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  1. I welcome you to tell me about the ingredients..what are they?
  2. Am going a long with the questions your are asking me otherwise I could have stuck with the diagrams....another point to earlier discussion the wave also represent normalizing constant. As per the concept in the diagram, remember that moon- is not hypothetical object- is mass source, therefore it will free fall towards Earth and Earth free fall towards it in an ideal situation...as their two waves forms collapse at the barycenter of their system generating a new wave form with it's EFE component of the system (Earth-moon system). However,the barycenter of the system wobbles alot due to the fluidity of Earth oceans inducing slight movements of mass(of course ocean mass which is part of Earth Mass)..these instabilities in the barycenter causes the wave function not to collapse perfectly,inducing delays in collapse,that time delay, creates a window that leads to constructive interference between moon g waves(as indicated in the diagram) and Earth g waves(as indicated in the diagram) leading to transfer of energy to the moon increasing it's energy density. From the diagram, energy density is conjugate variable of momentum density which inturn is conjugate to momentum flux,therefore,increase in moons energy density leads to decrease in its momentum density leading to increase in momentum flux of the moon making moon to drift away from the Earth.
  3. You can't dismiss it as wrong....your not aware of what am doing or am not getting what you are saying...like for instance tell me the error your talking about..there is a big difference between being incorrect and being wrong...there are a lot of original concepts am bringing e.g saturation of Higgs field ....the concept you want to dismiss unites strong force,weak force, electromagnetic force and gravitation...it's unfortunate to dismiss concepts for the mere fact of being incomprehensible.
  4. You will take the two diagram and let them meet in this case one mass will be Earth(with it's EFE components) the other mass will be Moon....where their respective wave meet their will be a wave function collapse that point becomes barycenter of the two object,at such a point a new wave I will be generated containing the EFE component describing the two system...in case of Earth and moon they are not the only two in space...they are part of the solar system , therefore, other objects sun, Venus,Mercury, Mars e.t.c thier EFE components as indicated on diagram collapses at the solar system barycenter where new wave with its EFE components is generated that describes the solar system...taking all that into consideration it will be clear why the moon goes around the Earth at the same time it's drifting away from it. Am considering them as indicated on the diagram...in pairs.. putting in mind that the diagrams indicates a smooth transition from source of mass itself,quantum realm..( elementary particle,Higgs field,graviton, gravitational wave.. ) to massive objects, classical realm where either an object is on a certain position or it's not there.
  5. What about if you take momentum density,energy flux and energy density,momentum flux to be complex conjugate and that their probability always equals one indicating position with certainty of an object moving towards mass?
  6. From the same Wikipedia article, Anyway I mean the length as outlined on the diagram...I settle with the following explanation for simplicity sake, 🤔 You see too far...just looking for the easiest explanation...to be palatable to the majority without strong scientific background...+1.
  7. From the Wikipedia geodesic article....... For a space-like geodesic through two events, there are always nearby curves which go through the two events that have either a longer or a shorter proper length than the geodesic, even in Minkowski space. In Minkowski space, the geodesic will be a straight line. Any curve that differs from the geodesic purely spatially (i.e. does not change the time coordinate) in any inertial frame of reference will have a longer proper length than the geodesic, but a curve that differs from the geodesic purely temporally (i.e. does not change the space coordinates) in such a frame of reference will have a shorter proper length..... In my case it's proper length as distance and co-ordinate time(across metric tensor line as per the diagram) as time...for every unit of time there is increase of proper length towards mass.
  8. Thanks for the corrections. let me correct on that by dropping geodesic therefore it becomes..... indicating the path followed by the object as indicated in the diagram..... I mean literally someone to put units of time from point B to A using metric tensor line as time axis then literally measure the arc length,then let the object to freefall from point A to B near source of mass...it's obvious that speed will be increasing towards mass, since per unit time length/distance is increasing...as indicated on the diagram. The arc length in this case is the surface of wave that becomes world line of the object as it free fall towards mass. Remember its simple explanation using the minimum possible detail.
  9. In these case the freefalling object is moving from point A to point B near source of mass...it's not stationary therefore the events are not in same place....the wave surface become the geodesic path/ the world line/arc length that the object is free falling in i.e its the object orbit towards mass. Literally distance becomes the arc length of the wave....and since near mass the frequency of gravitation wave is high the arc length will be longer.for us human this length becomes invisible but we detect it as increase in velocity.
  10. Instead of copy pasting formulations that have already been developed,I would prefer discussing concepts that I regard original from my arguments point of view and just make a reference to any formulations where possible not to cloud this thread..esp with paste that are not clear...for the above post that's clear...Google Wikipedia Schrodinger equations- position space and momentum space. My intention is to develop something that even a layman can interpret easily,for instance,if someone ask me about spacetime curvature and how it's related to gravity..I show that diagram...If he ask how it's related to increase in speed toward massive body I answer Speed=distance/time. Where distance is the arc length on wave indicating geodesic path as indicated in the diagram while time axis is fixed on the metric tensor.
  11. I think applying the merged EFE on gravitation wave as shown in the diagram and using that information to look for solutions following Schrodinger equations. From Wikipedia-schrodinger equations......Writing r {\displaystyle \mathbf {r} } for a three-dimensional position vector and p {\displaystyle \mathbf {p} } for a three-dimensional momentum vector, the position-space Schrödinger equation is i ℏ ∂ ∂ t Ψ ( r , t ) = − ℏ 2 2 m ∇ 2 Ψ ( r , t ) + V ( r ) Ψ ( r , t ) . {\displaystyle i\hbar {\frac {\partial }{\partial t}}\Psi (\mathbf {r} ,t)=-{\frac {\hbar ^{2}}{2m}}\nabla ^{2}\Psi (\mathbf {r} ,t)+V(\mathbf {r} )\Psi (\mathbf {r} ,t).} The momentum-space counterpart involves the Fourier transforms of the wave function and the potential: i ℏ ∂ ∂ t Ψ ~ ( p , t ) = p 2 2 m Ψ ~ ( p , t ) + ( 2 π ℏ ) − 3 / 2 ∫ d 3 p ′ V ~ ( p − p ′ ) Ψ ~ ( p ′ , t ) . {\displaystyle i\hbar {\frac {\partial }{\partial t}}{\tilde {\Psi }}(\mathbf {p} ,t)={\frac {\mathbf {p} ^{2}}{2m}}{\tilde {\Psi }}(\mathbf {p} ,t)+(2\pi \hbar )^{-3/2}\int d^{3}\mathbf {p} '\,{\tilde {V}}(\mathbf {p} -\mathbf {p} '){\tilde {\Psi }}(\mathbf {p} ',t).} The functions Ψ ( r , t ) {\displaystyle \Psi (\mathbf {r} ,t)} and Ψ ~ ( p , t ) {\displaystyle {\tilde {\Psi }}(\mathbf {p} ,t)} are derived from | Ψ ( t ) 〉 {\displaystyle |\Psi (t)\rangle } by Ψ ( r , t ) = 〈 r | Ψ ( t ) 〉 , {\displaystyle \Psi (\mathbf {r} ,t)=\langle \mathbf {r} |\Psi (t)\rangle ,} Ψ ~ ( p , t ) = 〈 p | Ψ ( t ) 〉 , {\displaystyle {\tilde {\Psi }}(\mathbf {p} ,t)=\langle \mathbf {p} |\Psi (t)\rangle ,} where | r 〉 {\displaystyle |\mathbf {r} \rangle } and | p 〉 {\displaystyle |\mathbf {p} \rangle } do not belong to the Hilbert space itself, but have well-defined inner products with all elements of that space...... The best thing is that most of formulations to support this concepts have already been done.
  12. Thanks, Given the way you have answered my questions; 6&7. About FTL particles and Transition from single cell to multicellular organism...I feel that my concepts and yours have clear distinctions. I published my concepts a month earlier than you,after working for the concepts for a while..my devices I think were bugged for sometimes given the type of glitches I encountered while looking for info in the internet. My math background is not as strong as such, I rely on pure reasoning, following just simple scientific principles as my rail guard.I feared someone with strong math can easily decipher what am doing and formulate that without even attributing me anywhere. Your closer to what I have been doing but I feel am in a deeper layer.....the funny thing is your talking of Terminator A.I and monstrous aliens and am dealing with how to hide in spacetime fabric when such thing as you mention will ever appear.
  13. Just for clarification,Can you briefly explain an overview of how this happens?.... especially the transition part.
  14. Just a few questions concerning your model being a theory of Everything;Yes/No 1-Does you model describe what a photons is composed of? 2-Does your model describe precisely how gravity creates light in a manner that a layman can understand? 3-Does your model explained clearly the rotation curve of the Galaxy?? 4-Does you model desscribe the conditions that might be inside a black hole? 5-Does you model explained the conditions after big bang, given recent research that there could have been massive galaxies a few millions years after big bang? 6-Does you model acknowledge FTL particles? 7-Does your model reconcile physics ideas with the laws of evolution(biology) i.e what leads to evolution?
  15. From those diagrams there are already assumptions made-spacetime fabric is made up of virtual particles (spacetime particles) which can either be stable, partially stable or unstable... partially stable or unstable oscillate within their levels of instability i.e a kind of ideal square wave signal. Virtual particles (spacetime particle) have a minute eigen space around them. Stable virtual particles(spacetime particles) are the ones that transist from local point to globally, therefore, essentially mediating gravity making it universal. Virtual particles(spacetime particles) entangle through their eigen space therefore entanglement strength is directly proportional to their concentration that contribute to gravity. Virtual particles(spacetime particles) surface dimension deform accordingly to where it's entangled to i.e at the surface of the particle e.g quark as it is emitted. Stable virtual particles (spacetime particle) form Higgs field when this Higgs field get saturated a graviton is formed that decouples from elementary particle as gravitational wave --This decoupling is the one that am referring to as decay--after decoupling they move to become part of spacetime fabric (basic framework of the universe). As they are moving they mediate gravity and since their concentration is higher near source of mass they are highly entangled at such a point therefore, contributing to a higher pressure (i.e virtual particles-spacetime particles-pressure)...this is the cause of gravity being analogously compared to negative pressure. Therefore, pressure increase from point A to point B near source of mass.However as virtual particles(spacetime particles) are moving away from source of mass,to become part of basic framework of the universe, their entanglement to the mass source keep reducing contributing to the cosmological constant that leads to the expansion of metric tensor..as indicated in the diagram...Therefore,we are having a situation whereby virtual particles(spacetime particles) are mediating gravity through entanglement via their minute eigen space while simultaneously contributing to cosmological constant,hence,universe expansion as they are moving from source mass to the universe. About existence of graviton--it will be very difficult to detect a graviton in particle colliders machine experiments since it decays to become part of spacetime fabric....However it's expected to be found in plenty in regions of extreme pressures as found near or inside a black hole or other massive bodies....or it could be found transciently if it were possible to synthesis microblack holes.
  16. Thanks. I will consider all that....though,my mathematical background is not as such...that's why I prefer to use diagrams for illustration,if animation was available i know this concept could be more clearer.
  17. The new ideas in this is the decay time of a graviton at to less that Planck's time,it forms a standing wave on elementary particles as the Higgs fields becomes saturated,therefore,it is continuously formed as it decays and that as elementary particles aggregate it entangle,have constructive interference to form a higher magnitude standing wave that decays to stronger gravitational waves corresponding to increase in Mass. From the diagram it's clear that the magnitude of gravitation wave and corresponding curvature reduces along the metric tensor away from source of mass,therefore,as we move locally to globally the spacetime curvature and stress-energy tensor will tend to zero. In this case the surface of the wave represent the geodesic path and Hilbert space that a hypothetical object(an object that couple to gravitation field but don't manipulate it) will follow...if time to move from point A to B..( path length is increasing towards B source of mass)..is held constant along the metric tensor, the object's velocity will be increasing(as it free fall) towards the source of mass(gravitational attraction). Therefore this becomes a freefall where time is reducing or held constant while the length is increasing towards source of mass resulting to an increase in velocity towards mass-this is classically interpreted as gravitational force of attraction. If you Fourier transform the wave you will get a spiraling orbit towards the Mass.
  18. It could have been reasonable before you jump into conclusions to follow someone threads which are available in this forum to know the reasoning behind the diagram .... 1960 ideas were a stepping stone to get us to this point...without those ideas you go nowhere....as you were publishing the discussions were all already started taking place in this forum in relation to the diagram that I have posted.if you go deeper to following those ideas you will realise what you are trying to do are just a layer before the cores issues outlined by ideas in this and other prior threads. Anyway we are all looking for knowledge. Hi Am still trying to think about the implications of that.... however given the position of an object( e.g Earth) on orbit around massive body( e.g sun) at a particular time is certain,this might be the reason behind that.
  19. A component from graviton decay (gravitation wave) becomes a template upon which EFE components merges. Explaining effectively spacetime curvature from a local point ( quantum level) to a global level ( universal) Background virtual particles are spacetime particles-opted to use virtual because they are Soo tiny and are released by every particles...they form part of everything.
  20. Rather components of EFE. Einstein tensor,metric tensor and stress-energy tensor.
  21. Introducing graviton, which decay at to less than Planck's time to gravitation waves which becomes template upon which spacetime curvature forms, merging Einstein field equations parameters and interpreting that using Schrodinger equation, can this leads to quantification of gravity? have a look at the following diagrams. The diagrams have been used for illustration purposes to outline the concept-from the diagram graviton wave function illustrated envelopes elementary particles in this case case-down quark. Once Higgs field is saturated a standing wave is formed that forms graviton that immediately decay to gravitation waves. As elementary particles aggregate the standing wave interferes additively increasing. its magnitude corresponding to increase in mass.
  22. Let's not go too far from the topic.... becoming off topic...otherwise we may get ourself in the trash can...😂.
  23. In the spirit of simplifying things...and concerning the topic in this thread my arguments rest on the following conjecture; ∃={} Where ∃ is equals to existence { is equals to consciousness and } is equals to consciousness That's my conjecture... don't throw stones on me. According to my thinking everything comes out of it. I rest my arguments on that. ....and of course {} is empty set.
  24. U His brain could have not developed as ours...however it could have been using mathematical patterns as the gatherer was navigating the environment...math was there as we were evolving to later discover and comprehend it...a zero was a zero... From the article '......Nonetheless, the FLRW model is used as a first approximation for the evolution of the real, lumpy universe because it is simple to calculate, and models which calculate the lumpiness in the universe are added onto the FLRW models as extensions. ....' Its helpful when we are using this theories/models to state their assumptions and approximations and of course their limitations.
  25. Its clear. However,negative pressure analogy doesn't not mean negative energy....if gravitational waves/fields are pure form of energy...then have negative energy you would mean that it's possible to have antigravity machines just as a by the way. I think Dark energy mediated by dark matter particles and dark photons.....''some of 'these models' have started showing they can have predictive powers i.e testable, it just a matter of time before they are proven to be worth being considered'' ....recent research on dark matter www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2023/04/230425111243.htm I think dark energy and dark matter phenomenon are not gravity but aspects that are linked to to normal matter through gravity.
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