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  1. Mokele, this should do for you. http://www.stephenjaygould.org/ctrl/futuyma_complex.html
  2. An example where a single HOX gene mutation leads to a set f extra wings in Drosophila. http://drnelson.utmem.edu/MHEL.hox.html Mutations in the 8 genes of the HOM complex cause large scale mutations in flies. A mutation in bithorax causes a fly to have an extra set of wings. Mutation in antennapedia causes a leg to grow where an antenna should be. These genes are not master switches for making wings or legs, but they specify position in the fly's body. The order of the genes on the chromosome is the same as the order of segments in the fly's body where they are expressed. The left most gene is expressed in the head, the right most gene is expressed in the abdomen. When a gene is deleted or mutated, the segment where it is normally expressed cannot tell where it is because its position clue is gone, so it behaves like the closest segment to it. That is why a bithorax mutation causes an extra set of wings. The segments adjacent to the bithorax segment dictated what should be made. I know there are other examples of mutations in a single gene or gene regulatory region that result in extra limbs but I don't have time atm to look.
  3. A quick primer on which HPV strains do what can be found at http://virus.stanford.edu/papova/HPV.html.
  4. Smells like homework! Sorry i won't hurt your intellectual growth by doing your homework for you. Goodluck!
  5. Hi Everybody, I've been lurking for weeks just to get a feel for things. I was planning on lurking for a little while longer (actually until complete a paper) but stereo problems have forced me out of seclusion to consult this collective for information. I just spent half the day setting up and reading the user's manual for my new (used) stereo and everything seemed to be okay until I tried to listen to news broadcasts. Everybody sounds like a chipmunk! Is there some sort of high frequency switch? If anybody has a good link to home audio FAQ/problem solving stuff I would appreciate that as well. Thanks for your time and any help.
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