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  1. You will have to tell me how I can get into searching for the research paper, because I lost my link to it. Didn't Cornell University have a site that could do that?
  2. That is the entire basis of the theory. The Constitution doesn't allow us to get steam rolled by a Russian invasion, because they do not agree with the presidents actions. It allows the president to take whatever actions necessary to protect the people of the country in those types of situations, even if it means he has to go against the will of the congress.
  3. You two just fail to recognize the concept of the executive branch or military taking over the government by force. If you take control of something by force, you don't have to adhere to what the people say that you have forcefully taken control of. The constitution just allows that process to begin in extreme circumstances. Then it could be started by the president in-sighting extreme circumstances, which he has the power to do. It doesn't matter what the constitution says after that point. For instance, we turned Iraq into a democratic form of government. It was taken over, so the democratic law they had no longer applies. There was nothing in the laws of their democracy that apply now... They are no longer a democracy. They are not going to look into their democratic constitution to see what they should do now.
  4. The part I have trouble accepting in QED is how it assumes that fields interact with the exchange of a virtual photon. Most of how this translates to other fields, like electronics, seems to be wrong in describing their operations. Since it has been a fine working theory in quantum mechanics, they assume that it makes that assumption correct. It ended up putting an end to work being done on if there was another type of fundamental particle in the hidden variables of quantum theory. There is a very small remote possibility that it is actually due to something else taking place, or there is a fundamental particle that makes up all other particles in a TOE. That is why I have been raising questions about it. It could be possible that describing it that way just so happens to be accurate for what they are measuring. There is no reasoning as to why particles interacting that way could induce a field to create a force of nature.
  5. It considers all possible positions and momenta in a phase space, which is where all possible states are represented. Then it gives a probability density function, where it gives the likely hood that it could represent a sample. I really see no difference in saying that this theory actually makes no predictions and quantum mechanics makes no real predictions. In quantum mechanics, you cannot know the exact speed and position of a particle, ever. Then it uses probability to determine the most likely state the particle will be in. Why argue that the Boltzmann equation makes no real predictions when you could say the same thing about quantum mechanics? Then quantum mechanics is the most well proven theory in all of science... the "diff" term represents the diffusion of particles, and "coll" is the collision term – accounting for the forces acting between particles in collisions
  6. I just posted the article to how it could not be suspended. Read my previous post again. According to article 1, section 9, someone could fire a nuke and start a nuclear holocaust, and it could prevent them from being impeached. Then we would be under military law in a military dictatorship. There would be nothing they could legally do about it. You need read about the part of what Habeas Corpus actually means.
  7. [1] Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it." If there is an invasion or rebellion, then it cannot be stopped by the court, if you read on in that web site. Then the only court you would have to attend to from any of your actions would be that of a military court. You would basically have to be arrested by the military in that kind of situation to face a trial.
  8. What is so difficult about this that you are not understanding? If the military takes over, we would be ran on military law, period. The military would then be in charge. The president is the head of the military. It is a popular hypothetical scenario. I didn't come up with it. Say there was a zombie apocalypse, and we declared martial law due to a state of national emergency. Then you chop someones arm off because they got bit on the hand by a zombie. You wouldn't have to go to court and face trial for doing that, because the court system would no longer be a functioning part of the government. It means it is just every man, women, and child for themselves at that point. It would mean that everything is in complete chaos, and the cops and judges would no longer care about arresting you to take you to trial.
  9. If they are in a state of martial law, the other parts of the government are shut down, and people are only tried by a military court. It is more of a cause and effect type of thing. The law isn't going to state what happens after the law no longer applies anymore, because no one would be following it anyways. At this point, it doesn't matter what the law or constitution says, because it is a method of getting rid of it. It would just no longer apply, but it could be in accordance with international law.
  10. It has more to do with thermodynamics or temperature, but temperature can cause turbulence. The Boltzmann equation can be used to determine how physical quantities change, such as heat energy and momentum,
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boltzmann_equation The equation arises not by analyzing the individual positions and momenta of each particle in the fluid but rather by considering a probability distribution for the position and momentum of a typical particle—that is, the probability that the particle occupies a given very small region of space
  12. I believe it considers an average state to begin with, and it determines where it will be with a high probability according to that. The Boltzmann equation can be used to determine how physical quantities change, such as heat energy and momentum, when a fluid is in transport. One may also derive other properties characteristic to fluids such as viscosity, thermal conductivity, and electrical conductivity (by treating the charge carriers in a material as a gas).[2] See also convection–diffusion equation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boltzmann_equation The equation arises not by analyzing the individual positions and momenta of each particle in the fluid but rather by considering a probability distribution for the position and momentum of a typical particle—that is, the probability that the particle occupies a given very small region of space (mathematically the volume element {\displaystyle \mathrm {d} ^{3}{\bf {r}}}) centered at the position {\displaystyle {\bf {r}}}, and has momentum nearly equal to a given momentum vector {\displaystyle {\bf {p}}} (thus occupying a very small region of momentum space {\displaystyle \mathrm {d} ^{3}{\bf {p}}}), at an instant of time.
  13. He wrote about it in the book, The Particle at the End of the Universe. You would have to use an index if you wish to look it up, because I no longer have the book with me. He published some papers about it, but I forgot how you get in to searching for scientific papers. You could search for Boltzmann Brains and Sean Carroll, and it will probably come up with his paper in how he was trying to disprove that Boltzmann Brains are formulated correctly. The reason why he did it in his book, was because people were trying to use it to discover the mind of God. I said that, because I don't believe your argument on fundamentals was conducive to the fundamentals of the theory. Then you would be arguing the legitimacy of the theory at that point.
  14. The only relation to extra spatial dimensions and any known laws of physics that is well known to possibly exist is related to the amount of dark energy of the universe. Then that would depend on if it is an open or closed spatial dimension. An extra, large closed spatial dimension would reduce the amount of dark energy, and a universe with an extra, large open spatial dimension would have more dark energy. Then recent findings of the increase in acceleration of the expansion of the universe would imply that there actually is an extra large open spatial dimension. That is assuming that larger dimensions work in the same way we would expect lower dimensions to interact if they interacted with each other the same way the known dimensions do. Gravitational waves would travel through the 5th dimension, because the 4th dimension is time.
  15. I heard about it from Sean Carroll. He may have something about it on https://www.preposterousuniverse.com/blog/ He actually does work on it, and it is part of the reason why he is trying to provide proofs that the mathematics of it is wrong. I guess from him being an atheist. That was because someone was asking me about it actually being the equations that determine that, but I didn't mean to imply that it was to begin with. I asked, because I was curious if they actually knew. There doesn't seem to be much about it on the internet. I assumed they knew them, since they knew that wasn't it. You should never assume anything; I guess. I didn't think they actually have to know the exact state of every particle starting out, and that is how it worked. I thought that it worked by finding the most likely state from potentially any starting state of every particle. It seems like you would disavow that any of his work actually accomplishes anything, because none if it based on knowing an exact predetermined state. There were ways around having to know that information, to determine what happens.
  16. Feynman-like? It really didn't look like Mitch McConnell was happy about his decision to eliminate the Iranian general. It seemed like it made him frustrated that they didn't send them over already, and then they did start on how his trial should go after that. The highest degree of power in the government is the presidency. It is difficult to tell if Trump could actually bring himself to try to take over the government as an evil dictator, and since that is difficult to determine, it may have actually been a bad joke... It just worries me that if we had a future president that was truly evil, not just by incompetence, whom could take advantage of such a situation and bring the US into a war that could undeniably create a state of national emergency, which would require us to convert to a military state via martial law in order to prevent impeachment in a war that we could potentially lose. The house is the only branch with the powers of impeachment, and their only response to total corruption is doing nothing, while the president can do whatever type of business he pleases. I think that, if there is anything good that could come out of this, is seeing the situation for what it really is and doing something to prevent it from potentially happening again sometime in the future, where it could have far worse consequences and repercussions. I don't think it is doing anyone any good as just brushing it off as a ridiculous situation that could never happen.
  17. You have trouble interpreting mannerisms from plain text. Your mindset interprets everything I say with the same type of mannerisms implied to other users you have chatted with here previously. Then it becomes irritating to blatantly see you attack users with these false pretenses. I was exaggerating as sort of a joke. Common sense should have allowed you to see that for a cheap laugh.
  18. You are twisting my words. It is up to him to declare it, they don't need his authorization to declare it to begin with. I never heard that he already declared a state of national emergency. It sounds like fake news. He just pushed building the wall, and he stopped everything going to the other branches of the government from the executive branch until they passed a bill on the wall. It resulted in a government shutdown. This has become a common practice in the government. It seems like you should know about this strategy by now if you even pay attention to the news. The shutdown, shutdown his investigation on colluding with Russia on rigging the election process.
  19. What? That didn't even happen, and it is dated in Feb, 2019! It resulted in a government shutdown to prevent actions being taken against him to impeach him previously. The shutdown over the wall prevented them from working on him being impeached once already. They were going to have an investigation on rather he was working with the Russians to rig his election, but the investigation was halted because of the government shutdown he created while he fired everyone involved with looking into it.
  20. Your fired! I just fired you and you have no job, because I just gave you the viper. I won't tell your boss, and it will be up to him for when you should pack up your things at work to leave. No, that is completely up to the president to decide. Congress doesn't have to get involved with states of emergency, because the democratic process takes too long. It is treated as such, an emergency. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/01/presidential-emergency-powers/576418/
  21. The constitution doesn't state any method or requirement for one branch of the government to send articles or bills to another, so it is the absence of that information in the constitution. The declaration of a military state during a national emergency gives full control of everything to the executive branch. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martial_law
  22. The declaration of a military state of emergency prevents court orders, so then he wouldn't have to follow a court order or trail by the senate. That could prevent his removal from office. Like Trump said, the impeachment isn't really an impeachment, and it is more like impeachment light, because it doesn't change his job duties or remove him from office without the bills being sent to the senate. Then they are not being sent, because they believe the senate would just reject them. So, he is not going through the impeachment process even though he is impeached. If they are never sent, he technically will never be impeached or go through the impeachment process.
  23. The process that I learned when I took government about a president that was accused of abuse of power is similar to what is happening now. There is supposed to be an article that prevents impeachment if we are in a state of emergency, so the act of impeachment cannot infringe on the protection of the US. The only card the house has against the senate and presidency if they both are seen to be corrupt is to hold the articles until they comply. It can potentially shut down the government if they hold on to them while not allowing any other bills to go through the house. Then the other branches have to comply if they wish to pass anything through the house. (It could be seen that this is a strategy the senate is already using by holding over 400 bills sent from the house) The problem is that the senate and the presidency is republican, and the house is democratic. The government isn't getting anything done anyways, because they don't want to have changes made by the democratic house. The only way to get around the three branches not ever working together would be for the presidency to declare a military state during a state of national emergency. Then the government would change into a dictatorship or a republic with the backing of the senate. We are technically in a republic instead of a democracy, because the rest of the government just doesn't care what the democratic majority in the house is doing anyways. From what I have heard, that is the only way the constitution allows to resolve these kinds of problems in the government. That is for Trump to become our evil dictator, or form a republic with Mitch McConnell.
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