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  1. Ha! You guys seem at peace with the evil demonic power and you are trying to discuss Christianity which is the Resistance, essentially. When you fight spiritually you can see how it works.
  2. Alas, although this spacetime reality is no more than the Mind's game, one can hardly participate in any game without obeying the game rules...
  3. Spacetime is analogous to chessboard. Infinite chessboard does not necessarily require infinite game.
  4. Ah yes those high theorists ambitions are ever so powerful over them - but what really matters is the worldview of the people who use QM to understand practical things like chemical and semiconductor behavior - they need Feynman's clearness of describing things in the Feynman Lectures: "this is just how Nature really is" (=Nature is just giving you the actual events).
  5. Life is Nature's favorite game, physics used to organize it. (awwww sorry seems a wrong thread to post it)
  6. Is any thought experiment with observable interference of Schrodinger's Cat(s) ever possible? (Probably, the answer is No, - and then that's why the Cat paradox just shows that we are agnostic about when the collapse occurs.)
  7. - to 1962! Niels Bohr and Feynman said all the real necessary things about QM.
  8. - But look, it was always like that! Before the QM, the classical motion was according to the least action - and no one tried to find out how exactly Nature was finding that least action way to move things - so it was quite satisfactory.
  9. To me, Feynman's philosophy (in the Lectures) is quite brilliant: Whatever happens, it's Nature that knows it; what a conscious observer can do is merely to participate in the Nature's objective knowledge.
  10. Hello everyone! Is it possible simply to accept the most usual QM boldly and straightforwardly like this, All the Nature's observable physical properties are the outcome of the universe wavefunction collapse; we cannot - even in principle - know (scientifically) how exactly that universal collapse comes - but it seems coming according to the Born Rule so as to maintain the apparent Nature's statistical "naturalness"; - that's why the usual QM is FAPP-applicable, every prepared laboratory wavefunction being a "branch" of that universal collapsing wavefunction. (So every textbook quantum system is a "toy universe", its properties being formed by the abstract collapse.)
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