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  1. If two machines, each having 90% efficiency, work together the result will be (0.9)(0.9)= 0.81 or 81% efficiency. The result will be less efficient, not more.
  2. Okay, you have 0.2 Moles of Potassium and 0.4 WHAT of Sodium Choloride? 0.4 Moles? You say "I really don't know what to do with the compounds present in the solution." Well what are you trying to do? What question are you trying to answer? Your first sentence is a statement of fact about a situation. So what? There are no instructions to do anything and no question is asked. You say it is "the last problem in the activity. What were the other problems? Did they ask you to do something or answer a question? Is it possible that part of this was cut off?
  3. I have no idea what "this object moves in K" could mean.
  4. Of course, Henri Poincare had theories very similar to Einstein's
  5. An acute scalene triangle. Depending on exactly how "isosceles" is defined (it variies) saying a triangle is "non-isosceles" might include equilateral triangles
  6. Change "[tex]f(x)> \epsilon[/tex]" to "[tex]f(x)< -\epsilon[/tex]". (With still [tex]\epsilon> 0[/tex].)
  7. The problem, as you state it, does not ask you to identify minerals, just to describe them.
  8. This is rather an obvious statement. What is your purpose in posting it here?
  9. A rigorous mathematical proof would require using the precise words used in defining the product of two numbers. What definition do you have?
  10. I remember reading "God created the counting numbers- all the rest is the creation of man" but, unfortunately cannot remember where or who to attribute it to. At the time I thought, "Well, yes, it is easy to distiguish between one and two elephants, but what about one or two slime molds? Are the counting numbers really so obvious?"
  11. Strictly speaking it isn't the circuit (note spelling) that is in "series" or "parallel", it is what is in the circuit. First you have to get your electricity from somewhere, either direct current (from a battery) or alternating current (from a wall socket so ultimately from a generator). If it is from a battery then you have one wire from, say, the "negative pole" leading to a light bulb, then another wire back to the "positive pole" of the battery. If you want that battery to supply electricity to two light bulbs, there are two different ways to connect the second bulb. You can ta
  12. This depends strongly on what your "everyday life" is like! If you are an engineer you are likely to use integration regularly. If your "everday life" consists of saying "Do you want fries with that?", not so much!
  13. First, do you understand how "pH" is defined? Everything depends on definitions!
  14. What do you mean by "volcanic landform". Much of the states of Washington and Oregon are covered with a layer of basalt from volcanoes. I certainly would call that a "volcanic landform and it is certainly safe! Even if the hot spots below it should erupt the lava would not be able get past the basalt. (Well, there are a coulple of exceptions to that- such as Mount Saint Helens.)
  15. What does "relative to the other" mean? What "other"? [math]tan(\alpha- \beta)= \frac{tan(\alpha)- tan(\beta)}{1+ tan(\alpha)tan(\beta)}[/math] so [math]tan(2X- \phi_0)= \frac{tan(2X)- tan(\phi_0)}{1+ tan(2X)tan(\phi_0)}[/math]. By the same formula [math]tan(2X)= tan(X- (-X))= \frac{2tan(X)}{1- tan^2(X)}[/math]
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