept mod on here... If anybody knows him/her, I would be curious as to how they might weigh in on the discussion.
  19. Let's see...I am confused about the rules...but I really want to play... And I am not sure about the template? Op I hope that you will provide a scenario? I am used to game theory questions operating within the context of scenarios. After all, we have not been pondering this as long you have, as to how to take over the world. My stance is to do a tit for tat and sometimes just a tit...how is cooperative effort best inspired? And can we have teams on this? Can I work with another poster or several? I have always found that collaborative thinking seems to lead to the best epistemological studies (you need that other pair of eyes to verify that you know what you know...or not, as the case may be),and can create viable strategies. More info, please? :D
  20. I visited the Rational Skeptics site several months ago, as it was a "sister site" to this one. I even posted there, I think once. But it was not my cuppa tea. When I want rational skepticism, I come here. When I want deluded, insubstantial bashing I go to other sites. (In defense of Ratskep...they did have a couple of interesting threads, though. Just not enough.) But Severian...I have to ask you...why did you not PM a mod earlier on? Or did you? I think that there should be user accountability that is cooperative with mod responsibility. Posting a complaint in a thread is not the best way to be heard when you are getting misrepresented and gangbanged. And you were. I think that such strawmanning tactics takes enormous creativity...I must admit I haven't quite seen the like. And if you look at the posters' history of who were performing the act, it certainly isn't new. Yuck. I am mostly a lurker here. I do purview the science sub-forums...I read them to expand my knowledge...is that okay if I do not always participate? One of the things that I like about this site is its commitment to quality. Quality over quantity. B)
  21. Yes! But I still prefer the democrats over the Tea Partiers...*cough*, Republicans.
  22. I doubt that there will be a war between the north and the south started here, because I don't think that Bear's Key is from the States; he knows too much about American history. Mea culpa, Bear's Key. Cheers.
  23. The Koch brothers were born and raised in Kansas, which is in the midwest, luv. David Koch currently lives in New York and Charles still lives in Kansas. Please do not insult my delicate southern sensibilities by insinuating that the Tea Party Movement in any shape or form started in the south. You will give me the vapours. If I am not mistaken, the first Tea Party rally started in New York by Trevor Leach. :D
  24. No, it is not... It is misinformation. Cite your sources, Bear Keys, as to where the Tea Party started and where they received their funding. And if you can...try not to conflate it with the politics of the civil war... That would be lovely. Then we can share a cuppa tea.
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