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  1. There are already sustainable offers for shares and ETFs. It was only a matter of time before this offer also came to cryptocurrencies. Thank you. I grabbed an invite and will participate in a validation next week. Roger. Then I will try my best to manage my time so that I can always participate in the validations. Ok, I understand. That is of course important if it is to remain democratic. Without bots everyone has only one vote and can't get any advantages. I will participate in the next validations and take a closer look. The ideas behind the project have the potential to become real gamechangers. Hopefully other cryptocurrencies will take a cue from it. sustainability could be the next big thing. At least something that attracts even more younger people.
  2. I can see the potential. If there are energy-saving alternatives, that will certainly appeal to some people. This topic is probably becoming more and more important and crucial. Up until now, people have tended to run after profits, but now they should also concentrate on good ideas. For my part, I would rather try to participate. How do you get an invite? Can you make this test as many times as you want? What is this test good for?
  3. People who care about climate change are probably not primarily the people who also invest in cryptocurrencies. At least not until now, but their share will probably continue to rise. Just as the number of people in society for whom climate protection is important will increase. So for me it's only a matter of time before you also pay attention to the sustainability of cryptocurrencies. There are already sustainable ETFs or green investments. I also read about Ethereum, it's a pity that there aren't more that are going in the same direction. No, I haven't heard about it. But I'll take a closer look. In any case, I am pleased that there is already the possibility of using more energy-saving alternatives. Does that mean you've been familiar with the project for a few months? What do you have to do for the test?
  4. The high energy consumption of cryptocurrencies is often criticized - has there been any further development in this area? Are there already more energy-efficient cryptocurrencies? The proof of personhood protocol consumes much less energy than proof of work or proof of stake - do some cryptocurrencies already use this protocol or which cryptocurrencies use this protocol? I think if you don't minimize the high energy consumption, it becomes very easy to criticize the technology behind it. If you want cryptocurrencies to succeed, you will also need to pay attention to energy consumption.
  5. It is the rule to send it to several publishers at the same time. You don't have to have a guilty conscience if you send it to several publishers at the same time. It only makes sense to send your work to publishers who also publish the relevant genre. You have to differentiate here. You often have more opportunities with small publishers in your region. Sometimes they want to promote the people from the region and it is easier to “sell” the people from the region (local media, ...). With a certain amount of experience and enough time, you can do it alone. The question is also whether you want it and have the time to do it. So I can understand why there are providers like Novum Publishing and others who do a lot of work for you. Many will lack the time. You usually still have a main job. Agents go in the same direction, I guess. They save you time and work again. Here you have to see whether you can / will do this work yourself or transfer it.
  6. I agree. Just try out whether it works or how everything works. After that, you can always check whether you want to self-publish or whether you are looking for a service provider like novum publishing or something else. You will then have to weigh what you want and what you need. But that's just the next step. Is then also a question of what you trust yourself, whether you can do everything on your own or then need help.
  7. I think that's the plan too. That's why they have now moved to a republican state. It should be easier for her to get a higher position in the state. The question for me is, does Donald step down a bit. If he continues to knock as before, Ivanka's chances will also disappear. If he holds back, Ivanka's Chacen should also rise. I doubt if he sees that. But maybe his daughter can explain it to him.
  8. I would just try a publisher and see what happens. Only then would I take further steps. The first try is like a test. You should get at least some feedback then. Then you can always work on certain passages or parts of the story. Of course I don't know what it looks like now, but you could also work on your work in workshops or let people read your own text over and over again. This is also how you get feedback. On the one hand in terms of the story itself, on the other hand in terms of its own technology.
  9. I would tell the truth I think it's funny how people always want you to be honest with them. But this only applies until you are not disappointed with the truth. I think you have to ask yourself what is actually worse. The lie in itself or having to come to terms with the truth. It would bother me more to waste my time on a lie.
  10. I think there should be an opportunity for people who really want it. What else is the way out? In the end, you find another option. It is better to have a controlled possibility and not endanger other people. I have a relative myself who shot himself. He was terminally ill and did not want to die in the hospital after a long period of suffering. I can understand even if I might still be hoping it could change something for the better. If you have agreed on that, then it should be your own decision. I don't have to come up with any morals or ethics. I think everyone can make this decision themselves and then doesn't need a person to show why it supposedly shouldn't work.
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