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  1. In my case I actually favored my left hand as a toddler but my mother forced me to use my right hand for everything. This was a common practice at the time because of the limited availability of left handed products for consumers, i.e. scissors, baseball mitts, guns, etc.. As I got older I learned that it was not very difficult to learn to do things with my left hand, a little practice and I had it. I assume this shallow learning curve is the result of me having been born favoring the left hand to begin with.
  2. For forums like these I use the BBCode extension a lot....
  3. The freezing point of mercury is -38.87°C. The melting point of gallium is 29.7646°C. What's to understand?
  4. Sure you could. Just use it to store the value of pi or phi....
  5. Mine simply represents my lack of belief in God. IMO, God only exists for dylexics and comes in many different breeds, i.e. german shepherds, poodles, hounds, etc..
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