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  1. In my first post on this site, I was puzzled as to why an apple seeking to accumulate the greatest proper time on its wristwatch, would head ''down'' to where time is slower and hence slowing its accumulating of proper time. In other words, the apple is stopping its ageing by going ''down''. Compounding my puzzlement, is that time dilation in the schwarzschild coordinates is only between stationary observers, that is, a stationary far away observer and a stationary ''shell'' observer near a black hole. So, for the falling apple there is no time dilation to travel down to, so to speak. If there was a slowing of time for the apple it would never reach the event horizon. help someone. I'm muddled in my thinking and know it's down to my incorrect understanding of things.🙂
  2. I hope you chaps don't mind me not saying anything in replies, but I'm reading your replies and learning new things. All best
  3. Hello all. The principle of Maximum ageing says a stone (with wristwatch) in free fall takes the path which accumulates the greatest proper time on the stone's wristwatch. Time runs slower at at sea level than at the summit of Mt Everest. When an apple falls from a tree, its path is down to the ground. Yet, this free fall path would slow the accumulation of the apple's proper time. What am I misunderstanding?
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