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  1. I think that if there is no external influence, then Sirius A will slowly become a white dwarf with a mass of about 0.7 Ms, but the flow of gravitational waves and the magnetized stellar wind will carry away the energy and angular momentum of the white dwarf pair, so after an unimaginably long time they will merge. That's when the supernova explosion happens.
  2. The Dyson sphere is impossible for purely physical reasons, but its derivatives such as the Niven ring or the Dyson swarm may be possible at least theoretically, but it is extremely doubtful that humanity will be able to carry out construction of such a scale in the next few hundred years. In addition, there are great doubts about the practical feasibility of such a construction, since the total area of the Niven ring with a thickness of 100 kilometers will be tens of thousands of times larger than the area of the Earth - in the foreseeable and even in the distant future, we simply do not need so much living space.
  3. I know at least three ways. The first is for wakefulness, the second and third for sleep. 1. Simple weights. Yes, it’s not very convenient, but it’s not at all expensive and you don’t need to invent anything new. Just a grug on the arms, legs and torso. 2. Sleep centrifuge. And it can be designed in the image of a capsule hotel, so several people can be in one centrifuge. 3. Mini subway. The principle is similar to a centrifuge, which allows you to allocate a place to sleep for several dozen people at once, but much more expensive.
  4. I believe that the most important thing in space exploration (colonization of other planets or life in orbital stations) will be the security dilemma and the policy of containment. In simple words, with the development of technology, weapons potential will also develop. Moreover, during space exploration, new civilizations may be discovered, with which conflicts may also arise. And I am sure that weapons of mass destruction will be the main weapons of the future.
  5. To search for dark matter, scientists have proposed using a detector consisting of single-stranded DNA. The detector should work as follows. First, a WIMP, a hypothetical dark matter particle, knocks out a metal core from a gold plate, which falls into a "forest" of DNA molecules. On the way from the plate to the opposite polymer substrate, the nucleus manages to break a number of nucleic acid molecules, the fragments of which are separated from the plate and carefully assembled. After amplification during PCR, the sequence of damaged fragments is determined, which makes it possible to establish damage points in molecules and, accordingly, the trajectory of the movement of the gold nucleus. Thus, it will be possible to establish the trajectory of the movement of the nucleus with an accuracy of several nanometers, which means that the energy of the particles can be accurately determined. The existence of dark matter is supposed to be determined by comparing the results of the search for WIMPs during the day and at night - when, due to the rotation of the Earth, the detectors will be located at different angles to the constellation Cygnus. Based on existing theories of dark matter and the direction of movement of our galaxy, it is believed that the Earth passes through dark matter moving from this constellation. Yes, molecular biology is involved in the work on fundamental physics.
  6. "James Webb" will rotate around the Sun in synchronism with the Earth at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers in the opposite direction from the star. That is, any equipment breakdowns can only be eliminated remotely; it will not work to bring the telescope closer to low-Earth orbit. Scientists tried to take into account all the various breakdowns and calculate all the options for events, making the device ultra-reliable. Therefore, the launch was postponed several times.
  7. Did I understand correctly that we are talking about what synergetics, the science of the self-organization of matter, does? Roughly speaking, this self-organization has several levels, which possibly one follows from the other: physical (four forces of interaction - primarily mutual attraction) -> chemical -> biological. In principle, you can continue -> social (unification of people for joint survival and solving various problems). But this is easier - much more difficult with the self-organization of non-intelligent matter. Perhaps someday it will be possible to derive biological self-organization from chemical, and chemical self-organization from physical.
  8. And what a sensation they made! And what they got now? I don’t remember exactly in what year the Curiosity rover found a mysterious fragment with a perfectly smooth surface among the rocks of the Red Planet. Scientists for a long time could not understand what it was and built dozens of different hypotheses. It turned out to be a piece of plastic from the Curiosity rover 😂
  9. I fully agree with joigus. Given the frequency of new discoveries regarding our origins and origins, the concept of "modern man" is simply blurry. Some scientists claim that Homo sapiens originated 300,000 years ago, another team screams about 360,000, a third about 400,000. It is quite possible that a completely new figure will appear next week or next month and irrefutable evidence of its correctness.
  10. Given the speed of the winds and the level of solar activity in this country, the idea is amazing. The only question is: where is a rather poor country going to get $9.4 billion and how is it going to repay such a large loan? It seems that some other large country has conceived the project, and Namibia will be just a construction site.
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