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  1. 7:35pm 8/4/2020 if i'm playing a game whos playing me an alien species new thoughts so what is happening is we control the keyboard and mouse and move the character or unit to attack in a game whos playing us? every single planet is being played the world each planet is a server or the universe is one big server thats what im trying to ponder about at the moment because if u ever use obs theres a scene where your computer starts to display infinite images of your desktop so back to the game world version 1.0 we play a character and then some alien species is playing each human then on different planets doesnt matter if its milky way or other galaxies they are servers to they might be mars version 5.2 or 1.0 for example this again is just an example it could be identified even better in other galaxies rather then mars since astronots and satelites are already revolving constantly taking images of the conquered planets and mooons in the milky way in short we play a game whos playing us alien species each world is a server or the whole universe is a server we live in world version 1.0 other worlds (no names) are version 5.2 or could be 1.0 or 10.2 question is who are the people playing these servers controlling the world game version 1.0 and other worlds 5.2 who made the universe? individual servers? or one server called the "universe named after humans" summary each world is a server we are version 1.0 other worlds can be 5.2 or 1.0 or 10.2 servers (worlds)(planets) or is the universe 1 server i hope i can unlock the puzzle
  2. yea for all the 8 questions this requires school definately wich unfortunately i don't have education i'm assuming your trying to get proof behind the ideas and science proof most of the thinking behind the ideas are from shizophrenia like a 6th sense thinking about why we exist honestly if i win the lottery i would get 1 on 1 lessons with professors if i can learn the reason is cuz i have a lot of illness bipolar autism schizophrenia diabetes psoarriasis obesity etc but anyway the only way to get better unlocking the puzzle is if i can win the lottery to get education with out any students so i can focus i'm very shy in school from what i remember and can't concentrate when a teacher speaks thus the lotto would allow me to pay for professors to student 1 on 1 on science lessons so i can get to the scientist level of everyone on this website when i write the predictions or anything about the future i'm just assuming its going to happen that way maybe ittle come true maybe it wont when i think about why we exist i think about history of humans and animals and the periodic table from 5th grade but i gave it my best i really dont think a professor would take the money honestly to teach me or multiple professors to teach me about philosophy and science and space science 1 on 1 if in the future if come up with another piece to connect to the puzzle ill be back i also have cancer from smoking cigarets so i hope i can come back in time and give another connection piece but daily i think why we exist by rapid thinking and unlocking the puzzle i hope i can give another connection piece in the time i have while im alive if i unlock the puzzle it would be nice if i dont make it in time at least we can save this website and see if it comes true
  3. "Why we exist" may be more suitable for a discussion in the philosophy section? yea i agree its more philosophy so once we evolve on the habital and non habital planets we wil evolve like all the animals that grew legs out of the sea to walk on lands birds grew wings to fly away from animals that kept eating them and earliest humans to modern humans it's all about evolve it's not a question that we aren't going to evolve we will definately evovle like characteristics of race with modern humans but im thinking so far ahead that all types of humans aren't even going to be just the ones at earth the elements on the peroidic table is going to create new humans that absorb the new elements and evolve and basically everyone is going to be an alien not really human theres going to be massive amounts of races or lets just say everyone is guna be an alien like if you look at europe they are 100% but when they went to the us now there lifestyles and eating habits evolved them to americans same with china or asian region they migrated to philipines taiwan singapore vietnam japan korea etc and the hardest part i have to unlock is the universe origin because let's say with my idea its not the milkyway galaxy with the elements similair to earths elements since were all in the same galaxy thats playing world version 1.0 its a faraway galaxy that wants us to ally in the future playing the humans but yea what i think is happening is that in the future theres going to be regions in the universe controlled by sorta like governing and if you look at goose this is wild life so no one told them to fight but they fight cuz there not the same families theres going to be laws in the universe regions and massive wars naturally by the example of wild life and humans and i think the endgame is that the final stage will come down to the entire universe conqured by 1 alien species " or human" once the conquest begins in the universe and allies become allies and theres laws within a region of the universe and the elements added to the peroidic table light year movements in and out of galaxies with the new eleemnts outside of the galaxy i dont want to say this but i think after a while the whole universe will be come 1 governed establishment because when some one loses there galaxy or universe region they just surrender then they take over there region of the universe or galaxy i think at this time in the very future the governed establishment that owns the mass universe as a whole will have full control and theres going to be a purge or fights within the whole governed space and the thing is it can also be tricky because once they purge all the aliens within this massive colony of the mass majority of the universe just an example there going to become weak because all of the purges and wars to there own people but there will be another alien region within space that has been spying and even greater advanced technology so its just like always revolving in time the universe is infinite its never going to stop unless i can break the puzzle about this why we exist but as far as i can think for now i think thats whats going to happen in short conquest milkyway add evovling humans to milkyway gravity uv rays sun etc 2nd step to many aliens form an aliance third step mass universe region allied massive universe wars one conquered mass universe reached " to be believed" conlfics purges wars within the massive governed universe control after the wars the spying of an even more advanced alien colony takes over there region that the so hardly work for of technologies and science and medicine rinse and repeat then last step universe is infinite at the last step one but maybe just one colony will be to powerful and end the universe or it can go the other way where history repeats its self i have to think more about it because im not a scientist im just thinking about the question i just need to unlock the puzzle
  4. i don't really know what to say or do i apologize for anything i did i wish i could have a one on one lesson from multiple professors on each category of science . after the teaching about the sciences from all aspects i can really get an idea behind science after learning from the professors i would credit each refrence from professors satelites books actually i might be able to learn through courses online but im not sure if they cost money everything i write down isn't researched its a memory from middle school peroidic table i think it was either 5th or 6th grade if i had to start all over again i would go to college and learn about science i love science my brother is an electrical engineer but doesn't have the funds to get 100k for the doctor degree from the masters he has and as for me i look up to him but he doesn't have the capability to think outside the box so if i ever had to start over again i would become a scientist with my disability somethings in science require math so i try to think more about speculation channels and philosophy but just from learning from middle school and walking or driving around the city and looking at the sky i start to wonder why we exist i think there are a lot of puzzles and if i can just unlock the puzzle on why we exist it would be nice thats the best i can do
  5. yes im ashamed that i never passed freshmen year in highschool etc i wish i can go to school but im 32 now all the info about science and theories are not real i have schitzophrenia and 14 hours a day out of 24 everyday its repetitive thinking on the question why we exist and im not ashamed of it what i do is have rapid thoughts about why we exist my father that takes care of me has lots of lots of years trying to take care of me and hates that i explain to him everyday that i have another connection piece leading to why we exist and regular people that go to work and school worry about getting by another day but i stay up like 14 hours thinking how to solve the puzzle on why we exist i wish i can go to a college but ive tried many times i think 2 or 3 times but since i am shy and college style rooms are huge compared to what i remember from middle and elementary school i get shy so i did my best to think of why we exist i mean if my brother gave me money to go to college i would definately go and learn more about sciencen the things i like to learn is according to google down below if i went to school to learn this then i can create better ideas and also create facts using ideas already proven by the science community but most people in community colleges are now like 17 or 18 my time has passed 32 would be embarasing to go back and try also i moved out of california to taiwan because of cheaper living cost and i can only understand english professors but u know in a perfect world if a professor taught me the 5 sciences i could use what they have already proven and then make my own data collection and present the new ideas giving everyone credit books etc professors collecting all the ideas math philosophy science space etc. Physics. Chemistry. Earth science. Space Science or Astronomy. Biology
  6. i never graduated high school but to complete the questions 1 by 1 (emphasis mine) Your belief seems to be wrong according to physics. Periodic table is universal, elements of periodic table are not earth specific.? answer : yes there no specific but as we conquer out of the milkyway galaxy or even conquest on to habital or none habital planets we can get there resources so i'm thinking you think that we have already hit the milky way galaxy in conquering pluto the furthest planet in milkyway galaxy so lets just say if we have all the info on each planet or moons the thing is that from researching infared google galaxies via sky google there is most definately more elements in out of the milkyway galaxy thats why i always say the other galaxies are playing world version 1 point 0 and if im playing a game whos playing me its the aliens from other galaxies when you go to sleep thats the sleep for a pc or shutdown etc the perioidic table trust me its accurate we know whats under neath the gravel and core of earth so we have the elements on the peroidic table for sure now i suppose its not near galaxies that are playing in the virtual realm of earth putting us to sleep" human by human or shut down" but its a galaxy very far away that wants us to ally playing the world version 1.0 Mars soil samples are not full of these new elements that you claim exists? its not really about mars its about stoping conflicts between nations and warfare and biological warfare " stopping the world population" what we need to do is take our money out of wars and put it into space so we can have more peace no purges no conflicts and for the main question everythign in the milky way galaxy is the same in elements its just that i wanted to tell everyone to take the mount out of wars and purges biological or modern warfare to put into space because then we can create nations but on worlds so that people are accustom to their cultures but to get back on track with the milkyway samples its not really milkyway galaxy that im thinking to get the new elements into the advance of human science and technology its more of the other galaxies wich are unknown and those galaxies have a good amount of new elements. -Astronomical spectroscopy finds elements from periodic table in distant objects? yes exaclty -What is your alternate model for particle physics, a model that allow for additional elements to exists? really its that the galaxy thats playing humans version 1.0 world version i think its not really in our control to any nation or union it really comes down to the galaxy thats playing the virutal world 1.0 they already kinda know eveyrthing about us and how we want to progress moon mars etc further on and the unhabitable becomign habital planets or moons surrounding the sun and the world i think they just want to ally with us the aliens playing humans in the virtual world
  7. so basically i wrote this on june 5th 1:22pm but id like to add a little more to it kinda if you can just look at the bold italic underline philosophy We know elements such as h20 water and oxygen hydrogen and other elements on the periodic table but thats what we know as far as earth and ever since history we started to mix the elements to create fluids for cars like radiators mixed elements for medicines so everything on earth on the periodic table is already known so if we conquest to mars and the moon we get the new elements witch will then advance are technology very quickly a lot of wars biological warfares going on things like that conflicts because of the overgrown population and the purges of each economy recession or a war so with instead of the earth we should focus on solar electric vehichles motorcycles space advancement to get new elements this is the biggest one once we get the new elements the technological advances will go very quick along with AI but the thing is as soon as earth has more greener oxygen levels it will be habital again so if we can just put all of our nations money out of wars and into space programs and science to mix the new elements so we can get further into the milky way and conquest larger so purges and wars dont happen if you look at a farm with goose they are all gooose but they are wild life no one told them to fight there fighting because of different parents and families this is in wild life and in humans so to space peace we need to get more planets so things like this wont happen now about AI stuff if you program a robot constantly with a whole team thats why non human drivable ai cars are coming in the early 2020s but id like to talk about a virtual world if i play a game on a computer whos playing me everyone thinks about the reason why we exist my theory is that the world is virtual game called world version 1.0 now like the analogy im playing a pc game whos playing me we dont know and i havent figured it out i collect data and put it all together but im a philosopher so if u really wana find out why we exist then lets do it becauuse all we need again the elements we already know on earth we need the better elelements from space so any one in this earth can be programed later you guys will find out it was really a virtual world because are bodies like a pc have internal system one parts go bad u replace them just like in humans to much population conflicts of families " countries" not enough space need technology for the elements on the periodic table to make pure electric light years movements in space so we can conquest the milky way galaxy and get it going out of the current galaxy so light year speed movements and the only way is the elements once we reach technology advances we can create more families or aliens because we are going to be exposed to new elements on the periodic table ok the new thoughts about the bolded underline italic statements so to the bold under line italic sstatements on philosophy i have come to conclusion that the world version 1.0 is a server and aliens in other galaxies credit to google sky infared images is that the aliens enter your body and play the "human" and when they get tired of playing the human they shut down there pc or the "human" " shut off or put the human to sleep" pc sleep or shut down " the world version 1.0 is just a server and each human is being played by aliens far away in different galaxies seen by infared google sky images. but basically what it comes down to is that we need to get the new elements added to the perioidic table so we can move in light year movements instead of rocket pupulsion or oribatal gravity gliding.
  8. hi my name is erwin liao so i have a strong belief if people are playing games on a pc they are controlling the movements through a mouse and keyboard imputing playing a simulation ran by your computer a game witch developers created the software but my belief is that a person plays a game then some one is playing us and if some one is playing us whos playing them the world is a simulation a " game" ran on a pc or a server we currently dont know the names whos playing us the simulation of earth and the abundance of humans playing games basically in short every countries goal is to advance life and i haven't quite figured out if a some one can play a game and people beyond what we know play real humans whos playing the people playing us it goes up and up the food chain but everyday i make an improvement as to why we exist and such well my new aspect on the future horizon is that we are moving in the right direction with the invention of vr right now it's kinda klunky with cables recharging etc to vr headsets but i would like to suggest that in the future the size of a vr headset will be a contact lens the endgame of vr is that people can grab u and put a contact lens on your eyes so u will see a simulation people will make simulations of there own on the futures powerful pcs so u will never wake up from this simulation because it will genuiley feel like real life now thats the endgame but i also wanted to talk about the steps leading to the endgame vr (virtual reality) and that is the 1st stages of contact lens vr the simulation will only be not matured in it's ways such as when you see a michelin star restaurant where they take food and press on a food dot maker to create the aesthetic look of the food well there going to create a dot of a hearing aid placed in your inner ear to go along your contact lens vr set in that time the future computer won't need a cord connected to an outlet i believe future contact lens vr will have a cpu gpu and a battery all in a small contact lens the battery will be so far in the future such as nuclear submarines and battleships that can run for hundreds of years before retirement in the first technologies of nano computing things like lithium batteries will be outdated such as our cell phones and cars like a taycan
  9. Hi i made a post here a few years ago my name is Erwin liao for some reason i couldnt login to my old account forgot the password or username anyways if u want to look at my other post just look up erwin liao anyways heres an update 2019 Future Projections Forcast Update When we think about robots we think about Robocop or Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Terminator in the movie. But how far are we from using robotics to aid amputated legs or arms? Let me bring you to the molecular level of biological robots. When we take medicine it's to help us get better or treat a bad symptom. We take medicine in hopes to cure an illness or treat recurring symptoms. When we take the medicine the medicine works at a molecular level such as the blood muscles or nerves. When we think about robotics for amputated legs or arms to be synthetic where your brain can send signals to the robotic aid. we have to work on a molecule scale. We have to think about how our brains send signals to are robotic arms or legs. Think about a car or computer a car stock for example a Honda civic is 200 to 300 horsepower with a stage level 1 tune it can jump to 500 horsepower by tweaking the computer onboard that car through an ECU tune we can boost a graphics card on the computer with a tune and the CPU with a tune. In the future, we will be able to run faster with human tuning or think faster but there is already something similar to those faster humans and faster brains of humans it is illegal steroids and coffee that makes faster humans and humans think faster. We don't currently see these substances as tunes for humans but in the future, we will be able to use robotics and then we won't be natural anymore half robot half human. So think about every time you take medicine your tuning your body. and you are a machine. When we play games we are playing a simulation of a game we are controlling the characters or cars of the video game with a controller or mouse. but did you ever think whos playing us? We are a video game there is no heaven or hell. every human is being controlled by the person playing him or her in the simulation called earth by an advanced alien colony. are graphics computing power is just not updated for you to see what I'm trying to explain but when we look at 720p or 1080p and so on like 4k and 8k resolutions when will the clarity stop sooner or later a government can hack your eyes to make you see a simulation of its own and u wouldn't tell the difference between real life and a simulation played on your eyes
  10. the first question is a great question it is to my belief that all living things require water my first prediction on this topic would be that they would send 50% of earths water to the moon since it was first out of space landing the reason i think they would send 50% of earths water is because in that time the population would grow when were ready to migrate to the moon new roads will be built with 50% of earths deduction i think the world is 90% water the rest is land creating new land and high ways with reduced water if we have on earth 90% water the earth would still survive we can get new resources from uncovering the new land metals and minerals . I believe on the periodic table that we have the known elements we mix things such as elements from the periodic table to create new medicine and industrial things and technology but i feel as soon as we conquer mars and the moon that we will have added to the periodic table and the advancment into the moons and mars aside from earth will give us new advancement in technology and further on science to see if we can touch habital planets and moons to see if they have water the 2nd question at this time we have not evolved in enough to sustain radiation from the habital moons of the stars or suns as we get closer to living in advancemnt in technology and sicences we will arleady be living on mars earth and moons as we get closer to stars and sun we will have been evolved such as insects and animals that had to evolved to survive third question it is known that nuclear chemicals and grow and change animals like japans cat fish that are sized up to shark or whale sizes as we inherit more elements and add elements to the periodic table we will soon survive apart from mars and the moons aside from earth
  11. Organic food organic food is food from farms with out chemicals the reason people pull on to industry food is because the growing population to meet the demands of the growing population kaoshung is a southern city once taipei has reached the population my predictions are that as we develop new houses and commercial buildings the new buildings in kaoshung will be newer then taipei i reach to tsa ing wen to stop developement but i understand this can not happen from foreign leaders to develop the most southern cities of taiwan will be trumped by development when it comes down to it the greatest strength of the sun for organic foods. Cyborgs as we develope sciences medicine and technology when you buy medicine it becomes old and a new medicine has come into effect , same as electronics as we develop new technologies and medicines we will become not natural prototype limbs and medicine to counter ilness and disease we use to think and introduce movies that aliens were going to attack us but we will be the aliens invading planets . As cyborgs and biological advances with humans we will conquer the moon and mars . Developing and converting oxygen to water and creating ozone layers. the moon and mars are the closest to earth and the great thing is that they have mineral rocks not like other planets where lays gasses. Cars every car in production with every year and model and simply revisions of the same car model is being stocked in a vault . we are pursuing to solar cars .my prediction is that gold now being a precias metal the oils from dinosors will hold to the greatest value as in 50 thousand years oil will be in a collective at over a trillion dollars. People would want to try to gold old fashion with gasoline and diesel cars when we see a 2016 vehichle today we think its brand new but when you look at a vintage mercedes it is vintage the cars of 2016 will be vintage in 500 years and the new generation in 2000 years wil think the 2016 car will be vintage and further on the oil and gas will be in a collective store just like gold in a museum the trillionaires will have accesss to this precious comodity and the solar cars will want a taste but only the trillionaires get to drive vintage 2016 cars Cruid oil As we see that cruid oil has flooded dubai with wealth it will become a ghost land soon near in the future submarines of taiwan and china are protecting waters for there oil in the ground and so the us to. once dubai has depleted there oil resources taiwan china and us will be flourished with advancements of the country. loser to winner as we see that the cruid oil has flourished dubai after its depletions of oil other countries with reserves will flourish as we see that taipei has flourished it will have old buildings and the middle of taiwan will be next to flourish everything brand new and all the way to the south in kaoshung new commerical buildings and housing. Mobile data as we see that the use of wifi tmobile and other brands like verizon took over the telecoms i predict that the sun will be blocked as we deplete the oils cars will advance to solar cars the sun willl be blocked by telephone companies but they wont be telphone companies they will be sun blcokeers since solar energy is free electronic vehichles have been invented but we will move to solar and people will run a race to block the sun to make consumers purchase sun just like the rise of the wireless celphone to take control Myths Technology and science can take samples of rocks and bones to create data that dates the existence the reason why myths cant be explained is because an example of a dragon justa myth i assume the dragons are chemical based the reason science till this day and technology canot confirm existence of dragons . flying dragons of chemicals . before the dinosours who left there bones
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