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  1. I think this is a hypothetical question, regarding the lightbulb moving at c.
  2. hmm, heres a thought. To think in this manner, obviosly when the light bulb is facing you the light from it would have to allways be reaching you, because in order for the light bulb to be put in front of you it has to stop, which makes the light allways hit your face. But, if the light bulb is facing you and suddenly it went at 186,000 mph away from you then the light would move away at 186,000 mph. I think that makes sence.
  3. Ohhhh cool! Ya I see what your saying.
  4. If that was possible, I believe your right.
  5. Ya, thats interesting..Also note that in here in canada there is a crater very large also. I dont know much about it but there is one in canada too.
  6. Hi! Today after I logged on the internet a news artical opened my eyes abit about some scientists in the U.S somehow were able to create a tremendous amount of energy in the form of heat. I thought It would be cool to post this to see some reactions from people about this. I read it carefully, It's pretty cool! But the even more interesting thing about the expirement was the fact the scientists dont know how they did it! They speculated it was some unknown energy that was the culprit. Would be cool to know how it happened. They used a Z - machine http://www.livescience.com/technology/050607_z_machine.html
  7. "Trying is the first step towards failer" Homer.S heehee.
  8. @ Silkworm -I don't get why you want me to think of it as heat, you did already say that there would be nothing.
  9. So Silkworm and you are trying to say that, Aboslute zero is when there is total void and theres absolutely nothing no temprature no heat and not as cold as it can be. I get it.
  10. Well I'm going with the blonde guy on this one.
  11. just like the blonde guy said: " So that is as cold as the atoms can be. We call that Absolute Zero. I get it! When the atoms are all stopped the gas is ABSOLUTELY as cold as can be! Yes, and that is really cold. The thermometer shows a comparison of the Absolute (also known as the Kelvin) and Fahrenheit scales of temperature. Absolute Zero is -459 degrees Fahrenheit. "
  12. Yes it is the number of nothing, but it dose not mean zero kelvin has no temperature. Someone help me here..
  13. "You can't make something 0K because it is the temperature of nothing" Ya, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions. "a Scottish physicist and mathematician calculated that molecular motion stops at -273 deg C. He called this temperature absolute zero, the lowest possible temperature." Notice how Lord kelvin say's "lowest possible temperature".
  14. Ahh but wait..Zero (0) is nothing. Zero Kelvin (0k) is something.
  15. Absolutely nothing? are you serious? that is interesting. But it is also abit scarey.
  16. Check this out. It talks about degrees in kelvin. http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=kelvin
  17. It is difficult for me to say what and exactly where and how to get to zero kelvin. Mabey it's impossible for it to exist. Is not zero kelvin reffering to the coolest temprature? I don't think it has to do with nothing silkworm. Even on a thermometre there is zero celcious and that dose not mean there is no temprature. When I defined nothing, I was just pointng out nothing is nothing and nothing more. thats what I beleive anyhow. Mabey, who ever wants to try cooling an enviroment to zero kelvin they would just need a strong and more efficiant cooling device.
  18. Even though I see you dont have a battery in the battery-free flash light and you can get a certain amount of volts which are not enough. Couldn't you just build a tiny inverter? I dont know just an idea.
  19. What do guys think would happen if someone cooled an enviroment to zero Kelvin? sounds dangerous to me.
  20. I understand why you would think nothing to have zero kalvin. but how do you know "nothing" is at zero kalvin. Nothing defines absolutley nothing and that would mean even no temprature.
  21. This truly made me think more about it. Thanks swansont.
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