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  1. The problem is choice. I should be able to choose who chooses me.
  2. No, I mean I REALLY need to lose my good qualities pronto. Where Jessica Chastain? Why is she not at location yet Once you cross that line, there's no going back It's been too little too late since I was 10 I only got 18 years left
  3. https://www.quantamagazine.org/the-end-of-physics-20201124/ Of course creative ideas are gone because we're more concerned about hand motions than saving lives and we think that there's nanites swimming in our blood and lasers augmenting our dna šŸ§¬ That would never happen even if we could find precise coordinates because we'd be turning each other into lavafrogs after crossing a shady deed
  4. initial state is well known, and there is a limited set of basic elements (qubits) that can be manipulated by a simple set of rulesā€”rotations of the vector that represents the quantum state. But observing the system during those manipulations comes with a severe penalty: If you take a look too soon, the computation will fail. there's analog gravity immonating from my vectors, that doesn't merely rotate but moves my m-branes (pyramids in spheres) in chaotic and unpredictable ways when the algorithms are run. You don't need to guess. https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/co
  5. I been making the tough decisions to long. I know what your thinking, reverse it you selfish dick
  6. You use words like D Trump, Senate, Replic, that have no meaning. What are we talking about here? Some random person who never sees a penny for his thoughts committing small crimes here and there as a result? And what is impeachment to someone who has been impeached since he hit puberty? Maybe that's why he's an asshole
  7. Don't be dramatic. I meant I was quoting Clint Eastwood on page 1 and instead it went to page 2 and since he was the last post naturally I quoted you. Cellphone texting is like my new Chess Your priorities should be on the physics not whether or not I intentionally put a comment in the wrong thread I didn't even say anything like that. What language you speak?
  8. I get along fine with everyone who maintains respect. But then again being born in this shithole doesn't make me a word "American" you are how you conduct yourself and so is your country, you are the decisions you make which are the result of the sum of your experiences and genetic utilities etc But obviously my country is not how I conduct myself
  9. I wasn't even in this topic when I posted that Are you quoting metallica? No I meant asymptotes stick when it comes to 13.8 billions years ago but not when it comes to the borderless .
  10. Infinity is just a word. What matters is how many ways in which you can hit it with potential flaws and which ones stick.
  11. I hear you. Were I not a careful person, I wouldn't apologize. Sorry. Don't mistake caring for fear
  12. In my aforementioned Murphy's law applied to e8 Vacuum Fluctuations thread, the m-brane portion of the model dictates that di-branes overlap it is like combining mathematical infinities, can't be done, so instead we must reduce the space between them in increments equal to their radii (the planck length) per transformation (which represents a planck time). You can measure distance in three dimensions of direction. The time is change in these reductions in space created as the m-branes overlap Sorry just apart of a potential thesis paper. Maybe I'll write it maybe I won't. Depends on wh
  13. Emma Watson is from there I hope she is the exception. We won't see, she's gone rogue. Like me. Total media blackout
  14. You have to destroy all these thoughts at some point. It's just dick measuring. Any way you go, whatever side you choose, white, black, Asian, whatever. Is wrong and your fault for doing and you'll make allies and friends with both the side you pick and the side you didn't for both reasons. It's called drama. šŸ„± I used the title as a joke. See what happens when there's a small descent? Poof! Gone. Luckily a one man descent a waco siege does not make. People laugh at it.
  15. Okay, now believe it or not. These are all considered perversions by some, while the opposite cases are made by others. Some of these are urges but urges with a background, and more commonly it's divide and conquer. Is that a bad thing, to consume to survive? To weed out the weak, on an evolutionary level? At the same time, those who hack it in the military keep their families, that that get divided and conquered get adopted. So there is no government! Just white military and black street. Now I have managed to hold to my own, not get conquered and adopted, not get enlisted and cuc
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