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  1. It is hard to give the number of years but the medical waste include disposable masks and gloves is definitely going to reduce the number.
  2. It good and relevant idea. But only "execution" of such ideas can make a difference.
  3. Yes you are right there should be a reasonable deadlines. Because since the emergence of Covid-19, the usage of disposable gloves and masks has increased. And by the end of the day this medical waste is creating a new kind of pollution.
  4. Yeah true. May this is why this project will end-up in papers only and no execution will take place. Lets hope for the best because it can also be game changer for this nation.
  5. Interest signature. No doubt history is continuously warning us but it is human who don't take warning until they experienced it.
  6. How a scientist can select right analytical reference standards in a QC labs?
  7. Its a great idea to collect all the useful resource at one page. Appreciate it.
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