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    "Who think they are not female enough" presumably refers to one group of people's low opinion of another group's femininity, quoted from one of the many North Americans who are not in the habit of reading literate printed material, and choose their words by ear. edit - I was slow with that response. Most of our examples of English usage now come from the internet and the workplace - which for many people are/is the same place. And most of my errors are due to clumsy fingers on the keyboard.
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    Lax pedagogy. Children are not taught the reason for grammatical rules - if they're even taught the rules at all - and students who should already have learned are not held to a standard of adherence. Add to the poor grasp of written English with which children grow up the fact that they're* not required to write anything on their own, without electronic assistance, and that they are bombarded from all sides with other people's faulty grammar. *they [a]re
  3. Children are told that because they need it brought to their attention that nutritious food, and its ready availability, is the privilege not afforded to all the people in the world; that it should be appreciated and valued, not despised and wasted. (I think a lot of adults in well-off countries need to be reminded!) No - it's quite all right to indulge less in the foods that make us fat and ill.
  4. Most times, if it's fragments or a very small object, yes, it will. Several ways: directly through blood, if the wound remains open long enough; over a few days, via pus, if the wound is locally infected (e.g. slivers or glass fragments in fingers), then drained; over a period of weeks or months, through granuloma formation and sometimes migration (a cat I had once ate a little piece of christmas ornament, and we knew nothing about it until spring when a little plug of skin came loose from her neck with the bit of galls tucked up in it. Clean wound underneath healed without incident.) Larger objects, as a bullet or shrapnel may be dormant for years, then dislodge from one part of the body and move through interstitial fluids, but they're much less likely to find an exit. Pencil lead or ink in the dermis usually stays put. (I had a friend with a pencil dot in his forehead since primary school. It did him no harm.)
  5. Be consoled; there are many.
  6. It keeps changing. I have limited access to current programming though my CBC subscription; otherwise, streaming or DVD when the internet's down. ATM, Dr. Blake on Knowledge Network (they've started to rerun it from the beginning) and I've just finished the Madam Secretary DVD's and started again on Numbers. We have bot X Files and Fringe, but I'm just not in the mood for fictional horror when there is so much of the real thing loose out there.
  7. **SIGH!** If only! My taste buds were run over by radiation treatments some years ago. Some regained consciousness but lost their memory; some have changed, many are gone forever. That's why I mourn any food I can still enjoy tasting, but shouldn't eat because they'll hurt me later. I know what you mean, though. "Does this taste slightly off to you?" "It does now!"
  8. It never used to be a problem for me when younger. At brunch buffets I'd feast on practically nothing but the breads and cheeses and my favourite restaurant meal was linguini Alferdo. I did figure out a moderately skinny version that's not bad. Now I have to be careful of the quantity and kind: okay to put three slices of processed on the macaroni, but only two fingers of the real cheddar; 1% milk for cereal is fine. Otherwise, I get terrible heartburn. In my experience the taste is unaffected by what happens in the stomach. More's the pity - I still like the taste! The pain comes an hour or two later. But I don't think it's about fat content, either: I get the same reaction to some vegetables: cabbage is dangerous; onion, pepper and tomato are impossible.
  9. Yes, they are found on every continent. Stands to reason: people have always depended on rivers; settled near them or travelled on them and fished them. Of course, this also means they sometimes drowned in a river, were carried away by the current; boats capsized, settlements were flooded. Mythological creatures most commonly represent the dangers that the children must be warned against - and what better way than stories? And of course, the creature resemble some aquatic animal - though they often incorporate human features as well.
  10. https://vimeo.com/340695809 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9fjhQMsDW4
  11. The only way to get an estimate is to keep monitoring constantly for at least a month. I mean, you really have to keep a sharp eye on that guy; he's a sharp operator!
  12. Intelligence can't be wholly innate, since brain development and network-formation are affected by external factors, such as nutrition and socialization. Intellectual potential may be a given at birth, but there is no guarantee that it will ever be attained. And, of course, the means of measuring it are far from objective, accurate or consistent. The results of any test are also influenced by the emotional and physical state of the test-taker. Practice does matter: it alters the approach of the test-taker to the kind of problems presented on a test.
  13. I can imagine a bright, curious, restless 12-year-old boy sitting in front of that booklet for two hours. "sheetrock, concrete, macaroni, plaster Which is the odd man out? Plaster has no c in it. Another list of numbers, booooring! Maybe if I cross my eyes I can make those two dots look like they're on the other side of the stick. The little boot-shaped thing goes around... Hey, that's make a neat kick-in-the-pants machine..."
  14. Maybe you have a very good mixer.
  15. Maybe not. I found it made a better texture.
  16. It freezes very well, provided you get it in the freezer before second proofing, and when you defrost, give it time to go through the rest of the process. So, that doesn't save you a whole lot of time over making it from scratch, which is cheaper. Water, salt, oil, flour, sugar, yeast. Don't let the salt touch the yeast. Mix really well, beat the hell out of it, let rise, beat it again, let rise some more, bake. You can make a lot better by using two kinds of flour, adding some flax or sunflower seed, eggs and milk, raisins or herbs... etc. There's a ton of free eg https://tastesbetterfromscratch.com/bread-recipe/ recipes available. It ain't rocket science. I've got arthritic hands so I recently bought a bread machine. Haven't bought any in a store since. I figure to recoup the cost in less than a year and eat better.
  17. It really doesn't mean much, especially given the age. How closely do 12-year-olds usually pay attention to tests? In what circumstance was it administered - like, would he even think it was important to do well, or was he thinking about why the light falls at just this angle on the teacher's desk? How many areas were being tested for? What are the biases in that particular test?
  18. No, but you might be able to able find something on obesity-related illness: heart disease, hypertension, diabetes. I doubt you could get a direct correlation; more likely statistics suggestive of a relationship.
  19. Yep. They just keep expanding to accommodate the fat they're required to store.
  20. By whom, ffs? And where did your imaginary friend go?
  21. Or if there were, they were bulldozed to make way for the freckled-brick houses and lawns you're not allowed to fence or grow vegetables in. Real names have history. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/pov-ainsley-hawthorn-from-dildo-to-witless-bay-nl-unusual-place-names-1.5263826 Subdivisions, industrial 'parks' and shopping malls do not.
  22. You Tube: 12 Rules of Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5RCmu-HuTg
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