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  1. This is nothing new. I recall watching a nature show about 10 years ago and being surprised to see monkeys of some kind, breaking nuts by laying them on a rock and hitting them with another rock. Also, during another show, I saw monkeys, (again of some kind) who would scoop up rice mixed with sand and then put it into the water to sort the sand from the rice--Hell, I know people who aren't that smart. Sea birds regularly pick up clams and such, fly high into the sky and drop them onto rocks to break them open. Using things that easily come to hand (or paw or talon) is one thing, Making tools to do a particular job is quite another. Wake me up when someone finds an ape knapping flint.....
  2. How would the scientific community define life? Would they define it as an encyclopedia defines it? You know, it must be responsive, have some sort of metabolism, grow, reproduce, etc.
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