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  1. Here is a web site that is a regular little treasure trove of information regarding "bone arras" as my old daddy used to say..... http://www.martinarchery.com/faq/facts.php#system
  2. If you want an answer in ft. lbs., you will need to know the velocity of the arrow and the weight of the arrow. Then square the velocity and divide that by the constant - 450240 - then multiply that result by the arrows weight in grains. The result will be the ft. lb. of energy. Now the so-called "killing power" will be all out of comparison to the pellet gun because the arrow is designed to penetrate the body and cut a hole from which you will belld to death. On the other hand, if the arrow is fitted with a blunt end on it instead of a broadhead, then it is no where neare as lethal.
  3. Interesting indeed. My question about gravitons is this; if gravity is caused by these gravitons, then how do these gravitons escape from a black hole to cause the gravitational effect? My understanding of a black hole is that it has so much gravity that NOTHING can escape it. Eirher this is incorrect, and some things can escape, or there are no gravitons?
  4. As long as it seems to be OK-at least to some of us-to place cameras in public places, with rationale ranging from "only the criminal has anything to fear," to "after all, one's right to privacy is givin up once he goes out in public," How many of us think it is OK for that same government to access library records, as has been part of the objection to the Patriot Act? A library is, after all, a public place, no?
  5. Yes, I saw it. I was struck by the fact that there are 3 theroies about the cause. The same scientific community that is now telling us that we are in for dire times, couldn't agree on the cause of an event that only ended 150 years ago. This tends to erode my confidence in the predictions made by them. Anyway, if we went through another ice age and the worlds population was halved, would that necessarily be all that bad?
  6. I think it depends on whether or not one is talking about insanity, or mental retardation. Certainly environment can contribute to insanity, but usually mental retardation is caused from some form of pre natal defect of injury, although I suppose that a prenatal injury could be said to be an environmental hazard.
  7. In reading this excerpt, I couldn't help thinking about "Animal Farm.":-) I think because the political conotations are so obvious?
  8. Are you right testicled, or left testicled? I think you will find that there are minor differences between almost anything that you have 2 of.
  9. To answer the original question, I would consider joining the Amish people. They don't appear to be all that dependent on crude oil supplies.
  10. I think running is certainly one of the best. Do not, however, buy a stopwatch and time yourself, at least for the first year or so--better yet, never. Run (jog) at a pace where you are comfortable and it is not at all an unpleasant experience. Try to push yourself beyond your athletic ability and it becomes unpleasant and you will find yourself dreading it. Find yourself dreading it, and sooner or later you will most probably give it up. Alternatively, biking is more fun and ever so much more social, what with organized weekend rides of 25-100 miles and more. Plus one has the advantage of spending $500 to $1500 on a new bike every year or so. New equiptment seems to revive a waneing interest. Swimming is also a great way to get areobically fit if one has access to a pool, and also is a little more a social activity that running. Also, if one has access to a pool, he/she will probably also have access to a weight room which is nice too. A good brisk walk 4 or 5 times a week is a good one, but walking, because of the intensity of the exercise, requires more time if weight reduction is one of the goals. If one is overweight at the start, then I would say walking or swimming or biking is the way to begin because it is not a good idea to try to jog when one is carrying an extra 50 lbs. or so.
  11. My Grandmother used to say that "everything looks yellow to a jaunticed eye.":rolleyes:
  12. Amen! I would only add poverty to the list. I would agree however that poverty is mostly the result of ignorance and stupidity. At least in the US.
  13. It is a sad state of affaires and contributes mightily to the problems of race that we still have in America. My personal view is that the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Sharptons in America are the worst thing that could have happened to black Americans. If more black people emulated the Bill Cosbys and the Clarence Thomases and the Colin Powells and the Condi Rices in America, rather than the bad boy rappers and the street corner crack dealers this social inequity would be greatly reduced and probably eliminated within a couple of generations. Even Farrakahan is to be preferred over Jackson and co. because he at least preaches a doctrin of self reliance and fathering the children that one sires. He may be a little off-the-wall in his conspiract theories, but if more blacks did as he preaches, it wouldn't be long before true racial equality would be achieved--something that would be of great value to us all.....
  14. I agree to that! It is almost like the Black community is being farmed......
  15. I can't quite agree with all of this. Among white kids, I think it depends on the kid. If he is a nerd that doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the crowd, perhaps, but if he gets high grades and is also part of the teenage culture, then I think most would admire him on all counts--including the academic part. As far as Asians are concerned, it is my understanding that high grades among that group is almost always admired. I do agree that high grades is not respected among blacks and I think that is a shame and if there is something that can be done about it, it should be done. I think this is what Bill Cosby was alluding to when he made his statement about kids and slang and acheivement.
  16. I didn't know whether to post this in Education or politics, so I tossed a coin and it came down politics. Read this article. It looks like a lot of black students are cutting off their noses to spite their faces..... http://rdu.news14.com/content/top_stories/default.asp?ArID=76301
  17. True, but doesn't that compormise the "science" in the so-called study? If, after all, the full results of a scientific inquiry cannot be released because of political reasons, is it still science?
  18. No problem, my lawyer is too expensive for that anyway.....
  19. Is it a racial slur to say that black people are better athletes than white people? I wouldn't think that it was.
  20. Who was this coach supposed to have offended? Black people? Or White people?
  21. H W Copeland

    Space travel

    Anything outside the Solar System is probably out of the question for the forseeable future because of the distances involved and the limitation of light speed as the upper limit of velocity. If humankind ever gets to the point that we can travel faster than light speed, then perhaps, but for the present, we will have to content ourselves with our own little system.
  22. Or we can resurrect a variant that has a worse track record: http://www.townhall.com/opinion/columns/charleskrauthammer/2005/10/14/171278.html
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