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  1. examples that there are stimuli beyond our senses.
  2. correct, creation of tools is not supernatural from this vantage point that we have come at. AI is a culmination of the knowledge acquired by humans to be able to device another "intelligence" which basically is a well written program. Hi I assumed (from google) that creationism denies evolution
  3. Hi, @ IMHO the assumption that "one can pick up everything in the environment" needs to be debated here. We know there are 5 senses. but these senses cannot cross sense. meaning, the tongue cannot hear, the eyes cannot taste and so on. like wise, the Creator, bestows upon His creatures (those who genuinely strive to look for Him) senses that make them aware of Him. thanks to current technology, Examples of those abound around us. A cellphone from late 1990s might still work but will not be capable of streaming youtube or netflix. Even though it lays immersed and bathed in the waves carrying that information. The waves and wavelengths that we have no way of sensing. We as humans, have created cities, gardens, monuments, so on. (Almost) Always with the object of geometric regularity (straight lines, definite shapes). You step out in "nature" and you don't see any of that, in the visible world at least. No two leaves are alike, no two trees, the rocks and mountains-irregular shapes, animals, etc can the feeling of standing at the beach watching and hearing those ocean waves be compared to looking at the New York skyline? can gazing at the stars endless and countless from your patio on a breezy night be compared to say, looking outside of an airport lobby? can looking at the grand canyon be compared to the burj khalifa? the signatures are there. BUT...deep down when you move into the Molecular subatomic level...you start seeing definite shapes....may be not...but thats another discussion OR ... go into mega macroscopic celestial level and you see the giant planets and stars
  4. Hi! imho the fact that humans, after millions of years of evolution, have been capable of "creating" an Artificial Intelligence, in itself is an evidence of everything having a Creator. Too bad google defines as follows: ""cre·a·tion·ism /krēˈāSHəˌnizəm/ noun the belief that the universe and living organisms originate from specific acts of divine creation, as in the biblical account, rather than by natural processes such as evolution."" apparently the definition in itself assumes that there is no evolution.
  5. they are 2 different individuals, separated by nearly 500 years.
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