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  1. @robincook Don't waist your time with these people. All that they know is to censor people. I have send you a email to the webside that you mentioned in your post. Seriously!!! stop deleting my posts or legal actions will be taken!!!
  2. Hey I don't care annymore. You confirmed my previously stated premiss, you are not open minded. Delete this thread. Bye
  3. Great you found something cool now i did not see this one before but it look like its osiris and isis and in between a thing (just like the djed) that has arms and a circle above it. Amazing job, i will explain it to you: the circle represent the invisible radon gass just like i have explained in my video description. (I had forgotten to put it in the video) Please explain how you draw that conclusion from my comments I am not going to teach you ancient knowlage here on this platform i don't like how the censorship is managed. If you could message me personally, i could try my best.
  4. Do not get confused with the pre-dynastic culture and the Dynastic culture the one trys to be the other but lost the knowlage. And the mainstream science is going with the last one. If its pre-dynastic or dynastic can not be determent because stone is not carbon dateable. A Djed is a "symbol" of Stability', however, seems to have been its prime meaning and the one which the ancient Egyptians attached the greatest importance to. Rittle: What is stable and really important? hint: its really big and you can see it in egypt. And has a polyhedron shape. You are confirming my hypotheses. (The arms are missing by the way)
  5. Fun fact: the piramids do not have 4 sides but 8 If you did not know this already, think about how smart they were before you got interested in the ancient Egyptians. And dubble that of how smart you thought they were by a factor of 2. SO stop trying to be smart with you little calculations and your fancy degrees because we do not understand shit!!! @ robincook Tip: put your webside url in your profile info.
  6. Yup, Safety first inside the piramids. Bye
  7. Yes but i think it wil be difficult to make the gong/disk out of it. But i have not tryed it yet. Mybe i should, or if annyone of you wants to do it, nobody is holding you back. Who knows mybe it is not enough energy putting it all together. Or there is only 1 way to find out and make the device. Like you sayed slate is everywere.
  8. Yes, then its good then that it is not Radon and the excess radioactive heavy Radon is savely discarted out from the inside of the piramid were the granite box is located. True ventilation in the floor down left in the picture. We can not recreate slate in the laboratory
  9. If you recreate the device with the parts i describe. Do the measurements and proof that no power can be created yes. Unfortunatly and good for you is that it is impossible whit our modern technology to recreate the gong/disk's made out of slate.
  10. Here is a disk/gong (the evidence) you did not knew about before i talked about it, here are 2 hyroglyps i compaired them and came to these conclusions supporting my hypothesis.
  11. @Phi for All So i want to respond to the first part of your moderator note. Because i think its is on-topic am i allowed to stay on-topic or not? You put on-topic stuff in your moderator notes and then you say i can not make these notes part of the discussion. @Ghideon I think i solved some ancient Egyptian homework, now i am putting you on some homework: Disproof my hypotheses.
  12. I gave info about the disk and was whinging about the rules. Oke if my argument's are bad then give better counter arguments to the topic at hand: I have my theory (in the video) about the disk/gong made out of slate. You can give me a better theory into why they made it out of slate and how they used it and i will except your theory, its that simple and use your arguments to support it. I am waiting...
  13. Section 2 rule 7 in the guidelines: Links, pictures and videos in posts should be relevant to the discussion, you can still chose not to click the link and read this tread to participate in this discussion.
  14. Nice this is good, come on keep this spirit up. My Dutch translation that is presented with the object in question is Leisteen (that is slate in English) and this is the only information presented with the object that could have been seen in the video if the link to it was not removed!!! The object in question the; gong/disk can bee found in the National Museum of Antiquities addres: Rapenburg 28, 2311 EW Leiden, Netherlands It is the only one of its kind left. As you mentioned, it is fragile and is prone to flaking. Again where this object is located is in the video!!! Just save us some time and publish the link to the video, there is more info there. Make a special exception for dyslectic people or something. Evermind i found it!!! You can see the video URL via the link presented in my profile information. Bypassing the no posting video rule of this homework tread for students.
  15. Oke lets then keep on a scientificly view on the topic and continue my experiment: Oke lets do an experiment then and change our direction of conversation: If the gong/disk is not for what i think it is could you give me a good scientific reason/theory why they made the gong/disk in this stone other than to think they were savages and used it for a music instrument. And if its good enough i except your theory. Like scientist do.
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