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  1. Currently, I'm studying Electrical & Computer Engineering. As of now, I'm planning on stayin in school for awhile (hopefully to attain a Ph.D). I know it's important to set yourself apart from the crowd for graduate school so I want to take the steps early on before it's too late. My school offers a dual degree program with Physics and ECE. I was thinking about doing ECE and Applied Physics dual degree OR double major. The other course of action would be to double major ECE with Applied Math. Which one will be more beneficial to me down the road? I like both subjects equally and wouldn't mind studying either.
  2. I still think a well-rounded education is key. Sure, someone may not *enjoy* math, but just the fact that they're forced to think in a technical mindset is beneficial and will help them in their other endeavours. I think a fundamental basis of education is a balance between all subjects - for mere exposure. Then when you go to college you can decide what you *truly* enjoy.
  3. YT, I dont think you're supposed to put spaced between the brackets.
  4. Someone explain the white one to me. I think it has something to do with the poles?
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, newty, but is this the path you're recommending? PhD > 2-3 years working > MBA
  6. Why do you like Electrical Engineering - I'm actually thinking about doing that. My school offers "Electrical & Computer Engineering." What's so fun about it?
  7. I'm thinking about going into this field of engineering - but I'm not quite sure what it entails. Can someone give me a quick summary of what you learn and what things you can do with it? What kind of jobs would you get with this kind of degree?
  8. Along with Kyrisch: It's hard for me to grasp the concept of theories including "time" as well. I find myself always thinking that time was man-made. Sure, they related it to the earth's revolution around the sun, but to me it seems very arbitrary. They could have related it to almost anything that stays constant. Does anyone know what I mean?
  9. There definitely could be something we "missed" - but I wouldn't say its logical to presume such a case. There are people on the boards who know much more than I, so I will stop here and let the experts answer your question.
  10. Okay - I'm heading off to college in 3 weeks (as I've said in past posts). In these next few weeks I have to finalize my schedule - which incidently finalizes my major pretty much. I'm going into engineering. I'm definitely majoring in Biomedical engineering - but my university forces you to double major BME with some other "traditional" engineering major. Initially, I wanted to do Mechanical + Biomed; but now I'm not so sure. I'm interesting in chemistry and physics - but I like physics more because, to me, it seems more practical. It seems as though in the earlier classes I'll have more "hands on" experience instead of just learning the theory (like Chem E). The majors I'm torn between are Chemical, Mechanical and Materials Science and engineering. I really love physics, and want to learn more advanced physics - but I'd also like to learn chemistry and the chemical workings of things. Can you guys give me a run down of each major, what it entails and what you guys think the best way to go is? Also, I'm not EXACTLY sure what Materials Science and engineering entails. Can someone explain this too?
  11. Why do you say it's "logical" to reason that?
  12. The "expected" path for mucho money is: Engineering B.S. ==> Engineering job from 3 to X years ==> Executive MBA ===> Business oriented job ==> Retirement in Florida
  13. Einstein said that the speed of light is not absolute. I think that means no matter what speed you're going, light always travels the same speed relative to your motion. Am I right?
  14. I think that the people we criticize (i.e. Iranian Hardliners) say the same thiings about us. "What are they thinking?!," "That's awful!" They live by a strict code of Islamic fundamentals. They live in a theocracy. While we can wonder why they do such things, we should never say there is something _wrong_ with them physically. Our beliefs may collide - but that is all. I predict in 10-15 years the U.S. will be in Iran and all will be "well" again soon.
  15. Try looking at the formula for the difference of cubes. x^3 – y^3 = (x – y) (x^2 + xy +y^2)
  16. Yes I love audio. What's a tube amp?
  17. Well, I was looking into making a Gauss Rifle or a SpudGun, just for starters. I thought it'd be pretty cool to change specific things to try to get a larger shooting distance (and maybe work on the percision too). What do you think?
  18. Okay. I've never made one of these before and I have about 3 week till I leave for school and I'm kind of bored. Should I make a compressed air or a hairspray spudgun? Also, what's the best site to read for directions on how to make it?
  19. Hey, I'm wondering what the easiest way of extracting hydrogen gas from water is. I'm guessing it is electrolysis, but could someone give me a detailed explanation of how to do it. Also, is it possible to later use this hydrogen as a propellent for, oh say a potato gun?
  20. I thought the charge immedietly spread around the sphere - thus bringing the surface area into play.
  21. Before this starts turning into a debate on pot, lets get back to my topic. (yes, its all about ME!) I have been digging around, thinking about various projects to start up with a friend of mine. I haven't come up with anything good yet. Apart from actually thinking of something good, it also costs money to make whatever I think up. Any ideas on what I should build? Also, I'm interested in the pure theory behind the mechanics - thats why I want to read.
  22. I think Asimov is right. It's a ratio between the SA.
  23. The past 4 years have been fun. This summer has been nothing but. But when there's nothing to do, I'd rather start reading something than watch television. This isn't to try to "get ahead," or anything like that - I'm just interested in the stuff.
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