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  1. Can a list of all the essentials needed, including necessary conditions for creating every thing lead to the discovery of creation in numerical order and time, and predictions of future creations. This is equivalent to producing the periodic table which has led to many discoveries.
  2. Excellent and convincing description. Thank you.
  3. Any where in space can be defined by XYZ. Any object moving in space can be seen travelling from x1y1z1 to x2y2z2. Thus moving from one space time location to another and its speed can be calculated as distance travelled in space divided by the time taken to cover this distance. So, why any space location cannot be taken as a reference location?.
  4. May be, I caused some confusion. What I meant is, light speed is constant every where in space relative to all the space time locations. An observer travelling at any speed is only going from one location (space time) to another and therefore the speed of light relative to him is the same as that relative to his space location ( C ). I needed to know whether the above explanation is right
  5. Is light speed independent of observer?. Space is full of photons moving in all directions at C speed relative to space time in all space time locations, so, moving observer is only changing space time location.
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