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  1. It does end , it just expands. Its a matter of fact that the planets are moving away from each other and so does the space!
  2. Some of them contain Kaliumperchlorate (most likley rockets not airplanes) which produces i think KCl and Oxygen not sure though
  3. To your third question: You mean a reaction of ethanol with the acetylic acid that accure when u oxidise it ? I dont think there will be one , maybe there could be one if u work with conentrate H2SO4 as catalyst.Because you can also oxidise Ethanol in appearence of OH- , and if u want to create ethyl ethanoate ester you will need an acidic medium with concentrate H2SO4 which will also bind the resulting h2o of the reaction of ethanol with acetylic acid. By the way you can make Propanoic acid like this => C2H4 + CO + H2 The reason why the glycerin catchs fire is that at some point the glycerin forms some product (Acrolein dont know the english word for it maybe its the same ) , an unsaturated carbon-hydrogen compound which starts to burn, actually thats what i think im not sure though. hope i could help you abit
  4. Hey ive posted a few times so far without having introduced myself , think it the right time for it now Im ilja , 17 and im from germany. please excuse my poor english , i try my best though
  5. Cr2O7 is a complex which is negativly charged but the chrome ion itself is positivley charged . If you count the oxidsining value you will know why the complex is negativley charged. Cr(+6) *2 = +12 O(-2) *7 = -14 => if you count the charges you will get the -2 , although chrome is still positivley charged. (hope i got your question right)
  6. the pKa doesnt really equal the pH but you can caclutate using these formulas pH = -lg c(H+) ; ka = -lgpKa H+ = (ka*ca)^1/2 ca=concentration acid
  7. Try to solve it in Ethanol (C2H5OH) i think it will work better than if u do it with water.
  8. Bad ones: C4H9 COOH <= smells like an old dirty billy goat Butyric acid also smells terrbile Good ones : Benzoeacid Benzene
  9. Nope its very hardly soluble.if u heat it it might solve , but you will need more than only the human body heat. Try it u'll see
  10. That's not quite right.You need in many reactions precious metals to adsorb the H2 on their surface , but in this reaction (haber-bosch-synthese) you need a ironoxide-cat. (Fe2O3 mixed up with some other Oxides like Al2O3 ,CaO etc.) Just to get you right
  11. you could extract it by an electrolysis but u will need a special kathode , which is made out of quicksilver , because of the electrochemical series.
  12. There you go : X+Y => XY without cat. X+Y+K => (X+K)aktivated condition +Y => XK+Ytemporary condition XK+Y=> (XK+Y)aktivated condition => XY+K The cat. makes some kind of temporary compound which is combined wid a lower energy that is needed to built it.Then the direct reaction of X and Y. The compound XK reacts immediately under less activation energy with Y. The temporary compound can be a real chemical compound. By the way manganese dioxide reacts with hydrogen peroxide (redox-reaction)
  13. Ilja


    If u use NaOH u will get solid soap and KOH is used for liquid soap
  14. Hg(I)Cl is not toxic , because its not solvable in the human body.
  15. By the way hey i got a clue for you , if u wanna pass a school day just take a few glups of dilutted KMnO4 and u will puke like a drunkard
  16. If u think of the brain u think , in my opinion , ( i dont know how u think about it) in the biological way (biological processes or whatever).But if u imagine that the brain is only a cluster of atoms , i wonder how millions of atoms can produce thoughts and dreams for example ? I'd appreciate your opinions. (sorry for my poor english) Ilja
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