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  1. I am Australian and I think it doesn't matter really who become prime minister. Just wait for Jesus Christ second coming the one true king and prime minister of the world, that is what the world is waiting for!
  2. Is it high probability in Bohr energy levels?
  3. Electrons have specific places where they can be in an atom. If so how does that fit in with probability density function?
  4. Is wave properties of particles referring to classical mechanics waves?
  5. Mine is to trust in God and to be good. I know it sounds childish "be good" part but that just means try being good person by following God's and Jesus Christ commands.
  6. Is it oscillating charges/accelerating charges that produce electromagnetic radiation?
  7. All the details somehow connect to the big picture so that is all they care about. What is this persons downfall?
  8. I am doing a short course on Circuit Analysis and have currently learnt Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's current/voltage law (simple stuff, basic algebra). I am thinking up to this point, what is the point of learning all this when electrical engineers usually just use Multimeters to analyze stuff like power, current, voltage, resistance, all can be done with Multimeter. What practical application can you think of where using Circuit Analysis skills is better over a simple Multimeter device.
  9. Would it be similar to quantum physics in how we are viewing an atom. Would be still consider planets orbiting around the earth as planetary orbitals or would be take the uncertainty principle into account. If we zoom into an atom and were say the same size as an atom, would the quantum physics problems still arise.
  10. In addition, what would happen if you were to put your hand inside a black hole (1) the size of a human hand (2) the size of a speck of dust Wait answer this question, second to my first question, how powerful would a black hole the size of an atom be?
  11. Is the inner ring around the nucleus from the nucleus or is that another probability density of where electron may be?
  12. This is a picture of hydrogen atom I think using quantum microscope, can you help me understand the picture, why is there a ring around the picture and also the difference colors and intensities (like its more intense color between nucleus and ring) representing?
  13. That says i1 i2 and i3. so for node A it is -i1 + i2 + i3 = 0 But you don't solve for B cause it is same thing right, I was watching video saying don't solve for B,
  14. Do you still think you are generating gravity?
  15. Never watched Star-Trek, 90's people watch stuff like Naruto and Dragon Ball series nowadays (At least I do)
  16. Whether we observe it or not, do electrons or subatomic particles in general occupy a specific point in space for a certain amount of time.
  17. You are very good at farting.
  18. According to physics/quantum physics how would teleportation of an object from point a to point b be possible? Or maybe lets start off with a single atom or subatomic particle, how can that be teleported from a point a to point b.
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