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    I am a student who is finding new ways to understand science more efficiently, so as to make science a thing of a second nature to me.
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  1. Could someone please help a young man in need. I need to find a website that can give me full descriptions of this products from redox reactions. but if you think your brains are better than what i might find on the website, please enlighten me. it will be most appreciated.
  2. Interesting, and look at me thinking that IQ tests are used to test someone's Smartness. My IQ is definately low, below 90 is must guess
  3. I like everyones opinion on this topic. By the way Sayonara³, i like that Avatar of yours, how did you get it? Humans will carry on evolving as long as nothing drastic happens. In the future, with all mans achievements, i believe that we will be able to fight any extra terestrial threats with ease. We will probably have the best guns at that time, and have different ways of producing electricity. We may also end up becoming Gods of our own. This may sound ludicrous, but humans may also live over 200 years.
  4. I was told to balance an equation of potassium manganate and FeS04 with a catalyst sulphuric Acid (titration). I was wondering if any of you know what the balanced equation will look like. FeSO4 + KMnO4 + H2SO4 ----------> I know that H2SO4 is a catalyst which means it has nothing to do with the final product because it only acts as a medium that speeds up a reaction. (correct me if wrong) So my question here is, how should this be balanced. I am thinking that H2SO4 will absent during the balanced equation but what the products are is what baffles me. please help?
  5. I understand a few things about microwaves that i am not sure if my source of information is really correct. Food is heated in the microwaves when water molecules in the food vibrate. Could you guys give me more information on how Microwaves work and why the reject materials that conduct electricity? Help will be appreciated
  6. A proportion? hmm, i wish i had the picture to show you. the problem was that i couldn't find the radius. Anyways, i will see what i can do with the formular you have given me. Thanks to you all. One more thing, can you guys solve it for me, do the calculations i mean. so i can use your answer to make corrections. sorry for the inconvinience
  7. a) Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin in the ratio 7:3. How much tin must be added to 35kg of copper to make batch of bronze? and is this right ... 7:3 7 + 3 = 10 Copper = 35 kg Tin = 10.5 (Tin) 35kg √∑ 7 = 10 x 5 = 50 so therefore 50/10 x 3 = 15kg (tin). so 15kg of tin will be required to make a batch of bronze. I have a diagram that shows a cylindrical tank designed to store oil. it has a height of 3.4m and a lenght of 2.8m. could you tell me how i am to solve this problem. if The outside of the tank is to be painted. It is stated that the paint in one tin will cover an area of 5m2. How many tins of paints are needed to do the job? so please, can some one tell me the formular for this. I don't think it is pi r2 H or is it 2 pi r x (sum of radius and height). can someone please solve this for me, i will give you a donut. just help me, please.
  8. good to here that dude, but i think you need a doctor, lol
  9. have i heard of River blindness? yes i have heard of that. but coloured blindness, sheesh, never heard of that. I seriously will want to know more about this Coloured blindness.
  10. you guys are Sophisticated and really too smart for my liking. Tell me what it means. I understood what you mean't by science not focusing on reality and also understood most of your points as aforementioned above. But why, don't scientist focus on reality than they do on observation? Scientists seem to be playing gods than they do un realising the true existant of reality. that's if my you get my point.
  11. touching!, oh for pitsake. I hate bugs, even with my likes for natue i still hate them. Rats are worse, destroying my wooden floors with their bites and making life terrible for me. Why do they ever exist? who knows? but i like animals, good thing they are likeable.
  12. carboxylic Acid is that another name for ketone or is it just another name for Propanoic Acid. Tell, do you know all thsi chemicals and what there electronic configurations look like?
  13. what is real? well i will tell you what i understand by real. what you see and can touch, something deadly and painful is real. Something seen from full prespective is real and something axiomatic can be real. To feel pain makes you realise how alive you really are, and that the body is real and it takes pain very seriously. I seriously do not know what been real is, but it is definately not in the matrix, that's for sure.
  14. I seriously doubt that crying comes only through expressed feelings. At times, i don't know about everyone, tears often come when you wake up and yone or when you actually laugh too much. happens to my sis and mom. Laugh and yone, they still cry.
  15. Hi everybody i am new here. Just wanted to say that crying is one of the best things about been human, the idea that tears come out of your tearsac to make you cry at the right time, is one great phenomenum. it also tells us humans how special we really are, to have the ability to express our feelings through crying. But it has been long since i cried and so i have no idea how it feels for people who loose those close to them and cry their hearts out.
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