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  1. I am looking for a preferably for a physics professor to submit a paper to for checkup about a possible new theory of special reletivity. I have requested on other places on the internet by email and have gotten zero responses. If I have to, I beg for you to respond, or for someone to direct me to someone. I feel this is greatly important. My emails are: nickspage99@hotmail.com rblnhill@telus.net
  2. I meant no offense sir. I was thanking this person for adding a few sparks. Im sorry about stating my opinion if it offends you and will try to avoid doing so from now on.
  3. Thank you for making this post. It helped me realize more facts and back up relating to my theory. According the current special reletivity thoeries. All that has been explained would happen in this hypothetical thought experiment, I fully agree. Although I see the crack in the reasoning behind this experiment loud and clear. In a realistic experiment I see a much different outcome. no offense to anyones reasoning.
  4. I dont see a problem with that for now. You dont know how badly I want to share this theory. I was just watching the PBS program about einstien and E=mc^2 and now the theory makes even more sense. I agree, to put this in the Pseudoscience for now. It is just causing frustration with people right now.
  5. After finishing my theory, I was on the net and came across this thing here. It comes from kind of difficult manuscript apparently. Anyways, it has striking resemblences of cirtain characteristics in my theory. In fact I have drawings of ____ that look alot like this. It is said no one has interpreted what this means, but I have a few ideas that can give it much new light. It could be a coincidence and totaly irrelevant, but then again who knows.
  6. A partical being powered by a machine at .9999c is no different than a group of particles(a ship) powered by a machine(engine) traveling at .9999c
  7. whats this one thing you "confuse"? Just curious I admit it does sound interesting. That is the key that I do not want to reveal right now.
  8. About the light entering the eye. I did not mean to make it sound that reality is actually upside down. It enters our brain Mirrored, which is why the brain has to reverse it to make up and down correct, and is why I thought that the opposite sides of the brain have to control the opposite side of the body because the information it recieves from the eyes is flipped. So when somthing comes at you from the right side, your eye sees that and makes it look like its coming from the left side. So your brain knows left and right and has to swap that information to the reality so it tells the body that its actually coming from the other side sending the real signal to the correct side of the body to react to the ojbect coming from that side. It is just an assumption because somewhere in your brain you gotta make up for the Full mirror image not just up and down.
  9. Why do you assume things have to be "more simple?" Just because they don't seem intuitive doesn't mean that they're incorrect. I dont assume anything needs to be "more simple." I simply discovered that it really is by using the laws of physics. If you simply confuse a cirtain one small process of the way we look at physics today, it completly reverses the outcome of how to intepret the function of the universe. I can prove 1 part of it with E=mc^2.
  10. Explain why a particle traveling in an accelerater at .99c has no significant mass increase or stronger requirement to accelerate it. If an atom was on the screatching edge of Infinate mass then you would think at this point that atom should contain the mass pretty close to the universe.
  11. Matter isnt a planet.. matter is a identical source of one thing organized in different facions to emmit different characteristics. I was refering to human time determined from the earths spins, and revolutions around the sun originating from which makes those things exist, the combination of "attoms" making the system operate, it all comes from 1 source u see. Every action comes from 1 thing, combined and organized in a cirtain way that then determines what happens from the relation ship between this interacting identicals. If all matter, stopped, meaning all the atoms in the universe suddenly stopped functioning in any possible way imaginable. yes time would stop in the sense of a human watching time pass by. Because nothing would happen, without active atoms, no reactions occur (and i am not refering to absolute zero degrees tempeture) I mean putting a stop to everysingle atom. This would cause all light energy to cease to be in production, gravity would then cease to exist for it has to orginate from something that exists. So theoretically, sure if you paused atoms in time, atoms would pause time. Everything as you know today would quit interacting and darkness would be all.
  12. I read the summery of the book. It talks about how things are actually more simple, As for the details "the final theory" contiains I have no clue. I only recognized it seemed to be talking about my thoery. The sort of way how everything is easier to understand, and also solves many problems currently involved in science. The summer sounded like it was talking about my thoery. Yah I wasnt able to find anything on the webpage that actually described how this finaly thoery is described to work. Though my thoery is how it works and it sounds like hes talking about it but has no clue what it is you see..? heh.. (this is completly off topic, but since there is alot of members involved in this topic I thought Id just ask a quick question) Light that enters the eye gets turned upside down. Then your eye sends that to your brain, then your brain makes sense of it to interpret it as right side up, leaving you with no realization of this process occurring correct? Well I havnt read anywhere about the horizontal mirrorization of the light. If light gets fliped upside down when it enters the eye, what that should mean is the light is getting Mirrored onto the retina. Even the left and right should be swapped. Although i have never heard an explanation about this aspect of the light. I started to thinking about how reality is possibly reversed. Leaving the reason why Our right side of the brain fuctions the left side of the body and the left side of the brain functions the right side to actually unconciouslly make up for the fact we see everything Mirrored to how reality really exists. This is a sub branch to the heart of the theory. what do you figure about this?
  13. Let me try that again. "that is based from my theory" Where in the theory light is particles and particles only which contain mass and are mass.
  14. It does not refer to one single object... The earth revolves around the sun at a "frequency" close to 365 spins to make a orbit around the sun. This freqency can be turned into smaller units, to make time, and seconds, or if you wanted to call 60 seconds 30 geegles or somthing like that. The sun, from point of creation, will over go a chemical/nuclear reaction, the frequeny/rate in which it functions determines its "Time" as a sun as a life. All around the universe you can apply the "frequency of actions" to determine a time. lights red shift frequency change can be calculated into the "time" it has been in action.
  15. I hear what you are saying. I didnt mean to come off as being a genious, I dont consider myself one, I explained I had a high IQ like many others here to try to get some respect so I am not treated as "a person that has no idea what they are talking about". We can all talk about what we have been taugh and what we have read and learned, even if it is wrong or correct. So who is the target here? Anyways yes my theory sounds exactly like this "final theory" book. Although I swear that it came to me as a completely original idea never really previously explained to me. Not only that but I was able to theorize how exactly I came up with the idea, aswell as the person/team who wrote that book, and why many other people are now currently starting to think of this new more realistic simplier explanations. I know my explanations have been less coherent as you said, but that is because I am trying not to reveal anything about it lol.. Thanks for telling me about that book, I find it interesting the summery runs off of the same fundementals mine seems to, although I was able to relate it to right here on earth before our eyes and take it much further into detail. I hope this is correct because we are not making very much progess, and using this thoery or thinking I have come up with, everything becomes very simple and would cause leaps and bounds of our intelligence.
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