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  1. Scotty2002

    New Study Confirms No Connection Between MMR and Autism

    From my understanding the process gose this 1. observation, 2. Ask questions, 3. Make hypothesis, 4. Analyze the data and draw conclusions, 5. Reproduce the experiment. 6. No reproducibility – no science. I only go by facts that can be reproduced and get same results of what is expected.
  2. Scotty2002

    New Study Confirms No Connection Between MMR and Autism

    Why is it that people who draw connection to something and then they get label as conspiracy and when information come out to be true and yet they are still called conspiracy and yet science say we came from rock. Drawing connection is great and logic thing to do but proof is so much better.
  3. Scotty2002

    e-book recommendations for computer sciences.

    I say make YouTube and Google your best friend; because amost all programmers use them. Computer science is going be hard until you catch on well at least it going feel that way. I say find out what language you will be learning if it's python, java or c++, and so on. I say keep c++ and java last since they are very hard language to learn right off bat. Python, visual basic, c#, JavaScript, and php are easy but it's between to python for starting out. Note python is bipolar. With python when you get error it could be you either got it wrong or your placement is off like so : for I in range(0, 100): print I now there is two errors in this depends on which version you are using. Python 2.7 you will only get placement error but on python3 you will get two errors here right way to do it n it will work on both Carson of python : for I in range(0, 100): print (I) #Now for I in range it will loop through each number that you set it to except one number off meaning it will print 0 to 99. visual basic is best for starting out I think it don't care about placement as long it's right. I hope this help ya.
  4. Scotty2002

    Learning outside of college

    What kind of platform you plan on running if you do? Something like torrent or like a library online type of thing? Or site that is library with a lot of links of free course along with books online?
  5. Scotty2002

    Can i make explosives with my own pee?

    I don't I just hate people who suppress or misleading people. Hell you can find out all ways online on how to hurt someone but you cannot find out how to make penicillin to help people step by step.
  6. Scotty2002

    Can i make explosives with my own pee?

    What's wrong with the world today it is fill with people like gbg. People who help people or share ideas and improve them will advance much faster rate, but clowns like him what slow things down. They used gunpowder to make fireworks n by doing so with pee well here how on gunpower part : you need charcoal from log and you need saltpeter which you can learn to make it : this will make it smokeless, so becareful and responsible with it.