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  1. unfortunately the department is quite under funded so it looks like i my have to go to a university to use the equipment. Can i use thin layer chromatography to find out the contents of pepper juice?
  2. I've been working with Vitamin C titrations lately and iwas wondering if there were any other ways in which i could show the mass/concentration of vitamin c in a sample volume within a school lab. Any input i would be greatful...
  3. hmm... an intreguing prospect.
  4. i'll gladly participate. I could be the bad-ass receptionist with a heart of gold! and a nice sword. Like Clouds in FFVII.
  5. Kornkid


    Do you have such sword-handling talent? Or will you end up cutting your own hand off?
  6. Kornkid


    Yeah, that looks like quite a predicament...
  7. Kornkid


    Is there a reason why it won't integrate or is it just a 'rule'? (if you know what i mean)
  8. Kornkid


    I was going to say: (x^x+1)/(x+1) + C x cannot = -1 won't this work??
  9. I'd ask, How do they feed and mate? What do they feed on? How far they have explored the universe? and various other posted Questions.
  10. Physics, i find is the more interesting.
  11. That is brilliant!! I know what i want for my birthday...... A pony!
  12. THAT'S A BRILLIANT IDEA!!! Not sure my teacher would approve!
  13. Yes i am. I wasn't sure if it would be too ambitious, i wanted to use lasers; but i didn't want to measure wavelengh. Any ideas?
  14. I'm attempting to think of good ideas for my physics project. I was thinking along the lines of measuring the speed of light using lasers or the optimum volume of water in a water rocket to provide the greatest height. I'm not too sure about the laser experiment as to how to carry it out but it's something i'm definately interested in exploring. Any comments or serious problems which i may run into? Any ideas? Thanks alot guys!!
  15. Hey Guys. I'm 16, 6th year in high school; doing advanced Physics, Chemistry and Maths. I like metal music, basketball, Family Guy and playing guitar. I'm glad to be here!
  16. i'm totally addicted to these games
  17. ohh, i do enjoy a good algebraic problem to begin my day!
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