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  1. In answer to your first question it is my opinion that that philosophy is far superior to science.Mainstream science just thinks it knows best…it doesn’t. Mainstream science is wrong and failing because it adopts a half philosophy that it has no way of definitively proving. Half philosophy science suits secular scientists though because it pampers to their hopeful belief systems.All they have is hope you see like everyone else. If you let unaware secular scientists loose with science it will all go belly up and it has. Secular scientist don’t even understand consciousness and yet a child could understand it. What mainstream scientist don’t get is you have to adopt “player” science to understand consciousness.You can’t understand it with “spectator” science. Its the “easy problem” in “player” science and not the “hard problem”.
  2. You have to start off with philosophy because that is what will dictate your science. You can state that good is bad and bad is good or you can state that good is good and bad is bad. Quite frankly…who cares… Real science and philosophy is only interested in your view on good and bad if you accept all possibilities…PERIOD!!!! Nature adopts this principle in its make up and workings.
  3. I gathered that much…I have tried to express my opinions but if they don’t fit in with FAILING mainstream flagship theories you get blocked by a few dinosaurs who wouldn’t know REAL science and philosophy if they tripped over it.They don’t know where to begin with consciousness and how this interacts with science at all. Listen I really couldn’t care less if you don’t want to hear what I have to say.Go back and play with your failing theories. The universe and everything in it operates due electromechanical processes,PERIOD. If Mainstream science will not accept that magnetic force interactions provide the push/pull forces that hold all matter together.More fool them. I’ll give you a clue …you can start your science off with half logic possibility philosophy but that ain’t how nature operates.It couldn’t care less about such philosophy and will mock you every time. So you keep twiddling with your nonsensical theories if you wish.
  4. Sound philosophy and science allows for individuals to choose their beliefs one way or the other.It’s the individuals choice…nobody else’s. Philosophy and Science is constructed this way. Hope in a belief system philosophy that ultimately leads on to hopeful scientific theory in order to try and confirm an individuals philosophy is all anyone has. What am I or anyone else for that matter learning from mainstream science other than their flagship theories like the single Big Bang theory confirm what isn’t happening in the universe? The magnetism theory is a far better theory than the biased gravity theory.
  5. I don’t just reply.I know about philosophy and I know about science and I know enough to to be aware that mainstream science only focuses on attractive forces with it’s gravity theory. Nature has push/pull forces.Magnetic interactions confirm this. Mainstream science can’t even get the basics right. If you let secularist loose with silence then it will all go belly up…..this is precisely what we are witnessing.
  6. Ha Ha, try getting that to sink into arrogant mainstream scientific thinking, if you can. At the moment everything they ignorantly claim, is truth and can be trusted and therefore backs up their hopeful philosophy and belief systems. So true wisdom is to not believe in these mainstream secular scientific theories invented by fools then…. is that what you are saying?
  7. So the individual who dreamt up the single Big Bang theory is ignorant then.Is that what you are claiming? Why quote Plato? Do you not have mind of your own?
  8. So are you saying the fool is the one who has said and continues to claim that the single Big Bang theory is how it all started and the world any everyone in it should trust in this nonsense? Observations are making a fool of that person who has to say something.
  9. Speculate what you want…It is the speculation forum. I speculate that my philosophy and science are absolutely spot on.
  10. It is my opinion (SPECULATION ) that the electromagnetic fields that permeate the whole of the universe at both the macro and micro levels were around at the same time as the many many big bangs and big crunches that happen in the universe all the time.I speculate that BB and BC’s can’t happen without these electromagnetic fields.Why do scientists guess that these electromagnetic fields came after an assumed single big bang? Mainstream scientific observations are now providing firm evidence that the universe is not expanding uniformly and so the single Big Bang theory is now being put into question.What about the gravity theory then….uummm…it would be good if scientist knew what it was in the first instance. Things spin in electromagnetic fields creating electromagnets which produce push/pull magnetic forces between other electromagnets.The spin speed ; tilt angle and distance between all these electromagnets would determine their interactions.As all things spin at the macro/micro levels then we have a universe full of interacting electro magnets.Electromagnets produce electricity.Electricity produces sinusoidal waveforms which interact with electromagnetic sinusoidal waveforms.Electrical and Electromagnetic waveforms although different cannot exist without each other.It’s the chicken and egg scenario. As all sciences are interconnected then in my opinion there is a direct connection between the functioning of the universe (which utilises electromechanical systems in its operation) and the human brain which utilises exactly the same systems in its operation. I speculate that there is a direct connection between the electrical and electromagnetic sinusoidal waveforms and the 2 consciousness states i.e. manual and autopilot. These two separate and different waveforms each toggle between a + and - forming the sinusoidal wave pattern.I speculate that the electrical and electromagnetic waveforms interact with each other in a specific way either being in synch or out of synch.It being this in synch or out of synch interaction that is experienced by the individual in the form of manual and autopilot consciousness. Incidentally,,and on a separate note, as there are push/pull magnetic forces in nature I speculate that the neutral part of all matter will vibrate between these two push/pull magnetic forces hence matter is held together.
  11. Hey….there is no such thing as black holes……you can’t define a hole by a colour….it’s just a hole with darkness and light within it. If you knew anything about consciousness then you would be AWARE of this.
  12. As the universe isn’t expanding uniformly then this is strong evidence that there was never a single Big Bang and there never will be a single Big Crunch.All matter is exiting and entering many many holes.Scientists know this already.They are just beginning to realise that the present scientific model is load of utter nonsense.
  13. Because the 2 consciousness states are directly related to binary code in experiential form. All sciences are interconnected.
  14. Apologies then and please please don’t take this personally but I’m not remotely interested in any discussions about science or philosophy for that matter that does not involve consciousness.Some of us have moved on from waste of time Spectator science and philosophy discussions that don’t involve consciousness. Spectator science and philosophy that thinks it can leave consciousness out is a waste of time and boring as hell.Yawn…sorry.
  15. Sorry but why do you think that science has nothing to do with consciousness? Science has everything to do with consciousness.Science can learn all it needs to learn from consciousness.The truth is that science doesn’t understand consciousness and freely admits it.I post stuff in order to explain consciousness better and it’s direct relationship to both science and philosophy and the fact that it explains them both perfectly.
  16. Why waste your time with a science that doesn’t involve consciousness and yet if you don’t understand consciousness how can you avoid wasting your time?
  17. My comments/views/opinions are related to philosophy and all the sciences shall we say. If the sciences cannot find a correlation to philosophy and if philosophy cannot find a correlation to science then both are on the wrong pathway because it is my view that both are interconnected and totally embroiled together.They are inseparable. Consciousness is a tricky one because where does it sit? Does it sit in the philosophy or the science camp? Science needs to start taking into account consciousness and the human experience/interaction to it. The human interaction with consciousness should correlate with both philosophy and science.
  18. I believe we need to take up these discussions in speculations.I’m not sure what you mean by ….what does your conscience say? I know from experience that there is a toggling of consciousness states from manual to autopilot.As far as putting this into an equation, I can only speculate that it is related to 2 sine waves within the brain being in either a duality or unity or in synch or out of synch state.I speculate that these sine waves are related to electrical and magnetic sine wave interactions. So not only do both sine waves individually toggle between +/-, each sine wave toggles with the other sine wave as in they are either “in synch” or “out of synch”….i.e.in a duality or unity state. I will start another consciousness post in speculations. My view is science is at a crossroads. We already have spectator science.We now also need to consider player science as well if we are to understand consciousness better.
  19. But it is on topic because in my opinion all sciences are interconnected and philosophy does have a direct connection to scientific theories/equations. From my experience and from a consciousness point of view there is an “in synch” and “out of synch consciousness” state known in psychology as manual and autopilot.These consciousness states definitely “toggle”. It is my opinion that these consciousness states are related to sine waves either being “in synch” or “out of synch”.These sine waves being related to magnetic field and electrical sine wave interaction happenings within the brain. As there is a “toggling” of these consciousness states the individual does know through experience that there is a difference between these consciousness sates.
  20. Can I ask a question ….why does science persist in pursuing a science based upon a guessed half philosophy that it has no way of proving one way or the other? All sciences are interconnected.
  21. Sorry bring what up again?
  22. I will look that up.Thanks.
  23. Hey they are just my opinions.That is why I posted them on the philosophy forum. Science has run out of ideas in my opinion. When presently accepted science can definitively explain to me why the 4 magnetic force interactions of NN….NS….SN…..SS are not the same, then I will take it seriously. It amazes me that something as simple as science not being able to answer this fundamental question puts into question presently accepted scientific theories. So what presently accepted science is claiming then is that push is the same as pull and pull is the same as push.They are identical. Ummm..sorry I don’t agree with that.
  24. In my opinion, the issue you have is that you need to definitively prove that.It is my opinion that the 4 magnetic interactions (2 attractions/2 repulsion’s) would provide a spring like push/pull effect that would be the reason matter is held together.Hey,if you don’t give a flying……about my opinions then you wouldn’t be on here getting so upset about my opinions …..surely?
  25. It is my opinion that the electromagnetic fields that saturate the universe at both the macro and micro levels are created by the spin of stars/planets/subatomic particles in those electromagnetic fields,the spin creating the electrical signals that create the electromagnetic fields thus producing the 4 magnetic force interactions (2 attractions/2 repulsion’s) that are required for push/pull balance.
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