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  1. I HATE those things! I am tryin got type in an email and it completes teh word and i cant go back and finish the email its soo annoying! You got beef against dead ferrets huh?
  2. AHA! It truly wasnt a typo made 20 times online! It truly is a 'MSM' and not a 'MSG' (message) hehe. . Where is ''Spanglish'' on this? Mix of english and spanish. They have some wacky mix if chinese and english that i have never heard of . . this is so freakin babolaciousley truolaciousley true! (use to live in San Diego region for 13 years of my life and recently moved to ATL )
  3. *Sigh* Is it somethign along the lines of a word being encrypted into hex then digitized and back and forth to compress it? something like that?
  4. TeenKing


    If it were more economically accepted yes i would, but think of the torment and the publication it would ge t. . it would be horrible
  5. I am so proud that everybody here is afraid of televisions! I read one book at a time unless it is informational text. If it is fictional, i usually mistake small details with eachother. Informational text -- well if i mistaked my favorite book 'eragon' and started to mix the universe in a nutshell together. . well lets just say i would be very scared of the outcome
  6. 8,44,444,7777,0,444,7777,0,2,0,8,99,8,0,6,7777,6. ''this is a txt msm'' would the CORRECT way of stating exactley what this code is hehe .. i figured it out .. losers edit: oops the first person that got it actuallyw as stating the answer and not commenting on it hehe sorry
  7. if it truly is that bad they should reconsider owning the website http://www.iesucks.com hehe
  8. So it is basically stem cell paper. . put it in and let it grow? *Chu chu chu chia!*
  9. If it is a 'sphere' explain how it can have no dimensions meaning it does not exist at all?
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