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  1. In this physics thought experiment, a Boltzmann brain is a fully formed brain, complete with memories of a full human life in our universe, that arises due to extremely rare random fluctuations out of a state of thermodynamic equilibrium. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boltzmann_brain This page doesn't have any equations on it, but I have heard it is a mathematical process which can be done by some professionals. It is similar to the process they use to determine what the CMB represents, since it is like a heat map of the universe. The OP stated that cigarette smoke is unpredictable and outside the bounds of science, but scientist have already discovered things like a human consciousness is more likely to exist compared to the current Big Bang model, bringing into question the possibility of a preexisting godlike entity existing before the universe was even created.
  2. Both countries have to declare war. If they already declared war, then we technically still are not at war unless we also declare war. They could choose not to go to war and say it was a police action, since it was only decided by the president. They can get away without having to go to war even though they probably really do, since the only way troops could really be engaged with each other is if we attacked them. They would have to at least have an agreement with Iraq to even move troops to our closest troops in Afghanistan. If they tried that, they could meet opposition with Iraq, so they could bring us into war by attacking Iraq. Even then we could still say screw-em and let them attack Iraq and still not go to war. It would be dumb to allow them to position themselves there if they did try something like that.
  3. It is more likely that is what his aid told him to do to keep from getting impeached. He may be trying to call their bluff of having an active nuclear program. If they nuked someone, they could declare a state of national emergency, so then he could overturn his impeachment. I would guess that it would more likely end up being a police action, since they do not have the mobilization to attack us without a naval fleet. Their only likely means to attack would be an ICBM, or they could attack troops in the middle east. If they pulled out the troops in the middle east, then they would not be able to attack us. If they cannot attack us back, then it technically isn't a war or anything that would ensue a state of national emergency.
  4. The reason is because it is based on the Yang-Mills gauge theory. It is the only theory in quantum mechanics which was able to accurately describe electrodynamics by assuming that a field applies a force by exchanging a virtual photon. It has a strong basis in the formulation to be capable of describing the affects of SR in all directions at once, instead of just one single instance of a photon moving from the front of a train from the middle, for instance. It also describes the photons going to the back of the train and to the roof and floor, etc., all at the same time. The paths of photon predictions are probabilistic in nature.
  5. What equation is it that is supposed to be able to accomplish that?
  6. The Boltzmann Equation is based on the probability theory. Supposedly, it is able to calculate how often the smoke from your cigarette could randomly form into an alien consciousness to form a Boltzmann Brain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boltzmann_equation
  7. I had been thinking that maybe it could be due to the Holographic Universe. From the frame of reference of a black hole at the center of the galaxy, everything in all of time would be frozen information on the surface of that black hole. If the world-line of that galaxy was disrupted somehow in a timelike direction, then it could create a mirror galaxy which has a new set of information describing that event at the surface of the black hole in that newly formed galaxy. Then the act of observation of the black hole in the center of the galaxy itself, sort of locks in a fate for any particular galaxy. A new fate would require another galaxy. Then it would be like a galaxies could branch off of other galaxies, and they would be connected to each other at the center of the black hole through a wormhole, similar to how wormholes were originally derived to be able to exist like as an Einstein-Rosen bridge. Then dark matter could just be the result of gravity leaking in a higher dimension between these two galaxies, because they would practically be sitting right next to each other in a higher dimension. It would result in a gravitational disruption between both galaxies, pulling everything in them in a tighter orbit in the center. Since it was kicked off the other galaxy in a higher dimension, it could then translate to the galaxies expanding away from each other in normal space, hence dark energy. Theoretically, one could construct a major event like building the Pyramids based on the alignment of other galaxies, changing the fate of the inhabitants of the world. Then new galaxies could arise based on how peoples new fates formed, and astrological predictions could be made based on those actions. Then people could have horoscopes based on the alignment of those galaxies with accurate predictions when compared to the fates of older generations in how they changed from this type of event, like building the Pyramids, took place.
  8. I always get a kick out of how Mercury was the only celestial body that GR predicted more accurately than Newton's Theory of Gravitation in all of the Heavens.
  9. I would disagree. The simplest equation on the coordinate plane is y=kx. Then k represents your constant of proportionality. Then every line that crosses the orgin can have the same rate of change or slope by taking any Y on that line and dividing by the corresponding X of that point on the line. They will all produce the same value for k except the point (0,0). Then the constant of proportionality can actually be anything at the point (0,0). At every other point on the coordinate plane the constant of proportionality can only have one single value for every line that crosses through the origin. It would lead me to the conclusion that 0/0 can actually be any/every value or rate, because every line with a constant of proportionality that is different crosses through that point.
  10. It sounds more like they are trying to discover the arrow of time. Photon polarizations? Really? I thought they had no charge. I wouldn't be surprised if they inadvertently rediscovered that lasers generate electrons. I know that is a discovery they have always denied to have ever occurred from what I have read about their work before.
  11. Whatever, sure thing boss. I will just have to ignore you now.
  12. Ya, he founded quantum mechanics, so anything that deals with his work has to be quantized. He defined things in the smallest units or quanta.
  13. I have read from different authors in theoretical physics that what Max Planck did is the definition of quantization. Then other methods were developed to quantize things to make them be able to fit in with his work mathematically. That may have been their opinion, but I bought it. I don't know why you would think quantization would be something different, other than you think everything I post should be something different.
  14. No, there were 6 people in the car instead of only 4. It just doesn't need to be quantised by other special methods, which I don't much about. Then it doesn't have to be quantized by any special means, because it is already quantized. I have been a big fan of Newton, and no one really understands how he derived his version of gravity. I am not sure he even did, but it should be valid for a proton and neutron sitting in an atom if that description on the wiki is correct. The relativistic properties of particles are mostly hidden behind the uncertainty principal of quantum mechanics, so I don't know exactly how you could apply a theory of gravity to particles traveling close to or at the speed of light. Look at what they did to find the gravitational coupling constant. instead of a radius or distance they just divided by the Planck constant and the speed of light. Then it just has the gravitational constant in front of the mass of the electrons squared, or multiplied by itself. Isn't the Planck Constant times the speed of light equal the amount of distance traveled? Would they need to square that instead? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_coupling_constant
  15. Well, a lot of particles would be traveling close to the speed of light, so you would have to use a relativistic theory of gravity.
  16. If was just equal to one when it is quantized, then it would seem like you could take any particle in quantum mechanics and just multiply it by the mass of another particle, and divide it by the radius squared to end up in the proper units to figure out how much force of gravity they would exert. Since the gravitational constant of the universe is equal to one, when it is quantized, you wouldn't even need to multiply it by a number. The G_p would just put it into the proper units. There you go, quantum gravity made easy.
  17. Are you sure you are not just mis-remembering this? It is on the wiki! It means to describe something in the smallest possible units. https://www.google.com/search?q=quantized&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS778US778&oq=quantized&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.2367j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 1. PHYSICS apply quantum theory to, especially form into quanta, in particular restrict the number of possible values of (a quantity) or states of (a system) so that certain variables can assume only certain discrete magnitudes. I would say that the gravitational constant of the universe being put into Planck Units would surely qualify for that one.
  18. I wasn't aware that he quantized the gravitational constant of the universe, so that is why I asked. It seemed like that could have been referring to just h bar itself. I know he had worked with other physicist to try to quantize everything to create the foundation of particle physics.
  19. Do you know if it was Max Planck that created this expression, or was it done by someone else?
  20. I was assuming that it was already quantized, because it was being described in Planck Units. Then if everything else was quantized; you would use the quantized gravitational constant. Correct?
  21. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galileo_Galilei He was sentenced to formal imprisonment at the pleasure of the Inquisition.[90] On the following day, this was commuted to house arrest, which he remained under for the rest of his life.[91] Why is that exactly? So is the quantized gravitational constant not ever used in quantum mechanics? If it is, how or where?
  22. So then you can't make a quantum theory of gravity by just multiplying it by a G_p (gravitational constant in Planck Units)?
  23. I was wondering if that is the reason why it could be so difficult to show the affects of quantum gravity, because anything multiplied by 1 is itself and everything in quantum mechanics is quantized. How would you even know if a G should show up or not in any of the equations?
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