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  1. Robots manually destroying weeds. I can see the future of agriculture now
  2. I'm confused. I find the food that tastes the best to me to also be healthy. Maybe my taste is odd
  3. Well, the last ten years have had the biggest 'peak' the North Atlantic/Caribbean has ever had on record. I find this graph to be quite interesting.
  4. I've always wondered how helpful just lying down awake helps. I spend at least an hour a day awake before/after I fall asleep while still lying down in a slight daze.
  5. Does anyone know if it's a fairly worse thing to have shorter sleeping periods? Like if the same amount of hours are spent sleeping. Compare a 9 hour overnight sleep to a 5 hour sleep combined with a three hour nap later that day. I'm curious particularily because sleep is a very important factor with a chronic illness I have, and I'm living in a noisey place, with roomates that don't have good sleep patterns. So I only get 4-7 hours of sleep at night when I used to get 7-11 hours. I try to rest during the day to make up for it (although I have large difficulties actually falling asleep then).
  6. He can remember the entire book? So basically he could read an entire book aloud to someone without actually having it with him? I find that a bit suprising.
  7. I can't help much besides this one link I found: http://www.merkle.com/humanMemory.html
  8. Being under the influence of alcohol tends to rise the consumption rate of most other drugs. I doubt it has anything to do with nicotine specifically.
  9. You're kind of twisting things around. A nuclear bomb is a little bit worse than a firebombing run. Whether or not it was launched had nothing to do with morals over civilian casualties, but rather had all to do with the fact that the USA didn't end up going to war with them.
  10. Judging by what I've read on other forums... no there isn't a way to prevent it. These 'computer experts' basically said that all forms of wireless router security don't work. We had our net access being used by someone else in this apartment building... hopefully not anymore. It's frusturating to know that it's (supposedly) impossible to prevent.
  11. Considering inflation and a rising population, I would find it odd that for any given year the tax revenue to be less than the previous.
  12. Aye. I don't know of any studies on this subject, but I tend to think that the willingness to discuss is a big reason why there are statements saying men have a much higher. The women I know tend to have just as high, if not higher drive than the men I know. It's just that they're not as open about it.
  13. I think these things often get thought over. The cost of making things efficient usually involves more money, manpower, and energy than what you would save. Or it is at least hardly enough to 'power the planet'. Whatever happened to nuclear power supposedly giving us near infinite energy, powering a home for $10 a year!
  14. One of the big problems I have with mutilation is the after effects. Is the actual pain of the experience that big of a deal? It might be a big deal if it left long term physical problems, or worse, mental issues. I'm glad they chopped off my fireman when I was a baby.
  15. Who says stimulants inhibit the brain's ability to filter-out unimportant stimuli? Surely it can go both ways. With different drugs, at different doses, in different enviornments, with different people. I was never diagnosed or perscribed, but I used to take an ampthetamine (in the same manner that some ADD diagnosed kids would) when I was a teen, and it was incredible in a way, how I could focus better with things like class. Being hyper and/or out of control isn't the same. I was always a very patient, quiet, well behaved child that got very good grades. I always had the feeling that it was incredibly over-perscribed, and it certainly isn't a class of drugs (are any?) that I would consider safe for children.
  16. Is part of the reason why planets are so round because they were very much liquid and then gradually froze (liquid being much easier to be rounded by gravity)? I always figured that is how it went with the Earth.
  17. I find it a bit arrogant to think that we are still evolving.
  18. A model of the entire universe would be neat. Maybe we're one of those models, even. Oops
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