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  1. I'm not sure exactly what assumptions you making there. Seems worth saying that the dynamics of gravity don't change in this model, though. Speculation amounts to unsubstantiated notions. OP is has more support than current theory does. ***You have reached the maximum number of posts you can make per day!!!!**** I'll check in tomorrow to see how you guys are doing. Yea, sure, I can share more of the model with yaz.
  2. Theories are comprised of roughly 2 elements: observation, and interpretation; the theory that is more comprehensive and aligns with observation better is the more accurate theory.period. I don't see any speculation there. I see a theory. "Mother nature" alone determines its accuracy.
  3. We got black holes from Relativity; it was Carl Schwarzschild’s solutions of Relativity that gave us black holes. Let’s step back from what Relativity says for a moment to recognize what Relativity is. Einstein’s Relativity was born of Galileo’s Relativity (better articulated by Newton… -that there are no privileged inertial frames of reference) mixed with the “constancy of light speed” (-that all observers measure light to move at the same speed irrespective of relative motion); Lorentz transformations already existed at the time, the real innovation of Relativity was taking all obser
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome! I appreciate it. My good sir, I’m well aware “autodidact astrophysicist” does and probably most of the time should read like “seriously batshit crazy”. However, I’m also aware that that theories are comprised of roughly two elements: observations, and interpretation of that data; the theory that is more comprehensive and aligns with observation better is the more accurate theory.period. -My school of thought was built on that. Suffice it to say I have little concern for my ability to engage in proper scientific discourse.
  5. Hi guys! I’m an autodidact astrophysicist. I’m kinda blasphemous, scientifically and otherwise. I don’t support much of prevailing physics, which is what led me to stray from formal education in the first place. I’m here because I like to geek out on science. I like that your categories are so diverse. Looks like a cool place. Glad I crossed path with you.
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